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Extra-Ordinary Characters

Merry Meet All,

I had an upsetting conversation with my older brother a while ago and had to blog about it. I was telling him about my paranormal novel, which he was helping me with. Until now. Once I mentioned my main character was a regular cauldron gazing, earth loving Witch, or regular to me, he said something that blew me away. He told me that I should cast an ordinary character that readers can relate to. While I see what he meant, I was blown away by his response. My character is normal and relatable. He did not read my story and obviously had no respect for my story. Wicca and witchcraft is hugely popular today. Never judge a story till you have read it, is my belief.

He proceeded to tell me after that I should have nothing to do with the occult and arcane. I am a Witch myself. He told me that demons were terrorizing people who were practicing incantations. I have to ask what type of incantations are people uttering to attract such evil? I know for myself that I have never had anything come after me, ever, while practicing my magick and I know that is not just because I ask for energy from the Higher Source. If you want negativity, you will get it. If you want positive energy, you will get it. Ever obey the Rule of Three.

He told me that if something were in my apartment, my cat would alarm me. I do not need my cat to tell me if something evil is in my abode. I would judge for myself. I am sure my cat would inform me but my home is warded and I don’t believe I would attempt to attract that energy nor allow it in my home. Sheesh. I would thank my cat anyway!!! Meow.

He attends church and he is clearly not in touch with the modern world. Kelley Armstrong’s novels are successful and her characters are Witches. I was visibly upset that night and my family criticized me for the types of novels I read, the types of stories I write and so on. I had to face a difficult decision as I felt like I was practically excommunicated from my family. If I have dinner with them and try to be true to myself, it will be hard. How can I be anything other than what I am? I am me and I am what I am. He made me feel like there is something seriously wrong with that. I cannot go to dinner with them again or risk being exposed to the narrow mindedness and prejudice and witch bashing all over again. My bro should visit my apartment at Samhain. He would really see something then.

My older brother has read scarier horror novels than I do and they have watched scarier horror movies that I would not go near yet they are not criticized for it. No, no, only me. Of course. It comes down to a hard decision. I must walk my own Path alone. I am not alone, of course, as there are many Witches enduring the same thing as I write this, I am sure. It seems to me, that my older brother is stuck in the Dark Ages. Now I understand how other Witches felt about not coming out to their near and dear that they are Witches. Must we walk eternally in the shadows? We are in the Light and yet this narrow mindedness has cast a long shadow.

It dismays me that my older brother believes what he does. I have been made to feel this way for being a Witch before by others. People fear what they do not understand. Let us pray to the Goddess that one day we all understand and respect one another.

On a positive note, my snowdrops and crocuses are popping up!!
Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch

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How to Write a creative Paranormal Novel

Merry Meet All,

Currently I’m penning a paranormal novel. I won’t say what it’s about. That’s a secret for now. However, I do have some ideas on how you can create your own spooky novel that are hopefully inspiring, practical and will bring out the Stephen King or Edgar Allan Poe in you.

Everyone has a different approach to their writing. People have different approaches to how they start their writing. Why not add some magic? We are talking about writing about the paranormal, aren’t we?

First, if you are serious about your writing, I recommend you buy or borrow or beg to be gifted with a few books. One, read On Writing by Stephen King. Two, On writing Horror the collection of essays by the Horror Writers Association. Three, read Writing the Paranormal Novel- Techniques and Exercises for weaving the supernatural elements into your story by Steven Harper. These books bring the paranormal (howling, moaning, screaming or vamping into your novel.) Within this genre, there is more freedom to create what you want whether that be a sparkly vampire, toothy werewolf or chain rattling ghost.

After you read these books three or four more times, highlight the advice and memorize it. Incorporate the excellent advice into your writing immediately after because in order for a good story about a ghoul of choice to be believed, it has to be believable and written well. All stories benefit from good writing. Buy a new set of highlighters, pens, white out, a binder, paper and a fresh bag of coffee. Do what it takes to make you commit to the writing for the long haul.

Clean your writing/ office space. Light some sage and clean the energy to allow for the creative energies to flow unimpeded. Light a candle or incense. Play music that inspires you as you create your ghoul or axe-wielding maniac. Create a special playlist and soundtrack. Know your monster! make it consistent and believable.

Use tarot cards for inspiration. Keep them nearby when writing for ideas on how to write your story. I used four different cards of death from four different tarot packs and was able to create more dramatic scenes from the images, symbols and meanings of the cards.

Reach without any hesitation into the deepest darkest part of your imagination. Free write a scene of confrontation between your protagonist and your monster. These days your Frankenstein so to speak, needs to be ORIGINAL. Everything in the paranormal novel has been done … or has it? That part is up to you. It must be original. If you are seeking more inspiration, read the paper. Clip and keep newspaper articles.

But by allowing yourself to imagine, you may invent something that no one has done before. That is a huge advantage in the field of writing and publishing.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this. It might spark an idea or two and you would then be on your way to writing a gothic novel like Northanger Abbey or something like the Pit and the Pendulum by Poe.

Good Luck!
Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch

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