Money Magick

Merry Meet All,

The sun is shining here. Soon buds will bloom on the birch tree outside my window. I am sure you are all excited about spring. Spring Equinox is next month on March 21st. I planted snowdrops and crocuses and I can’t wait to see them emerge in my garden. They are the first of flowers to herald the arrival of spring.

Spring is a time of beginnings when the Crone gives way to the Maiden. The God is reborn. Green shoots push out into the soil. Perhaps it is no accident that I shifted my altar to an east facing direction.

I cast a money spell yesterday. Now is a good time to cast this spell.

To cast this spell, you will need the following items:

A coin
a gold candle (beeswax will do)
Your wallet
Olive oil

Set the piggybank, wallet, candle, rice, and small plate on the altar. Place the candle on the plate and coat the candle with olive oil. I carved dollar signs onto the candle. This step is optional. I left the candle on the plate. Warm the bottom of the candle until you can adhere a coin to the bottom of the candle. Focus to increase the overall flow of money in your home.

Sit down before your altar. Calm yourself and meditate to open your awareness to the spell you are about to cast. Feel the energy emanating from the candle. Light the candle, saying: “As the candle glows, and wax flows, let money grow.” Cup your hands around the candle. Do not touch the candle. Allow energy to flow. Every morning, light the candle and utter the chant. Chant till you have raised the energy. Snuff or blow out the candle. Snuffing the candle retains the energy. Blowing out the candle sends the energies to the Universe. Retain the candle until the second day of fullness.

Perform this spell during a waxing moon, when the moon is in Aries, Pisces or Aquarius, a blue moon, Sundays or New Years’ for growth oriented energy.

You can use green, silver or gold candles for the spell. For more oomph to the spell, simmer almond, patchouli, and cinnamon in a pot. They correspond to money magic and are appropriate for the spell.

Good luck with this spell!!
May it bring you fortune and prosperity
Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch )O(