Tarot for Pagan Cats

Merry Meet All,

This weekend, I purchased the last Tarot of Pagan Cats deck at Little Mysteries. I was in love with the deck before I even left the store. The artwork is wonderful and truly captures a cat’s essence, personality, mysterious nature and playfulness. The Knave of Wands card shows a cat using the wand for a scratching post. There is not often humor in tarot cards but this deck is packed with it. There are numbers on the cards, making it easier to reorganize them.

I love this deck and will have much fun with it. I bought a green velvet pouch to hold the cards and will soon consecrate the deck. I feel like I have owned it all my life. I am sure my cat Shadow will be pleased. That should make her purr…

I consecrated my deck last night. I setup my Bast cat statue and Siberian Tiger Animal Totem Mishra on my altar with a purple cloth, black and white candles, athame, wand, an amethyst and clear quartz crystal, chalice and pentacle.

The ritual went well. After I whispered close to my kitty’s ear that I had dedicated a deck in my kitty’s honor and invoked Bast. Shadow playfully caught my hand in her eager paws and chomped down on my hand, as if to say: “Thank you.” I was scratched bad but I know it is all in a kitty’s nature. I love her very much.

Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch