Harvest by the Luminous Moon

Merry Meet all,

Open the Spell of your Soul, Magic will be revealed. Victoria Pettella

Tonight is the Harvest Moon. The Full Moon reigns tonight high in the sky. The Harvest Moon occurs in late summer or early fall, after the autumnal equinox, which has just passed. The Harvest Moon is also known as the Barley Moon or Hunter’s Moon. Farmers use the ample moonlight to complete their gardening. Gardening by the light of the moon is an ancient practice. I am proud to tell you I harvested organic mugwort from my garden recently!

Two things to consider when gardening by the moon are the phase of the moon and the astrological house the moon is in. Now the autumn equinox has passed, and that is a time for endings, harvests, and contracts. Friday is ruled by Venus. Love spells correspond with Friday and Freyja. Diana is the Roman Goddess of the Hunt. Invoke her before performing a ritual.

Wiccans celebrate the aging goddess from Maiden, Mother to Crone, and the death of the God as he makes way for the Holly King. Grain is burned or ritually eaten in many faiths. Bake a batch of granola to symbolize the God’s death.

A Celtic harvest moon ritual was to gather a key, a ring, or a flower, a bit of willow, a small piece of cake, a bread crust, and 4 cards (the ten of clubs, nine of hearts, ace of spades, and the ace of diamonds.) Wrap these items in a handkerchief and place under your pillow.

As you lay in your bed, say
“Luna, luna, every girl’s friend,
to me, your clarity you will lend.
Let me this night in visions see
Emblems of my destiny.”

If you dream of storms, trouble is ahead. If the storms end, a calm fate after strife. If you dream of a ring or the ace of diamonds= marriage.
bread = a good job
cake = prosperity
flowers = joy
willow = treachery in love
spades = death
clubs = traveling to a foreign land
diamonds = money
keys = great power
birds = children
geese = more than one marriage

Many blessings to you on the Harvest Moon
Lady Spiderwitch