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What to do if you see a spook

Merry Meet All,

First, a note about orbs.

Orbs are, according to some people, evidence of ghosts. However, there is a lot of controversy surrounding the existence of orbs. While orbs can be photographed, the controversy is that the orbs are dust, raindrops, or dust particles caught by the camera flash. However, I have photographed more of what I thought was orbs with my non digital camera than with my digital camera.

I have posted the photo above that I took in Pleasant Bay, Cape Breton, Canada, while staying with family. I will allow you to draw your own conclusions about orbs. They may be dust on a photograph or they may be indeed be proof of the existence of ghosts. It is hard to say. Orbs appear in the photo.

That said, it is nearing Samhain, and we all know the veil between the worlds grows thin at this time of year. The chances of meeting a ghost are better than other times of the year. If you are walking around during twilight, or dusk, or out on a full moon night, or walking in the woods on a misty foggy afternoon, especially old woods, you may run into a specter. The important thing to do, and let’s see if you have been paying attention to these posts, is to not panic and remain grounded and centered. Remain calm. If I have ever run into a spook, and I thought I did a few times, I knew the ghost was less interested in me than I would like to think. 99% of the ghosts are earthbound spirits and trying to find a way to the Light. I also do not think that you have to be a hugely gifted psychic to have this opportunity, but it may help.

Once at Samhain, I walked down to the lovely Armdale Rotary, to the huge lake. The full moon was shining brightly and I wanted to admire the moon. I saw a man in dark clothes and a dark aura seated on a nearby bench. When I approached him, he vanished before my eyes. I hurried home afterwards. If you see a spirit, try to communicate with it. Be respectful and calm. The ghost might be as intrigued of you as you are of the ghost. It may try to communicate with you. If you know how to send spirits to the Light, then try to do that.

Try to take photographs of the ghost. You will have to be discreet about it. Take photos while you see the spirit, which would appear as a misty form. I rarely see a ghost’s lower legs and feet. Take photos after the ghost has disappeared for comparison purposes. You are fortunate to have that experience if you do have it. Not many do.

If you can, try to document the experience. Use a voice recorder if you have one or a cell phone voice recorder. This is proof of your encounter. You might get a EVP (electric voice phenomena) recording. Also, try to invite others to share this experience with you to validate the encounter. Be patient. The ghost, if there is a ghost there, will leave and probably not return. But try your best to record and document the experience.

Your documentation should include the following:

Where it happened
When it happened (note the date and time)
The weather (if you were outdoors)
The duration of the event
Appearance of the ghost
Male or female (yes, sometimes, you can still tell)
Age and height
The posture of the ghost? Standing or sitting?
Type of clothing?
Facial expressions
Full-bodied or partial apparition
Movement of the Apparition
Did it float? Go through walls?

Consider returning later to the spot where you saw the apparition. You may see the apparition again, but do not count on it. Time is different in the supernatural realm. The apparition did not make an appointment to be there, so the spook may drift endlessly through time. Now you will know what to do if you see a ghost.

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