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Lammas Esbat

Merry Meet All,

The Full Moon approaches!! The Full Moon shines on Lammas/ Lughnasadh. This is a special auspicious time. Full Moon and Lammas together. I encourage you all to take advantage of this turn in the Wheel of the Year and the moon’s waxing energy.

Lammas is the First Harvest sabbat. On August 5th, the Celtic Tree month of Hazel begins. The Sun reaches fifteen degrees Leo on August 7th. It is Lammas cross-quarter day. Lammas is a time of harvest and the sacrifice of the god Lugh to ensure the success of the harvest. Apples, wheat, oats and grains, and corn are harvested at this time of year. The god Lugh is honored at this time of year.

The word Lammas from the Old English phrase hlaf-masse, which means loaf mass. Lugh was a god of many skills, a Celtic craftsman god. He was the patron of bards and magicians. Lugh was called sam ildinach, which meant he had many skills. In one legend, he arrived at the hall of Tara, the hall of the high kings of Ireland. The guard at the door told him they would admit only one person with a special skill- one blacksmith, one wheelwright, one bard, etc. Lugh possessed all those skills at once. Each time the guard refused him. Lugh asked the guard if the guard would admit one who possessed those skills at the same time and finally, the guard admitted him entrance to Tara.

Lugh was a skilled warrior. His weapons were a mighty magical spear. In battles, the spear tried to fight on its own and flashed fire, tearing through the enemy lines unchecked. The Celts regarded war as a way of life, and smiths were special too. The smith is called Goibhnui. The Celts loved the number three. Everything was in threes, and so it was that there were three craftsmen who created a triple-god form. The 3 craftsmen created enough weaponry for an entire army- the Tuatha De Danann’s battle from the mighty Formorians.

To honor Lugh/ Lughnasadh, place sickles and scythes upon your altar as well as sheafs of grain, fresh picked fruit, and loaves of bread for your Lammastide altar. Or place symbols of your own creative achievements. Grapes of wine, handmade corn dolls, ears of corn, fall flowers, straw braids or onion garlands. Put a statue of Lugh on your altar and pray to acknowledge what you have achieved or learned since the last Lammas. Share a harvest ritual with your coven or family. Put together a Lammas cornucopia, make an apple candleholder, or a cornhusk chain. Use your imagination. You can get more ideas from for ways to celebrate and honor Lammas.

Lady Spiderwitch

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Blessed Lughasadh

The beginning of August signals the first harvest of the season. Lammas is sacred to the Celtic Sun God Lugh, the man of many skills or jack of all trades. It is a time to enjoy the first fruits of the labors begun at Imbolc.

The first harvest is a special time for celebrations, for traditional games and efforts, and friendly competition. Spend time with friends and family while reaping what you sowed under the warmth of the lingering Summer Sun.

Harvesting is a time of gathering and reflecting on one’s own skills and the culmination of efforts. Lammas is also a time of cutting back on, or sacrificing. What do you need to sacrifice in order to gain?

Prepare your favorite cornbread recipe. Shape the loaf like a man, in the image of the sun god Lugh. Bake it, slice off the head ( a symbol of sacrifice), share it and eat it to signify the duality of a bountiful harvest and the need for sacrifice.

Make corn dolls and get an empty horn of plenty and fill it up with dried seeds, dried orange rinds, or corn and wheat to symbolize the early harvest season bounty. Simmer cider and mead and enjoy with fresh baked bread. Bake apple pie or applesauce. Decorate your altar and kitchen space and say a meaningful prayer to the Goddess and God for them sharing their first fruits with you

Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch


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