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Fires of Litha

Merry Meet All,

I am sitting here at my computer, trying to survive the heat. It is hot here. My garden is growing more beautiful and full every day. Recently I added more plants to the garden, like dill, petunias, pansies, globe thistle, cosmos, sedum, woodruff which makes a great groundcover, lemon verbena, bee balm, and beard’s tongue. Some of these plants will attract bees and butterflies. I can’t wait for the autumn harvest. Organic mugwort is growing wonderfully in my garden.

Mugwort likes full sun and grows 3-4 feet tall. Mugwort is related to the wormwoods. The bottom sides of the leaves are soft, and the tops are shiny. Mugwort is a popular Magickal Herb and still popular today. Mugwort is favored by those practicing divination. Mugwort, Artemisia vulgaris, is an useful herb. Its planetary ruler is Venus, its element is earth and its ruling deities are Artemis and Diana.

Mugwort is used in dream pillows. To make a dream pillow, sew two small squares of purple velvet and sew shut with Mugwort stuffing in the pillow. This will enhance your dreams. It can be burned with sandalwood and myrrh for scrying, and be made into an infusion before divination. An infusion of mugwort can be used to clean crystals and magic mirrors, and leaves of mugwort can be placed near crystal balls to aid in psychic workings.

Mugwort is used to consecrate tools of silver, and has an affinity with Moonstones and pearls. It is used in Midsummer rituals, and is sacred to Diana during rites in her honor. Prior to rituals, use in a ritual bath to purify yourself.

If you carry mugwort on your person, you will be protected from wild animals, poison, or sunstroke. Mugwort prevents elves and evil things from stealing and bunches of mugwort are used in Japan to purify spirits of disease. In China, they hang it over doors to protect buildings from evil spirits. Mugwort aids in lust and fertility, prevents backache, and might be able to cure disease and madness. If placed near the bed at night, it will aid in astral projection.

Mugwort is sometimes used as an emmenagogue when women are menstruating, it is said to help with the pain. It has nervine properties. It is an diaphoretic, aromatic, diuretic, and stimulant. It can help with the pains of childbirth and treat feverish colds. Mugwort and pennyroyal can be blended together as a tea- half a cup daily for three times a day, but not to exceed four days. Mugwort is a magickal tonic, and enhances one’s psychic awareness.

Consider growing the famous, magical, herb mugwort in your own gardens. Order from Horizon Herbs because they sell certified organic herbs. Be the envy of your witchy comrades in your coven. Mugwort is useful for your magic, divination, and health.

The photo above is the mugwort from my garden.

Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch

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