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Herb Crafts

Merry Meet All,

Herb crafts are fun to do. Herbs are known for their power, beauty, and fragrances. The crafts are easy to do.

Essential oils can be made from herbs to consecrate, anoint, and in blessings prior to rituals. Oils enhance spells with their powers and scents. Sew herbs into sachets and pillows or blend into incenses for a Sabbat or Esbat. There is no limit to the number of different crafts you can make. Use your imagination!!

How to make a dream pillow

Dream pillows can help you rest and feel better as you dream. They enhance your dreams. Here is how to make your own dream pillow.

Select the fabric and cut it into two pieces around 6′ by 11′. One piece will be the top of the pillow and the second piece will be the bottom piece. Opt for organic cotton or unbleached cotton for the fabric. Sew the 2 pieces together so the wrong side is facing the outside. Stitch the three sides of the fabric together. Turn it right side out so the right side is on the outside.

Fill an organic unbleached cotton pouch or mesh bag with the herbs of your choice for your dream pillow. Also, consider the color of the pouch. Purple or blue are associated with rest, dreams and the subconcious. Mugwort, flax, chamomile, and lavender are soothing herbs. Add fragrance oils and orrisroot, which is derived from iris flowers. In an earlier post, I discussed mugwort in the Fires of Litha post, and you can check that post for more information about this magical herb. Seal the outside and tie with string.

Slide the herb-filled pouch or bag into the pillow and pack a bit of pillow stuffing around the bag. Remember the herbs need to have breathing space. Now that you have made your dream pillow, let the dream pillow’s scents and magic carry you off into the ethers.

How to make an herbal sachet

Herbal sachets are useful for a variety of purposes. You will need a bowl, a wooden spoon, the sachet, a sewing machine or sewing needle, thread, and scissors. Clear your mind and focus on your intent. If you want to, you can ask your deity of choice for guidance.

Use equal amounts of the herb/s. Use herbs that complement your goal and each other. Stir deosil as you blend the herbs together by hand or with a wooden spoon. Focus on your intention for the sachet. If your goal is protection, concentrate on that while you are creating the sachet. Once the sachet is full of herbs, secure the sachet by drawstring or tying the sachet shut with an attractive ribbon. You can use a ribbon and sachet that corresponds with your intent. Tie the ribbon at the top of the sachet and hang from the drawstring in an auspicious spot of your home. You can leave the sachet on your altar to empower it.

How to make a healing poppet

Healing poppets are created to aid in spells relating to health. Call on Brighid, Demeter, and Hestia for aid during the project. Visualize sending your energies of healing into the poppet and making the other person healthy.

Correspond the color of the poppet to your goal for the healing poppet. The cotton can be dyed with natural dyes to achieve a desired color. Cut the material to the sizes you want. Be sure to cut the material twice for both sides. Leave some material along the edges. Make sure both sides of the material are even. Use pins to hold the material in place. Stitch the poppet carefully. Do not sew the top of the poppet closed. Leave an opening for the herbs.

Empower the herbs and chant to build the energy. Fill the poppet with the herbs and stuff them in neatly. Seal the opening of the poppet. Be creative with your poppet. Use buttons for the eyes and embroidery floss for the nose and mouth. Thank your deity for the guidance for guiding you during the creation of the poppet. Check for stray threads and snip them. Leave the poppet on your altar to empower it for as long as you feel is necessary.

The powers of color for poppets:

Red is for passion, love and creativity
Orange is for success, happiness and ambition
Yellow is for clairvoyance and communication
Green is for healing, earth matters and growth
Blue is for emotions and intution
Purple is for royalty, psychic and mediumistic abilities and intuition
White is for purity, spirituality, and clarity.

I hope you enjoy making these crafts. I will offer a Part-Two for more herbal crafts tomorrow, so be sure to check in to read them. May the Goddess bless you.

Lady Spiderwitch

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