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Writing to starve and starving to write

Merry meet All,

I am blogging tonight about something different. I am a writer and I have a nonverbal learning disability. I survive on a meager income and have to pay my utilities, buy food and a bus pass with it. Like many, I struggle to make ends meet.

I am still trying. These ends are elastic and stretch on forever. I believe that there are some things that should be in place for someone on a meager low-income to survive. One is a support system, even if it does not seem like the greatest support system. The next thing if you are on income assistance is to cooperate and play by the rules. It can open doors for you later. Make a monthly budget with the money you receive. I pay my bills as soon as I can and then know that I have that taken care of.

I love to write. I love to write. I write a lot as a result. I suppose you are wondering how I manage to write, find the time to write and have twenty published magazine articles. I wrote magazine articles which were easier than starting with a novel. Sometimes you can email articles to editors which is better than mailing because you save on spending postage. I wrote for free as well to establish some credits. After a while, they add up. This looks good when you want to sell your stories or articles to editors. I studied the craft and studied how others did it. I took courses. I am a member of the Writers Federation of Nova Scotia. I get a discount on writing courses. I get the articles in the magazines I am published in. That is how I have built up a track record.

If you are feeling depressed when you live on a low income, then finding your passion as you eke out an existence in your garret can turn things around. It gives you a focus other than your stress and worry. I fancy creative Celtic embroidery, art, sewing, photography, gardening and my pet cat Shadow. I have many talents and focuses. I could not live without the above and be on a low income. It would be so depressing. Variety is the spice of life.

Attend local poetry readings. Attend book launches and local writing oriented parties. They are a great way to meet people with the same interests. That can be a great support system too. It is nice to meet others like you. Poetry readings and writing for them are great ways to hone your writing skills. It is inexpensive or free to keep a blog. I have had a blog for a long time. I have expanded it to include many posts and found a signature style. I am trying to post more often.

I hope this information was useful to you. I will post more on this topic soon.

Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch

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