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Mahone Bay

Merry Meet All,

Yesterday my Mother and I visited Mahone bay. I was in need of a way to refresh my spirit and this trip provided just that. We prepared a lunch and tea and got some chives from my garden and the usual other paraphernalia such as sunscreen, cameras and sun hats. Off we went after the Farmers Market to the wide open road. I instantly loved the quaint quiet sleepy town. It is anything but sleepy once you see the stores and the people. My mother bought me a beautifully wool woven pink scarf and of all things, I found a book about the Goddess at a yard sale. 365 Goddesses. After that, we had lunch at a picnic table and headed out onto the open road, this time a little lost. We decided to visit Lunenburg and then drove back to Halifax.

I loved the blue sky, clear calm waters and the many many trees. By the time we returned, I was tired though content. It was a good day and I hope to go on many other journeys around Nova Scotia. A picture above shows the view of the Bay. Blessed Be the Goddess!!

Lady Spiderwitch


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