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The Beauty of Winter


Merry meet all,

The winter chill bites at us as we bustle about town. I walked on the nature trail this morning and I took some beautiful photos of the garden and snowy leaves. Magically speaking, Mercury has turned direct. I am relieved, to say the least. The Moon has entered Aries and Neptune has gone direct. 

The Full Moon comes on the 17th. The Full Moon begins at 10 am and enters Gemini. Gemini is an air sign and represents the time for shortcuts, communication, games, and fun. Have a magical and fun esbat on the 17th! This full moon is known as the Hunter’s Moon and Snow Moon. Concentrate on the transition from fall to winter and how gracefully nature turns season. Think of how you can honor a transition occurring in your life and how you can accept the changes it brings. Decorate your altar and light white candles. Snow is pure and cold. 

The Celtic Tree Month of Elder begins on November 25th. Before we know it, the Wheel of the Year will turn to Yule. I’ll post more about how to prepare for Yule. 


Blessed Be,

Lady Spiderwitch )O(



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Magic of Autumn

Merry Meet All,

Don’t wait till Samhain to practice magick. Autumn offers plenty of ideas. Mabon is a Lesser Sabbat, when darkness and light are evenly balanced. Mabon is the second Sabbat in the season of Water and the second harvest festival. The days begin to darken and the Wheel of the Year ends here and is renewed at Samhain.

To honor the God and Goddess at Mabon, which is a time of gratitude, consider creating a personal Mabon Gratitude prayer. Try to think of as many things as you can that you can be thankful for. That could be family, friends, your spiritual practice, pets, a talent for music or writing, whatever comes to mind. Date it and decorate it if you wish. Put it in your Book of Shadows. Anoint a small white candle with frankincense essential oil for spirituality and purification on your altar, light the candle, and meditate on your prayer of gratitude.

The symbols of Mabon are autumn foliage, cornucopias, acorns, hazelnuts, crops, sickles, apples, gourds, and rich fall colors. The gemstones that are popular during fall are flourite, garnet, labradorite, tiger’s eye, and tourmaline. The herbs, oils and resins are allspice, cedar, hazel, oak and oakmoss, patchouli, sandalwood, tobacco, willow, and sage.

Some popular activities of fall are gathering leaves, creating an autumn display, enjoying cider, seed gathering, creating a besom, hay-rides, stargazing, and making apple dolls. Pumpkins are also popular now. Create a ring of leaves by weaving the ring of leaves one into another till you complete a full circle and put the ring of leaves beneath a large ripe pumpkin. Set autumnal decorations around the pumpkin.

Create your own incense from findings in nature on a long nature walk. Dry and store and grind with your mortar and pestle. Blend the incense, visualizing bright energies flowing into the incense blend, and store in a large jar in a spot out of the way of sunlight. Burn it on charcoal in your cauldron.

Enjoy the season of Mabon,
Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch

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