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Merry Meet All,

If any of you live within the Halifax Metro area, then I am sure you are all too familiar with the issue of the Metro Transit strike and its effect on the former 96,000 passengers. If not, then you can read this blog and read online to learn more about it.

Yesterday I walked all the way downtown to buy pet food for my cat. I walked a long long way. I had to walk back home. I left before 10 am and came home by 1 pm. I was exhausted and my feet hurt. The strikers want to be able to select their hours and the City Council wants to change the way that things have been run for a long time. The last metro transit strike was fourteen years ago. The strike is unfair to all the people of Halifax, including me, who lives on a low-income and was forced to pay a hefty $70 fee for a bus pass. It is cheaper in Vancouver. A bus pass costs $40. We are being charged way too much money for a bus pass for the quality of service that was received.

It is hard for people who are disabled, who relied on it to get to work. That is why I think that Metro Transit should stop whining and remember there are less fortunate people out there who make much less money. I believe that the City Council wants to force people to use cars, not the bus, to profit off of it. I bet that is why they voted no to arbitration, which would have had the buses up and running within twenty-four hours. That is disgusting. I see no reason why they cannot behave like mature adults and reach a reasonable agreement by now. But they are not being mature and only selfish. I have to rely on rides. If they raise the price of the bus passes, I hope there is an uproar.

The strike is a waking nightmare. I am certain there are people who would love to be working for Metro Transit. I think that the strike is terrible and ridiculous and unnecessary. The City Council and Metro Transit are both only thinking of themselves and practically robbing 96,000 people of a quality of life. They are running the Access A Buses for now but what about the rest of us? What are we supposed to do? The City Council is assuming we have the money to afford cab fare. Not so. I don’t. I never take a cab or barely buy wine or go to an expensive department store. How many of you out there can relate to that? I am sure there are many.

Let’s hope the strike ends so we can all get on with Life.
Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch

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