The Night has Teeth

Merry Meet All,

I have just finished reading the excellent novel, The Night has Teeth, by Kat Kruger. The novel was the winner of the Atlantic Writing Competition.

The main character is Connor Lewis, who has an unusual accident as a child and bites a classmate. He goes to Paris as a young man with a scholarship. His host family at first seems strange to him. They introduce him to the world of werewolves- the born and the bitten. Connor discovers that he is in over his head, when he finds a werewolf lair, and is on the wanted list of a four-hundred bitten man who is trying to find a cure for werewolves and wants to erase werewolves from the planet.

Connor finds himself in the middle of a scary war between the true werewolves and the eveil genocide plans of a mad scientist. Rather than flee to New York, which may be pointless, because there are werewolves in New York and over the world, he sticks it out to the end. This is Book One of the Madgeburg Trilogy.

I liked the characters- Connor, who was very believable, and Madison, who was bossy and confident and yet lovable. I liked Amara and Arden. When Arden nearly dies at the end, Connor comes to the rescue. Something happens to Arden later in the book that has a powerful effect on his powers. Amara was very convincing. I was shocked by Madison’s actions at the end of the book. The novel is gripping and dramatic, which is what is great about the book. But I won’t reveal too much. You will have to read the novel to know what happens.

Here is a qoute from the novel to whet your appetites:
“It’s true: the bite mark and scratches have completely scabbed over. What Arden said about humans not healing so quickly has my mind whirling. I have to pass it off as a side effect of the antivenin or maybe residual wolf venom. Otherwise, I’d be terrified. Of myself.” (Page 185, The Night has Teeth, by Kat Kruger.) That is an example of how gripping the novel is. I felt like I was experiencing what the character was going through right alongside him. The werewolf story is very believable and gripping.

I read The Night has Teeth, bitten by the novel. I could not put it down. A great achievement. I look forward to reading more by Kruger. The novel was published by Fierce Ink Press, a new local publishing company that publishes YA Fiction. It is available at the library and on Amazon.

Get a bite out of The Night has Teeth. You won’t regret it.

Lady Spiderwitch