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Pagans on Campus

Merry Meet All,

Today the moon enters Taurus, an earthy sign. The moon is in its waning phase. The color for today is black. Today many of you are returning to school and work. If you are off to college, and you are worried you are the only pagan on campus, read this post for some helpful information.

If you are not allowed to use candles, consider using artificial candles. I know, I can hear you groan and I identify with your suffering. How can you get that satisfying energy going around your altar with a fake candle? Well there are always alternatives. These candles even flicker!

Fill your Ipod with music to get you in the mood for some magickal spellworking. Bring a special crystal or talisman with you and set up an altar that is subtle enough to not earn questions but still fulfills your needs for an altar. If you are asked questions, make sure you can logically and calmly answer their questions. Education is key. Getting angry and upset, trust me here, only worsens situations.

Consider practicing outside. I am sure there are one or two spots outside where you will not be disturbed. Create a portable altar kit that you can bring everywhere with you.

Find or start a local pagan group. You may be shocked when you find you are not the only pagan on campus. That’s impossible. That said, you may have a roommate who is not informed at all of pagan practices and thinks your athame is evil. Again, be educated about your spiritual path. Not everyone is going to see your way and you have to try to get along with this person. Do not leap to move into another dorm room because you may run into the same problem again. It is almost a guarantee. You may have to live with that person till June. It is a case of grin and bear it. You may just luck out and find someone who may be more than curious. I hope that would be the case.

Pray to Minerva, the Goddess of Education, for education and guidance. If you are in the Northern tradition, appeal to Freya. If you are being attacked for your pagan beliefs, pray to Hecate. But try to concentrate on the positive. Good luck with your studies and finding other pagan friends on campus. Tip: See if they wear a pentacle.

Lady Spiderwitch

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