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Hurricane Earl

Merry Meet All,

Even in this fair weather, though I usually allow my guinea pigs to roam somewhat freely in the hutch, with ample sunshine to the poiint it nearly blinds you, I have kept my pets indoors. Guinea pigs can suffer from heat exposure. Of course, now that they are inside, I am prey to their demands. Ah what is a devoted pet lover to do?

The sun is too hot. It is so hot they would perish. This heat is not benefitting us as a storm is approaching. Hurricane Earl is nearing and I have battened down the hatches in preparation for it. It is hard to determine what type of storm it will be. The intense heat will only make the storm more intense. The temperature has not cooled. Hurricane Earl will likely cause some damage, flooding and power outages, hopefully for a short time. That may be the worst of it.

It is early September, the first week is always the hottest. That has been the case this week. I am sure I could fry eggs on my floor from the heat and boil water from the mugginess. The leaves are already turning and drifting to the ground. Spiders are weave webs and our thoughts turn to Samhain/ Halloween, cider and pumpkins. How fast the Wheel turns. Seems only yesterday I set down fresh soil for the early sprouts emerging from the soil safe from winter’s chilly hold. Soon we will be complaining of the cold. Hot cocoa and hearty soups will fill us up with warmth. But this is a magical time of year. I can’t wait for Mabon and Samhain and the annual Ritual on the Commons. The veil is thinnest at this time of year, making it a good time for divination of all sorts. The Your Spiritual Haven First Annual Samhain/ Halloween Psychic Fair is to be held at the Cole Harbour Place on October 30, 2010. I can’t wait for that event and have sewn myself a lovely costume gown for the event.

Autumn is my favorite time of year! It if was Samhain all year long, I would be in heaven. I caution you all to keep warm, safe and dry from the storm, store lawn furniture indoors and be well prepared for Hurricane Earl. Have matches, food and blankets and whatever else you need indoors at hand. Blessed Be to all.

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