Merry Meet All,

Sorry for the lack in posting lately. I have been under a lot of stress and have had to take care of things. Life gets in the way sometimes. Now everything is okay. It has forced me to do a great deal of thinking about energy-the flow of energy.

My sage plant is a great example. It sits high and proud in its pretty plant holder when it is quenched. It drags and wilts when it needs watering. After I water the plant, I can practically watch the sage plant come to life. The sage plant graces my windowsill. I watered the plant this morning and the plant looks great now.

Lately I have had a hard time affording food. It was so bad I had to turn to a person I know for help. During this hard time, which is soon coming to an end, thankfully, I felt a serious heavy block of energy. I did not want to do anything and I felt I was up against a brick wall. Well with persistence, I put a dent in the brick wall. I am speaking metaphorically. I felt like my sage plant in need of watering.

When I felt the seriously restricting energy, (the brick wall), it was all I could do to function and remain positive. There are some people who do not have to worry about affording food. But most people do have to worry about affording food. I know it is great to own smudge sticks and beautiful gemstones. A person still has to attend to the mundane matters to stay alive or the gemstones are useless. Yes I know it’s not fun, but taking care of mundane matters keeps you alive.

When you are in a similar situation, try to remain positive. Water your plants, go for a walk, study the sun shining on autumn leaves, take your pet for a walk. Small blessings surround us and it is up to us to notice them. You will feel your own good energy rise. I have a problem with some who say, “Hey what you just said was negative.” To me, that sounds judgemental. I do not think it is good to judge someone who is going through a truly hard time. I hear it all the time. Yet I stil have empathy for those who go through a similar situation as I did.

I take ownership for my energy. I own the job. I am responsible for my energy. Other people are responsible for their energy. We all share energy and we are responsible for it. Yes, there are those who seek to make you miserable, like the lady who yelled at me for not sharing the seat at the bus shelter today. I never intended to offend her. But she thought I was trying to offend her. Well sometimes, you can’t change a person’s mind. She owns her energy. You have to discern which energy is yours and what isn’t, and what is worth spending your energy on.

Protect yourself. A labradorite crystal is a good one to carry on your person. It will help shield you. Own your energy and know what to spend your energy on. The path to protect yourself and be happy will be clearer for you once you discern how to spend your energies.

May the Goddess bless you.

Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch