Gods of Lammas

Merry Meet All,

Lammas is almost here! Lammas is a harvest Sabbat and precludes Mabon and Samhain. Though the earth still appears green and lush with life, we know that soon summer nears its end. Lammas is also called Lughnasadh, in honor of the Celtic god Lugh.

Lugh was a god of craftmanship and skills. He arrived at Tara but when he said that he possessed many skills at once, he was admitted entry. Lammas can be the perfect time to invoke him and to thank him for the many talents you possess. You can setup an altar to honor Lugh at Lammas. Use a candle that corresponds with the autumn colors. Chant or invoke the god Lugh with a prayer. Say aloud:

Lugh, of the many skills,
blessed one, Shine your
gifts upon me, and make me
strong in my skills.

Now make an offering to Lugh. It can be something you crafted, a song you wrote, or a poem. Or it can be fruits or wine. The gift should come from the heart.

Dress your altar in corresponding colors and theme to the Sabbat of Lugh. Try oranges, reds, beige, gold or brown. Use candles in similar colors. Clean out the candleholders and dust off your censers. Reflect on your skills and talents and how your skills have helped in what you have accomplished in the last year.

May the god Lugh bless you this Lammas

Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch )O(