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The Beauty of Winter


Merry meet all,

The winter chill bites at us as we bustle about town. I walked on the nature trail this morning and I took some beautiful photos of the garden and snowy leaves. Magically speaking, Mercury has turned direct. I am relieved, to say the least. The Moon has entered Aries and Neptune has gone direct. 

The Full Moon comes on the 17th. The Full Moon begins at 10 am and enters Gemini. Gemini is an air sign and represents the time for shortcuts, communication, games, and fun. Have a magical and fun esbat on the 17th! This full moon is known as the Hunter’s Moon and Snow Moon. Concentrate on the transition from fall to winter and how gracefully nature turns season. Think of how you can honor a transition occurring in your life and how you can accept the changes it brings. Decorate your altar and light white candles. Snow is pure and cold. 

The Celtic Tree Month of Elder begins on November 25th. Before we know it, the Wheel of the Year will turn to Yule. I’ll post more about how to prepare for Yule. 


Blessed Be,

Lady Spiderwitch )O(



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Lunar Magick Crafts

Merry Meet All,

The Full Moon is a powerful time for esbat magick!! Here are a few more suggestions for magick at the Blue Moon!! Celebrate outdoors if you can to get the most of the milky mystical energy of the Full Moon.

Use a white taper or pillar candle for this project. Dab olive oil onto the candle. Sprinkle silver glitter onto the olive oil and roll the candle into the glitter. Do this a few times to achieve the desired effect. Lift the candle and set into a candleholder. Carve sigils onto the candle. Dab essential oils onto the candle. The essential oil can correspond with the current moon phase.

If you have a candle mold, you can make your own candle. A crescent-shaped mold and wax are required. You will need paraffin or soy-candle wax (Soy is more environmentally-conscious.) Wick, candle release spray, crescent-shaped mold, color and scent of your choice.)

Melt the wax in a double boiler. Spray the mold with candle release spray and place the wick where you want it. Consider adding herbs and oils at this point or color dye. When you have blended it all together, pour the melted wax into the mold. Prop the wick with a dowel rod to avoid the wick from falling into the wax.

Allow the candle to cool completely before removing it from the mold. A candle that you make yourself contains your energy and your intent and will lend a strong energy to your magickal spellworkings because you created it yourself. One more tip: If you plan to make candles regularly, dedicate your dishes that are covered with wax only for making candles. Enjoy your candle magic!

Full Moon Incense

Here is a recipe for lunar incense to use during the ritual.

You will need:

Juniper berries, myrrh, rose petals, mugwort, moonflower, sage, and marigold. Blend these ingredients together with a mortar and pestle. Utter an incantation while you mix the ingredients together, such as

Full Moon, shining bright,
lunar energy guides me tonight,
I charge these herbs to light my way,
on a magical path, I will stay,
Powerful moon above, shine on me,
As I will it, so shall it be.

Store the incense in a tightly sealed jar. Label and date the jar and store out of sunlight. Use within three months, while it is fresh.

Make a sage and mugwort infusion and charge it with lunar energy. Clean your altar and your altar tools with the infusion.

You are now all set for some lunar energy and magic!! The crafts, lore, crystal cleansing information should give you some wonderful ideas on how to celebrate this Blue Moon.

You can also refer to Scott Cunningham’s book on Wicca for a recipe on how to make full moon mead and cookies!

Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch</i


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