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Merry Meet All,

Today there is lots of excitement. Word on the Street is today, despite the ominous threat of rain, and many witches out there are also sure to be celebrating Mabon.

Read on to learn how to dress a Mabon altar. Look to nature for inspiration. The trees are turning to those loved bright colors of crimson and gold. Reflect those colors in your design. Use yellows, oranges, golds and browns. Use candles in the same colors.

Use symbols on your altar such as corn, sheafs of wheat, scythes, sickles and baskets. Fill some baskets with pinecones, chinese jack’o lanterns, pinecones- clean them first and dry them in an oven, and acorns. Walnuts and almonds are good to use, too. Use small pumpkins and other root vegetables such as squash and gourds. Tuck them into a cornucopia basket and pause to reflect on the bounty that nature shares with us and say a gratitude prayer.

Light the quarter candles on your altar and you are ready to begin your ritual! Since the equinoxes are about balance, consider using black and white candles or yin and yang symbols which represent balance.

Symbols of Mabon:

Wine and graps
Corn dolls
Seeds and seed pods
Deity Statues

Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch

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