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Litha Crafts- Fire Incense

Merry Meet All,

Summer is when herbs and flowers are in abundance. Why not use some herbs to do crafts with to celebrate Litha?

Go out in your garden if you have one and select some herbs that correspond with Litha. You can make an incense from them, a potpourri or a herbal infusion. Here are the steps to make an incense from herbs. You can decide if you want to make some loose incense or make it into a cone or stick incense.

As you mix your incense, focus on your intent. Litha is about the sun and fire. Focus on that as you blend your incense.

Use myrrh, apple blossoms, bay leaves, cinnamon, chamomile, lavender, mugwort and rosemary. Add your ingredients one at a time. Measure carefully, and if your ingredients need to be crushed, then use your mortar and pestle. Fill the herbs with your intent as you mix them. Try saying an incantation, such as:

By the power of these herbs
born of fire and earth
For Litha, herbs of power,
As I will it, so shall it be.

Keep the incense in a dry clean sealed jar. Label the jar with its intent and name, as well as the date of creation. Use within three months, so that it remains charged and fresh.

Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch

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Midsummer Magic at Litha

Merry Meet All,

First, I am proud to announce that my essay about Tolkien’s research on Odin is to be published in the upcoming issue of Eternal Haunted Summer Ezine. The link to the Ezine is included in the list of links on the main page. Also, my article about thyme, that wondrous magickal herb, is published in the upcoming issue of Essential Herbal magazine. I love the cover of the new issue.

I have been working hard in my garden. I believe that every square inch of my garden must have a root or bud or flower. I know roots need room but no no, gotta cover every available inch with a plant. Today the soil was damp from rain while I uprooted several large plants and divided them up in my garden. I divided my organic mugwort, the leopard’s bane, canterbury bells and chives. I do have some large spaces in my garden at the back and i replanted the plants that can take shade.

Litha is almost here! Midsummer is a magickal time. Just one glance at my garden and I swoon. So I can attest to the fun one can have at this green beauteous time of year. Litha is the longest day of the year, leaving ample time for fun and frolic in nature. Decorate your garden by using pretty wires and stands to help tall plants grow. Spring is a great time to divide plants and disperse them in the garden. You can grow more plants from one large plant and best of all, it’s free.

Before you do a ritual, clean up your yard and garden. A beautiful garden is a wonder to behold. Maintain the beauty by storing your garden tools in a shed. Clean up the weeds. Use old leaves, grass cuttings, and old roots for mulch in your garden. Water the garden and rake the leaves. Now you are ready to perform a ritual.

Here are some ways to celebrate Litha:

Go for a long walk in the woods. Bring back some findings and include them in the ritual. Hold a drumming circle. Light a bonfire. Litha is a fire festival. Hold a bonfire at night but be aware of the safety of holding a bonfire. Light some sparklers.

Brush up on your pagan fiction. Write for a pagan Ezine. You can get paid to write for the Eternal Haunted Summer ezine. Read books like The Mists of Avalon, “Stonehenge” by Bernard Cornwell, or Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman. The book is very different from the movie. Curl up at the beach with one of these novels for even more fun.

Many blessings upon you.

Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch )O(

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