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Kindness to Animals

Merry Meet All,

There was a story recently in the Halifax MetroNews newspaper that shocked me to my core. The story told of a man who in a drunken rage, beat a cat to death. The blood covered the walls of the closet. A neighboring tenant heard the screams and phoned the superintendent. By then, it was too late. The cat was dead. The man’s girlfriend was at work. In the end, the man hid the cat under a bag in the closet.

I have not heard whether the woman is going to press charges. I know what I would have done. I would have pressed charges, punched him in the face and dumped him right then and left with my belongings and the cat. I mean, he is a danger to be with if he can kill something and not restrain himself. I phoned the Animal Cruelty and the police. I finally managed to get the editor’s email address who might know something more about the fate of the cat and whether the woman pressed charges. If she was smart, she would leave him. It is only a matter of time before he harms her, too.

I own a pet cat and harm is the last thing on my mind when I see her. I love my cat and would never leave her in such a person’s care. I have a cat sitter who I can trust with my life. I don’t know what the woman was thinking, unless he hid his behavior from her. The secret is exposed now. I did notice that MetroNews put in a happy story about a polydactyl cat that has 26 toes.

Let’s all take a stand against animal cruelty. I am fortunate to have such strong intuition. I can sense immediately if a person is good or not and can be trusted with something I love dearly. I would never have left that cat with a man who flies into drunken rages. The poor cat suffered terribly and is in Truro for a necropsy. The woman did not have a close connection with her pet or she would have known something was wrong. I don’t know what passes some people’s minds. Intuition can be developed to be strong to help people in life. I have seen people let their cats roam outdoors then to find later the cat hit by a car. I never let the cat outdoors. It robs a cat of a healthy, longer life.

So love your indoor cats! I just gave my sweet kitty a big tummy rub! Long live cats!
Lady Spiderwitch


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