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Magic of the Harvest Moon


Merry meet all,

September heralds the change in the air. I feel the chill already. Pumpkins now sit in the baskets in the produce aisle. Crisp leaves trail to the ground. My garden is busy preparing itself for fall. Some seed heads are losing their flower petals, leaving the rich brown velvety seed heads behind. I love to feel the texture of them. There is no mistake about it. Fall is the most sensual season of the year.

Next week, the Wheel of the Year spins again. Mabon starts on September 22nd. Mabon precedes Samhain. The Harvest Moon shines on the 19th. I will be posting tips here on how you can make the most of this magickal harvest time. If you had a garden, September- October is the time to harvest what you have sown all summer. Your herbs and vegetables will be ripe to bursting. Throw a potluck and share what you have harvested. Sharing food is a custom that goes back to our ancestors. 

Try to include as much organic food as you can for your Mabon feast. Despite what you think, it is cheaper to eat organic. It is better on your body. Go to an organic Farmers Market for ciders, meat, and vegetables. I myself plan to get some rustic bread, goat cheese (mm), and fresh cider. That takes some beating. Our ancestors ate organic food. Think about it. Now there are chemicals in the food. When you eat the food, you eat the chemicals. You take that energy into you. Is that what you want? I doubt it. 

Peru has banned GMO food and Monsanto. Way to go, Peru. I hope they are an example to other countries to follow in their suit. 

For those of you who live inHalifax, another September highlight is Word on the Street. Word on the Street is an annual Book Fair and Festival. I never miss it and I always have a good time. I look forward to this year’s festival. 

May the Goddess bless you this Mabon

Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch


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Organic Cooking for Samhain

Tonight I rolled up my sleeves, lit a candle, made tea and got to work carving up pumpkin. It’s early yet in October, the most magickal month of the year. I chopped up pumpkin for cooking. I bought a large pumpkin and can’t wait to be brewing pumpkin soup in my stainless steel cauldron pot and enjoying hot buttery pumpkin loaf. I set aside the pumpkin seeds and put the large chopped pieces of pumpkin in freezer bags for the next night. Spicy pumpkin seeds were soon ready to be enjoyed. Mm.

I also have squash, a turnip, potatoes and onions. I will cook up a magickal brew of soups and stews. A pumpkin does not have to be just for carving. Our ancestors knew this and used tuberous roots for plenty of healthy more organic recipes. Back then, they didn’t have chemicals and probably regularly composted their food. There were likely higher levels of nutrients stored in their foods then. Wow.

I urge all of you to pressure your local supermarkets to support more organic and local foods. This helps farmers to make better choices for farming. I always try to buy free range meat, poultry and eggs. It is better for the animals and I like to support free range foods. I hate the idea of the farms that profit from the torture that is inflicted on the poor cows and chickens. Those farms should be shut down and abolished. We all have the power to make better choices for ourselves and our families.

I came across an online article about ‘greening a pumpkin’. The title of the article surprised me. It had some good points. When we are done with pumpkins, they still have to be taken care of-from a green perspective. A pumpkin, once decorated and done with, can be composted in your backyard. A pumpkin removes serious toxins from the soil. In North America, our soil is heavily laden with chemicals that are poisonous and cause health problems. Pumpkins also contain Vitamin A. The seeds can be baked in the oven or given to the birds. Bread can be left for the birds, leaving them a tasty treat. Recycling centers may also accept pumpkins or if nothing else, put it in the nearest compost bin, where it can still decompose naturally. (I put my pumpkin in my garden last Samhain.) Try and stop me. So think twice before tossing that pumpkin!!

I wish you all a wonderful Fall Season and Merry Samhain.
Lady Spiderwitch

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