Herb Magick

Merry meet all,

On Monday, August 5th, the Celtic tree month of Hazel began. The moon is waxing- and helping our plants grow. August 7th was the Lammas crossquarter day. The sun reached 15 degree in Leo. This is a magickal time. The days stretch closer to Mabon, when the first chill creeps into the air and leaves turn to gold and crimson.

If you have harvested your herbs from the garden, now would be a good time to perform some herbal magick. The moon is increasing in size. Focus on what you wish to attract to you. Clean up your garden, clear the weeds, and harvest your herbs and flowers. You can perform divinations, scrying, or cleansing of your magickal space with your herbs.

Clean your herbs and allow them to dry. Store them and when they are crisp to the touch, store them again or perform your herbal magick. The herbs in the garden by now will be ready for harvest. I have a lovely mugwort stalk that I plan to harvest soon, as well as coneflower, mints, and lemon balm. These herbs are good to use in teas.

I wish you the best in your herb magick

Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch )O(