Summer Solstice and Super Moon

Merry Meet All,

Tomorrow is Summer Solstice!! The Wheel of the Year has spun again. The constant flux of the earth amazes me. Every morning, I visit my garden and sip my coffee. I marvel at the beautiful plants and the dance of the insects that help it grow and the sunlight pouring down on my garden.

The Full Moon is soon, as well. We get the Summer Solstice and the Super Moon, when the moon is the closest to the earth the moon has ever been. Are you all ready for this? It is a magickal and powerful time to practice your magick, like I need to tell you.

White and silver are associated with the Full Moon. Green is associated with the Summer Solstice. Dress your altar in green for a Solstice ritual and in silver and deep blue colours for the Esbat. Consider trying divination and leaving out a plate for the faeries in your backyard garden. This is also a good time to try to attract your desires and goals toward you. The moon is at its fullest. Wear ritual clothing that corresponds with the Solstice and Esbat as well.

Freyr is a fertility god associated with the sun. You may wish to honour him during your celebrations. Apollo, Ra, and Helios are gods associated with the sun. Hestia, Juno, and Minerva are goddesses associated with the sun. Depending on which trad you follow, you may choose to include these deities in your celebrations.

Summer Solstice is the longest day of the year. After the Solstice, the sun wanes and we know we face the coming of the harvest. Time seems to be spinning faster to me. I can’t believe we are almost facing this time of year. I wish you all a wonderful Solstice and Super Full Moon. Blessings to you all.

Lady Spiderwitch )O(

The Lore of Litha

Merry Meet All,

Today we are going to look at the folklore of Litha.

At Midsummer, the rural villagers lit bonfires on Midsummer’s Eve to ward off evil spirits. They also leapt over the flames to encourage good luck.

If you performed your ritual outdoors, you can use the ashes to make a protective amulet. This works best if you burned incense with the intention to create protection. The intent will linger in the smouldering ashes. Put the ashes in a glass jar, a small pouch, or knead them into clay to make a protective talisman. Its believed that ashes will protect you from misfortune. You can scatter the ashes onto your garden and your garden will absorb the ashes and protective energies.

It is believed in some parts of England that if you sit in a circle all night long, you may see the Fae. Carry rue on your person to protect you while seeing the faeries or turn your jacket inside out. Leave a faerie plate out and remember to reward the garden spirits for protecting your garden for you. Midsummer is the perfect time for faery magick.

Carry a stone in your hand as you circle the bonfires during your ritual. Whisper your request to the stone. After your third turn- by the power of three times three!- toss the stone into the flames.

At Midsummer, the sun enters Cancer, which is a water sign. Circle the body of water three times, walking deosil, and offer silver coins or pins. Sunwheels are popular at Midsummer. A wheel or bale of straw was lit on fire and rolled down a hill. The remaining burned remnants were taken to a temple and put on display.

Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch )O(

Flower Moon

Merry Meet All,

The Full Moon occurs on May 25th! This would be a great time to seek blessings from the lunar Goddess to your seedlings. A lunar eclipse occurs on the same night. That adds a powerful boost to the magickal energy vibrating in the air.

To add some moon magick to your garden, consider planting silver plants that evoke lunar energy. Try mints, silver lamb’s ears, moonflower, Japanese painted fern, lungwort, dusty miller, rose campion, sedum, Silvermound Artemisia, and silver sage. Silver mound Artemisia is a Wormwood plant and has a beautiful musky smoky scent. The leaves truly are silver in colour. If you get your witchy mitts on this annual plant, do not let it go. It makes a great fragrant incense, perfect for lunar Esbats.

One suggestion: plant silver lamb’s ears at the base of an Echinacea/ purple coneflower plant. The silvery foliage compliments the tall leaves of the coneflower. Trust me, it’s beautiful. I did that in my garden.

It is now warm enough for the brave Witches/ Pagans and Wiccans to perform their rituals outdoors. Performing outdoors means that you are more in harmony with nature, can meld with the energy, and after the ritual, you and your tools gain more energy from performing outdoors. Just be careful where you perform the rituals. Trees are leafy enough now that you can also have some privacy.

The upcoming Full Moon is known as Flower Moon. Flowers are in bloom everywhere. Growing silvery plants can boost your magickal workings!!

Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch )O(

Finale of the Dark Season

Merry Meet All,

I am of mixed feelings of this time of year. As any self-respecting Witch worth her salt will admit, the Crone’s time of year rules all. I love autumn and fall. I love Mabon to Samhain. I like it that it gets dark early at night, awakening in me my darker true nature.

This post is to be a bit different than my other recent posts. But one cannot have dark without light and vice versa. Without the Crone, there is no rebirth. The Crone is now morphing to the Maiden. Beltaine is the next Sabbat in the Wheel of the Year.

Hence my sadness of the return of the light and the fading of the Crone. I recently picked up an amazing book that I hope some of you are familiar with. The book is called Nocturnal Witchcraft by Konstantinos. I love this book, having at long last found my kindred spirit. At last, someone understands me. He talks about nightkind, which I consider myself to be, and how it should not be feared. He sheds light on working nocturnal magick at night. At last. I decked out my altar according to the method provided in the book. I found what I need and did not need to buy any magick tools. I have to get candles and incense, but that does not need to be expensive. I have a black velvet hemmed altar cloth. So the silver and black look beautiful. I have not added any of this to my BOS yet, but I do plan to.

I love to perform magick at night. I feel alive when I do. I might need the assistance of caffeine, but that is a small price to pay. I like this book because like I said, I always felt alive at night. I perform most of my rituals indoors, with the exception of my backyard garden, but there is a different energy indoors. We are limited by indoors. I could bring an elemental object in from outside, such as herbs, bark, seasalt, salt water, stones, tree leaves (taken in kind), or even grass clippings. The point is that I can bring an item inside and draw energy from it for my magickal workings. The book can also provide guidance when and where I need it.

As you can see from earlier posts, I love Samhain. I like cawing of crows, toads who swim by lilypads, crafty cunning spiders, cats, horses, swans, and owls. I do not fear the darker creatures that roam the earth. I love the creaking of tree boughs and years ago, I forced myself to overcome my fear of cemeteries. I crossed a graveyard and haven’t feared them since. I know that book is not for the faint of heart, but Witchcraft is not for the faint of heart. The true and fierce heart of a Witch is his or her strength. Facing your fears can strengthen you as well as truly knowing yourself before you delve into darker magick.

I have been excited to see cheerful and ambitious sprouts emerge in the clayish soil of my garden. I know the plants died back to be reborn in spring. I know the buds shall open and splendor the trees with greenery. But the time of the dark half of the year is my most favourite and I await -somewhat patiently- the return of Mabon. If I am patient, it’s return will be more appreciated.

I would love to know if some of you out there have read this book and also share a kindred sense as you read it. Let me know!! Till then, many blessings on your magick and your gardens, or indoor gardens.

Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch )O(

Magic Lesson: Colourful flames in Cauldron

Merry Meet All,

Hello class! All settled in now in your desks? Today you are going to learn how to do some magick in your cauldron. Stop staring at the quidditch match outside the window and pay attention (just kidding.) Ok so here we go. Before you on your desk you see a cast-iron cauldron, a bottle of Ethanol, and some powder in a bowl.

You pour a tablespoonful or less of Ethanol into your black cast-iron cauldron and sprinkle the powder to change the color of candle or fire flames into the cauldron. Light a match or use a lighter and light the Ethanol. Be careful, because this is after all, flammable liquid. You do not want your robes, parchment or book of shadows catching on fire. Remain near your cauldron to make sure nothing goes wrong. Be awed by the sight of colourful flames leaping from the cauldron. Be sure to use a cast-iron or brass cauldron only.

I was awed when I tried it last night. I had to post it on my blog. While I urge you to exercise caution, this will add some oopmh to your magick if your magick has been getting a bit dull. Think of all the things you can do with this now. I bought the Ethanol at Clair de Lune at Mic Mac Mall but any store that specializes in candles will hopefully carry it.

Well that’s all for today.
Have fun !

Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch

Mistletoe Magick

Merry Meet All,


Mistletoe, holly, ivy, and pine are the mainstay of the Yule tradition. Today we will look at what is so magickal about mistletoe. The Druids valued mistletoe. They harvested mistletoe from oak trees with golden sickles. They collected it under a waxing moon phase, and then fed to their livestock to ensure fertility. They sacrificed white bulls to appease the gods and if their prayers were heard, then prosperity would be showered down upon the villages.

The Druids loved oak and mistletoe. They held rituals, such as on “the sixth day of the moon,” the plant is cut with great ceremony using a sickle-bladed knife.” (Pliny.) Mistletoe is a parasite and grows high on trees, especially on oak trees.

“For they believe that whatever grows on these trees is sent from heaven, and is a sign that the tree has been chosen by the gods themselves. The mistletoe is rarely to be met with; but when it is found, they gather it with great solemnity ceremony. This they do above all on the sixth day of the moon, from whence they date the beginnings of their months, of their years, and of their thirty years cycle, because by the sixth day the moon has plenty of vigor and has not run half its course.

After due preparations have been made for a sacrifice and a feast under the tree, they hail it as the universal healer and bring to the spot two white bulls, whose horns have never been bound before. A priest clad in a white robe climbs the tree and with a golden sickle cuts the mistletoe, which is caught in a white cloth. Then they sacrifice the victims, praying that the gods will make their gifts propitious to those to whom they have given it.” (Pliny)

Ivy was also considered one of the strongest trees, because it could strangle an oak. Ivy was counted among the sacred evergreens and associated with the Otherworld.

The Norse have an ancient tradition in connection with mistletoe. The traditional custom was that if you were out in the woods, and you found yourself standing under the mistletoe, you both had to lay down arms until the following day. The ancient Scandinavian custom led to the tradition of kissing under the mistletoe. The tradition went hand-in-hand with a Norse myth, the myth of Baldur.

Baldur’s mother was the Norse goddess, Frigga. When he was born, Frigga made each and every animal and inaminate object promise not to harm Baldur. But she overlooked the mistletoe. Loki, the ever mischievous god that he was, tricked one of the other gods into killing Baldur with a spear made from mistletoe. Hermes had to travel to Hel and back to resurrect Baldur. Every last living thing had to weep for Baldur. Only a giantess did not weep for Baldur. His ressurection was ruined.

A variation of the story from the Prose Edda. After the death of Baldur, it was decided that thenceforth mistletoe would bring love into the world rather than death, and any two people passing under mistletoe would exchange a kiss in honor of Baldur. Others say that the tears that Frigga shed for the slain Baldur became the mistletoe berries.

Mistletoe is considered an aphrodisiac and fertility herb. Mistletoe was regarded with awe by ancient peoples. Mistletoe remained green in the winter and the trees which it fed on did not.

Now you know the origins of the traditions of mistletoe. Tomorrow we will look at more yule traditions.

Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch

Beat the Clutter Magically

Merry Meet All,

It begins innocently enough. You drag home cartloads full of amethyst crystals, magical candles and tarot bags. But soon the question becomes how did I acquire all this and where do I put it? Before your pile of magical spell books becomes as high as a Maypole, read this post for some suggestions on how to better organize your tools and other paraphernalia.

When it comes time to perform a ritual, rite or handfasting, and you waste three hours searching for the perfect quarter candle or dish for salt, having everything organized and at your fingertips is a real help. We know your animal familiar/ pet cat winds herself by your feet but tripping over clutter that resides on the floor leaves you with no space to perform your daily devotionals.

Consider putting a carpet in a corresponding color beneath your altar if you keep your altar on the floor. The carpet blocks the stale chi from the floor and alleviates the dust. Every once in a while, vacuum the carpet and wash the floor below it. Wash your altar with a light infusion of spring water and mugwort. This releases the stagnant chi and refreshes your altar space. This is good to do on or near a major Sabbat.

Bookcases are a great place to store spell books or other texts. Set a space aside and clean it. Reserve a section for your books of spells and related books. Buy ornamental bookends to help store your books and magazines. I use dragon bookends.

Baskets, especially when made from natural fibers, are ideal for storing tarot decks in their tarot bags. Store candleholders, crystals, candles and altar cloths in the baskets and empty sachets and tarot bags. Hand wash the sachets and tarot bags. Let nature dry the cloths, bags and sachets, especially if they are handmade or embroidered. That way, the delicate embroidery remains undamaged. If the baskets are maintained, they will last a long time.

When baskets are dirty, soak them in the tub in tepid water. Open the window to allow the air to circulate and allow the baskets to air dry. Muslin cloth lining in the baskets increases a basket’s longevity and help protect it from damage. If baskets are so damaged that they are beyond repair, replace with new ones.

Out of season pagan decorations can be put in baskets and trunks and stored in a closet. When Samhain comes, decorate your apartment and when it ends, put it away till the season returns. Your items will last longer that way.

Look for baskets in thrift stores or specialty stores such as Wicker Emporium. Sometimes you can find beautiful baskets on sale. Small trunks can be painted and are great for holding larger out of season items. Use hooks to hang pendulums, candlesnuffers, and ornamental pentacles. It is better when the pendulums and candlesnuffers beautify your living space.

Hang up that witch hat! Place on both sides of the doorway to your bedroom for a theatrical feel. Broomsticks can be hung up off the ground too and hung near your witch hats. Goddess shawls can be hung up too thought where you choose to hang them is up to you. It gets them off the ground and out of your way and makes your place look cool.

Store tiaras, crowns, and circlets in cardboard boxes to protect them. Leaving them in open sight greatly increases the chance they might get damaged. Keeping them in boxes ensures the circlets are ready for the next faerie festival.

I was gifted with a gold star shaped box one Yule from a friend. The star shaped box has silver decorations on it and I use it to hold candles of varying sizes, shapes and colors. It is deep and has high sides. The scented candles release a lovely scent each time I open the box.

Consider using an attractive ceramic mug to hold pens, letter openers, wands or witch pens. Jewelry trays are perfect for storing crystals. The slots make it easy to store crystals of different size or kind and the trays are clear for easy identification. Tuck labels of the crystals in the slots.

At Imbolc or another major Sabbat, when you perform a major cleansing, consider doing a swap of magical implements with a friend of items you may no longer need or have use of. One witch’s trash is another witch’s treasure. I gave away a silver wand I made myself but never used. She may be inspired to use it for a Full Moon ritual.

Try to keep electrical cords away from your altar. The energy of the cords interferes and negatively affects your altar. I have a computer desk near my altar but the cords are on the far side of my desk and are nowhere near my altar space. This too can protect your altar from negative space.

Use your tools to make your own incenses, oils, brews and candles right in your own kitchen. That is part of what true earth-friendly herbalism is about. You put your intent and energy into what you wish to create. If you are performing a healing spell, for example, it can be simple as using a rose quartz stone and a pink candle on a white plate with scattered rose petals around the base of the candle. The power comes from within you, which is directed into the tool or the dishes you prepare.

Tools collect dust, old wax and ashes. Use mugwort, lavender, tea tree oil, and lemon to clean your tools and altar. Your tools also absorb and sustain the energies you put into them and will work for you during rituals and spell workings. You will soon find you can’t live without them. Every living thing has energy. The tools grow stronger because they absorb your energy and intent. It is worth taking good care of them.

Your magical implements deserve the best of care. Use the above suggestions to make your magical tools last longer and they will last for many rituals and spells. Your witchy friends might be so inspired by your living space and refresh their own witchy abodes.

Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch