How to clear a home of spirits

Merry Meet All,

A house clearing is performed to rid a home of negative energy. This is best performed when there is a great need such at a lunar esbat, removing an unwanted energy from your home, after moving in and before moving out, or after a quarrel. Quarrels can sometimes cause the residual energies to linger and negative energies to become stuck.

First, cleanse yourself of negative energy by bathing with epsom salts. The epsom salts revive you and cleanse you. Epsom salts are dehydrating so be sure to drink enough water afterwards.

Smudge yourself with sage. Put on loose, light colored, comfortable clothing and wear a protective talisman. Smudge your living space with sage. Sage is powerful and regarded as a herb of wisdom. Offer the smoke to Spirit then go to every room, waving the smoke around doorways, windows, from the attic to the basement of the house. To avoid burning yourself, keep the smudge wand in a seashell or a cauldron lightly filled with salt, sand, or rice.

You may need the following items for the house clearing. Sometimes, the smudge will suffice. It depends on the degree of intensity of the house clearing. Be in a positive grounded frame of mind. A small glass bowl of sea salt, a white candle in a candleholder, a besom, matches or a lighter and a candlesnuffer, incense such as frankincense, rosemary, and sandalwood, a large crystal and anointing oil. The anointing oil is optional.

Assemble all your materials on a large flat basket or flat surface, such as a table. Place a few drops of oil on the candle. Light the candle and the incense. Pour some salt into the bottom of the bowl. Be sure the salt will not damage the crystal. Some crystals cannot be stored in salt. Put the incense in the censer.

Focus on the broom, bowl and candle. Picture them vibrating with a clear, vibrant positive energy. Concentrate as hard as you can on white light and imagine it filtering every inch of your living space.

With the besom, sweep counterclockwise around the entire house, beginning at the front door. Continue this until you have made a circle of the entire house. As you sweep, visualize the negative energy being drawn out of your home. Chant a prayer if you feel like it. Sweep the negative energies out the door and out of the house.

Pick up the candle and incense. Walk clockwise around the inside of the house three times, letting the smoke penetrate each corner. As you do this, offer a blessing or a prayer. “I welcome positive energy into my home. No darkness may enter here,” or something to that effect. “By the power of three times three, OR earth, air, fire, and water, be gone, all unclean things!”

Place the clear quartz crystal, amethyst, or hematite, in a spot of the home to ward against negative energy. Snuff out the candle. As you are clearing your home, remember to be respectful or perform the ritual with reverence.

Clean up your tools and visualize your home filled with radiant energy. Leave the house and go for a walk. Return when refreshed. Do not be surprised if you feel the home being truly blessed by radiant energy. I smudge my living space with sage every full moon. Do what feels right for you. Good luck with the house clearing.

Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch