New Moon energy

Merry Meet All,

I hope you are busy tending to your seedlings. According to the zone I live in, the first full moon after June signifies the best time for planting and the danger of frost is past. My dill is growing indoors but as soon as I can, I will plant it straight in the garden. I am hedging on whether to keep my veggies indoors, because I can’t think of a way to keep raccoons away. They are clever determined critters. Of course, we remove their homes and then get angry at them. Makes no sense.

Today the New Moon reigns and I am so relieved. I thought Waning Moon would be forever. That’s ridiculous, of course. The moon begins in Taurus and moves to Gemini by this afternoon. Gemini makes room for lighthearted fun and new ideas. This would be a good time to begin new projects- like working on your indoor or outdoor garden. I am reading Kate West’s The Real Witches Garden book and it suggests fantastic ways to make your garden magickal. Here is the link to the book on Amazon:

I have found a new use for milk or cream cartons. I cut the carton, poke a hole in the bottom to allow for drainage, rinse it out and let it dry. Once dry, I add soil to the carton. I use a fork to remove the seedling from the seed flat carefully. I do not want to harm the tender roots. I settle the seedling into the carton, allowing the plant to have room to grow stronger roots. Don’t throw your cartons out. They make good seedling holders. Place a crystal in the bottom of the carton to keep the soil from falling out. The crystal’s vibrations might help the plants grow. The crystals that correspond would be clear quartz, amethyst, and flourite. I put moss green agate in my garden once but I found it did not help the plants grow. Remember to water and fertilize the plants. I use organic Neptune’s Harvest fish emulsion. I also added cold coffee to my tomato seedling. The nitrogen in the coffee helps it to grow but I will stop adding cold coffee once it flowers. The nitrogen stops aiding the plant after that.

Mother’s Day is coming up. Have you all thought of some gifts to let your Mother know she’s appreciated? I plan to gift my Mom with some of my veggie seedlings. I planted too many and can now give some as gifts. If you plan to make some natural beauty products and give those as gifts, here is a link for how to make them.

Good luck with growing your herbs and flowers or vegetables this summer!! I wish you the very best. Happy planting.

Blessed Be,
lady Spiderwitch