My Magickal Kitty Lady Shadow

Merry Meet All,

My kitty is napping on her perch as I write. I love my kitty. I am dedicating this post to her. I confess I used to hate cats. I am a converted cat lover. Since moving to Halifax, I now love cats. I love cats. I love my cat. Love my cat.

Shadow is a true witch’s animal familiar. She has helped me select crystals psychically, and has taught me many other things as well. Watching her normal cat behavior has been fascinating, to say the least. The way Shadow sleeps, naps, grooms and eats. The way she dipped her paw in my milk then licked the milk off her paw. The wasp she alerted me to and the bugs she eats on the floor. The way she watches the outdoor activity. Her hideouts and her sleeping spots that she prefers. I love the way she flicks her tail and the way she pricks her dark furry velvety soft ears. Even when she demands I get out of bed to begin the day of slavery for her.

Shadow is a truly beautiful kitty and truly magical kitty. I can’t imagine life without her here. I love the sounds that she makes awake and asleep, when she sleeps in her spots or curls up near me on the bed. She is always eager to have a nap so sometimes we nap together. She als

Aside from being an adorable sweetheart, Shadow makes me feel safe. I can leave her here and know that she looks after things when I’m gone. I don’t know what she gets into when I am gone but she is almost always waiting for me at the door when I come home. She lets me pet her as she stretches out on the front hallway rug. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I miss having guinea pigs yet I do find a cat easier to take care of. It feels SO GOOD to hug Shadow. I named her Shadow because when she is in the shadows, she merges so effortlessly. She often startles me when she comes around a corner. She was named well.

I bought her a pink leash and harness but I found that she prefers the luxuries that indoor life has to offer. I have kept the leash and harness in case. Shadow let me know the type of litter she prefers, that she let me know the litter box being in the bathroom is okay with her and that she prefers a litter box with a hood. She is the feline queen of her domain. She has control of it and it suits her fine. Always regal and dignified, she rules over her domain with the grace of a cat and the awe inspiring character of a wise stately queen. I am her loyal and eternal subject.

She is the one who is the witch here. I feel lazy in my magick when I compare myself to my acrobatic demanding territorial insatiably curious sweet magically talented kitty. I may have more to learn from her and maybe I can grow magickally with her help. I love Shadow and I am happy that she loves it here. I know she loves me too. She is the right kitty for me. Her regal posture and powerful paws loudly suggest: High Priestess. She may not always be present when I am performing a spell or ritual but she knows just when to demand something from me or hog my computer chair-the best chair in the house. Of course, a cat would know the best chair in the house for a nap. I think she also likes classical music. Treats, cuddles and praise are also her favorite things.

Shadow has a presence and a way of piercing into your soul. She penetrates a veil with ease. She has energy after she naps. She is a wonderful kitty and I am so happy to have adopted her when she is young (age 3).

I love my Kitty Shadow She is endearing and sweet
To Shadow!! To All Cats!!
Lady Spiderwitch