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Coven of the Dead


It is often frustrating for me to feel like I am the only one who sees spirits. I am not only sure I do, I know I do. I just wish I could find others who take this as seriously as me.

When I go to a local ghost tour, it is frustrating because I am the only one there to see the ghosts and I usually go alone. I sometimes hate Halifax because it is so backwards here. I want to be somewhere where they see it as I do too. But unfortunately, that is not happening. $$-

I have had weird experiences that have forever altered the way I view the world, life and death and spirits/ ghosts. Again, I am alone on that one, alone in the sense of interaction or not with people. Spirit is always with me. However, I embrace this gift or ability or whatever it is called and don’t hide it and live my life the way I would like to.

I guess they –the muggles wish they could be as cool as me. Its odd to me too but I have learned to go with it. I don’t see it as a curse. I just want to find others like me. I thankfully live in a city with an active witch community. That helps. It is easy to feel alone or lose your enthusiasm for it or to even doubt yourself.

I wish they knew that it took years of suffering and experience for me to become as comfortable with myself as I am now. I have not lost time, I have gained it. It is all stepping stones. I know not where the stepping stones lead, but that is the fun. If I knew, I might not be on this journey. Life is a journey, not a destination. We are all spirits having a human experience, not the other way around. I keep judgment to myself. I rarely ever say what I think.

Whether its plants, a deceased pet’s spirit or a shadow person or bright light, I know spirits when I see them. I hate ghost hunting shows because they are a mockery. A falsehood. I never have to seek spirits out. Noooo. They will seek you out. They are around all the time, not only on October 31. Eternity stretches before them. They are dead but transcended into the next level of existence. I don’t know where we go when we die but we must do something. I hope its more than hanging out on this globe.

The misconception that the dead are only present on October 31 maddens me. They are dead. Death is a natural phase of life and final. It is as certain as concrete. If they were dead and yet earthbound, then why wouldn’t they be around all the time? My cat is relaxed in my house but I know I have a brownie/ faery around. My experiences are not limited to October 31- Samhain, but all year round. That I know. That confirms my belief that spirits aren’t limited to appearing only on October 31. It’s a strange thing to believe they could be so limited.

Spirits should be respected. I hate seeing litter in graveyards and will personally make efforts to keep it tidy. We like a clean room, why wouldn’t the dead? People buy all kinds of equipment then go on ghost hunts as if they expect the dead to be controlled. They are not to be controlled. They don’t think like we do. They follow logic of their own. But they will respond when respected and acknowledged. Seeing as they are the only ones to possess the answers to mans’ most sought after question of what happens after death, I think they do deserve the respect.

I have seen my pet’s spirits after they passed, sensed my aunt’s presence the night she passed, knew my father passed away by the sound of a phone conversation, seen them around my city, seen a ghost cat in my apartment, and heard odd sounds of objects moving only to discover nothing had been moved. I sensed the presences on October 31 when I held an ancestral supper. I got that treatment like I’m odd because my Mom isn’t into ancestral suppers but I enjoyed the evening anyway.

Whatever happens in the future, I am ready for it. Change is the only constant. I sense things from plants, hear messages from the wind, get messages from crows, and from dreams. I feel like the odd one but thank the Goddess I am a truly unique individual. The world has enough muggles in it.

Yesterday I prepared and offered a libation of milk and honey to Spirit in my garden. The spring season has sprung.  My garden is growing beautifully. The faeries and nature spirits aid my garden. We have a relationship of helping each other. I didn’t just offer the libation to nature spirits but to all spirits and even my ancestors. It is my way of honoring, thanking and acknowledging their efforts they perform for me. i have a great apartment with a herb and flower garden, and I live close to nature. A libation as an expression of gratitude is not so much to ask of me. But I believe that if they are honored they will continue to help. It they are not, then they will leave. The gifts and blessings will cease. Leaving an offering is one way to maintain the symbiosis of me and the spirits. A balance must be maintained. The insects expect my garden to continue and they either eat the plants or help them grow. But they do work on the garden. I never dump chemicals on my garden. I don’t  need to. 

I sensed the spirits when I am in the garden. The tenant who once lived here power washed the exterior of this apartment building. I sensed something and went outside. The spirits were angry. I placated them by smudging and a good dosage of reassurance. That satisfied them until the next day. This is why I leave the offerings not just of milk and honey, but gemstones, herbs, herbal infusions like sage tea for protection. My continued care for my garden and my acknowledgement of its importance encourages the spirits to help me. I feel so relaxed when I stand in my garden. Its not hard to understand why.

Sensing the angry  spirit’s presence felt like having an invisible child or bees buzz around me. It is the only way I can describe it. Spirits are energy and energy is not only real yet universal. Energy is real. As I type with a purring guinea pig on my lap, hot tea and a glowing candle nearby, I am reminded that energy is real.

Fear the living, not the dead.

Blessings, Lady Spiderwitch )O(

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Moon Magic




Merry meet all,

I’ve been watching the awesome Grimm shows with my friends Mark and Phil. I love the show. I like it because I think for once its a show that celebrates the ability to be so clairvoyant rather than treating it as evil. I like the characters Nick, Monroe, Juliette. Rosalie, Hank and Captain Reynard. I am not so sure of Adalind Schade. She is bad and does magic to hurt people. Her evil magic has potent consequences for the good guys. Like poor Juliette who is innocent is turned into a hexenbiest after Adalind sleeps with Nick disguised as Juliette. As if that wasn’t bad enough! I really love the show. It is too bad that it ended and only went to 6 seasons. I intend to buy every Grimm season on dvd.

Now that its spring, I am outdoors more. Whether that is garden gawking or strolls on the nature trail, I can’t resist being outdoors. I wish I grew mandrake ever since my first year here however I am determined to try now- and I have no intention of moving. I plan to grow monkshood, tons more mint, mugwort and moonwort. My other seedlings are growing great. I can’t wait till the frost passes to plant them. Moonflower and morning glories will add beauty to my garden. I’m ordering the seeds from Strictly Medicinal except for the mint because I trust the company for good quality certified organic seeds.

The following is borrowed from a Facebook link about the Full Moon tonight.

“Tonight will be the Full Flower Moon, named because of all the flowers blossoming and blooming at this time. May’s Full Moon is also known as the Bright Moon because it is very bright and the Corn Planting Moon because this is the time when farmers would plant corn for it to be ready for the harvest.

Like nature at this time, we are blossoming, we are growing day by day with the strength of the Sun. Like solar panels we are soaking up the Suns energy. The Full Moon is in Scorpio and it shines its light in the darkest places, encouraging us to peer in and see what’s there. Things that were once hidden will show themselves to us, we will be able to see ourselves and others in a whole new light and look at our lives more clearly.

Like a snake shedding its skin as a form of renewal, the Full Moon in Scorpio calls to each of us to shed the layers that are ready bringing a rebirth, allowing a new skin to emerge. Welcome change, allow your light to penetrate the dark areas of fear, shame and deep seated resentment that lies hidden underneath. Give yourself permission to heal and move forward in your life, use the potential of the Full Moon to symbolically die to be reborn.

On this Full Moon emotions will be raw, we may find we are feeling a flow of different emotions and a feeling of being pulled in many different directions. Let the waters of Scorpio cleanse your emotional pain and heal you of negative feelings.

The Scorpio Full Moon will bring lessons in self transformation pulling you toward a more effective destiny, such as moving on to bigger and better things. Continue to maintain balance as you clean up the residue of what is already fractured in your life to allow new and positive beginnings to start. We are now in a new era, and are on the threshold of things beginning to develop a lot more quickly than they have in recent months. While things may still feel somewhat slow, they are about to quicken in a big way.

These are magnificent times. Change and life shifts are to be welcomed. Let the energy of this Full Moon help you see where you are emotionally stuck and resistant and surrender to the universal gifts that is coming your way. Let the waters of Scorpio wash over you and heal and cleanse your spirit.

Have a Blessed Full Moon, may the Goddess watch over you.”

I will celebrate the esbat tonight.

Blessings Lady Spiderwitch )O(


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Ouija board Experience

Merry meet all,

Today I had a neat experience. Most people fear ouija boards and for some good reason. But I don’t. I visited the local friendly Neighborhood Witch shop. I entered a section of the witch shop. What to my wondering eyes should be sitting on the glass counter top but an ouija board.

I tried it. I have an insatiable curiosity about everything in life. I held the planchette in my hand and thought about my late grandfather Alfred Timmons. I asked if he was okay and where he was. I thought that in my mind. The planchette moved. I was at first skeptical because it was my first time seeing one in my entire life.

Then the planchette did move more on its own. It moved to the upper left corner. I felt the planchette move in my hand. I held the planchette gently. It wanted to move up to the letters xy and z. I don’t know why. The witch shop does have resident spirits there. That was partly why the ouija board worked. I pulled my hand away, frightened. I stared at it with wide eyes and bated breath.

Most people believe they are evil. After that experience, I am on a high. I don’t believe they are evil. I approached the divination tool- which is what it is, with some awe and respect but no assumptions. No fire spouting demon has come after me. I want one now. Yes I will store it in my home, use it and try it with friends. Yes I will smudge, burn palo santo and draw up wards and shields. No I won’t let anyone use it for evil intentions. It depends on your intention to determine the outcome. People may have negative experiences because they believed the ouija board was an evil tool and would drastically ruin your life. They almost expect it to cause something nasty to happen. I see it differently.

I have no fear of other forms of divination. I also want a skull and decided that this one online store would be a good choice for obtaining one. The skulls that are made of resin are much much cheaper. (Well I don’t have $2000.00. Do you? Right.) They look just like a human skull. I also want one with the lower mandible missing. To me, it would look cooler that way. A skull with a lower mandible missing can be considered silent and used to call on the dead to use in magic.

I believe that its crucial to maintain a respectful and open minded perspective towards practicing any divination. Believing that something will happen such as a car accident or a ladder collapsing on you almost determines your fate. Try having faith and being positive. This guarantees a positive outcome. 

Some people are afraid to use ouija boards or to face their own mortality. We live in a society obsessed still with wealth, status, materialism and the steeply widening gap between the rich and the poor. Witchcraft and mystical divination tools fall in between right in the cracks. 

So be happy and if you don’t feel comfortable doing divination, then don’t. You never have to do anything you don’t want to do but having respect for it helps. It protects you. Good luck in your divination !!!

Blessings, Lady Spiderwitch )O(



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Call of the Wild )O(


Merry meet all,

My guinea pig Magic is curled up on my lap as I type. He loves his cuddles. He is so cute and scruffy. Guinea pigs rock. They make great pets. So does my kitty Penny.


I love whales too. I enjoyed whale watching a couple times in Pleasant Bay. I went on Mark Timmon’s boat as his boat was the safest. On the day the waters were calm, I ventured out to watch whales. The common whales there are humpbacks and pilot whales. When we were truly way out in open sea we stopped the boat. My sister and  I sat up on the front of the boat to get a better view of the whales.

The mountains tumbled into the ocean. The seagulls cawed and flew over the ocean surface, searching for mackerel and haddock to eat. I saw seagulls on the rocks at the shore. I saw cows too feeding on the grasses. 

The whales appeared and dove into the water. They sprayed and dove in and out of the water. It was amazing to see the whales up close. They dipped under the boat and surfaced on the other side. Their bodies shone in the sunlight. They moved so gracefully. It is a wonderful experience to see such gentle giants in  their natural habitat, the deep blue ocean. I went another time to see the whales but that experience doesn’t stick in my mind like this one does.

Whales are not the only beasts to roam in Pleasant Bay. I have seen many moose, foxes, cows, horses, eagles, hawks, rabbits, and squirrels. I am not frightened of moose because I have become accustomed to them. I have seen many moose. They are shy, quiet and bold. They know our scent and prefer the cover and shelter of the thick of trees. I have heard them speak, can identify their tracks, know their scent, recognize a cow from a bull and recognize their young. Moose are bold yet majestic and they love their young. A calf moose ran up the deck of our house but the mother called to him and he ran up to her. That’ll teach him. Should obey your mama!


Moose either travel in herds or as a solitary. I think that older bull moose tend to travel alone. They do like being in herds though. They smell too. Its a musky earthy scent. They are powerful animals. They love to eat trees. Moose can be spotted at night on dark highways by their red eyes. Moose are regal and large. That makes it easy to spot them at night.

I am fortunate to have the opportunity to be with these amazing creatures. I grew up in Pleasant Bay in a huge pristine wilderness area. The hawks fly over my sister’s chicken coop. The rabbits dodged hungry foxes. Salamanders search for insects to feed on. Bees pollinate flowers. The whole place is alive and magical. I love it there. I intend to always treasure and love the home and resting place of my dear kind grandfather, Alfred Timmons. Bless him always.

Blessings, Lady Spiderwitch )O(


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The Ravine.


Merry meet all,


I have been thinking about what I want to post here. I promised to post more about psychic protection but  lately I’ve been unable to post on that subject due to me not knowing enough about it. I have decided to go with my heart and post more about Pleasant Bay, which is my passion. So look forward to tales of my adventures and herb lore and other stories here. However, I will post stuff about the paranormal here too. I am just more excited in posting what stirs my heart. I suspect you all want to hear that more from me anyway.

The photo above is taken in Pleasant Bay. I love the tiny fishing village. I haven’t been there in 3 years. I have many tales and information to share. I shall start with my getting lost in the bog. It is the first memory that comes to mind.

I love to wander the woods. On one cold  morning in April, I wandered down the ravine. That was a bad idea. My feet stung from the cold. I walked on, but to my alarm, I started to hear a squish squish sound beneath my feet. That is a bad sign. I walked on, and started to get concerned.

I perched on a protruding tree root. I looked around me and got my bearings. I didn’t like the squish beneath my feet. I sensed the water beneath the moss and soil. I imagined it was mucky and cold and unforgiving. My feet got wet in my shoes. I got my bearings and looked around. I saw the hill in front of me several feet away. I grabbed a tree branch. It broke in my hands being softer wood. I wasn’t comforted by that at all. I decided to skip across the pond of bog. Luckily I grabbed a tree branch ahead of me and it didn’t break. It was more solid wood. I then climbed the steep hill and told my Mom what happened to me. She told me it was a boggy area and to avoid it from now on.

I warmed up in front of the warm woodstove. I sipped tea and wrapped a warm blanket around me. I was much comforted to have escaped the bog.

Oh. Ok. I haven’t gone  down there since. I now remain high above on level ground and see the ravine from that safe distance. Tomorrow I will share another tale.

Blessed Be, Lady Spiderwitch )O(


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Books, books and more books oh my )O(

la cat

Merry meet all,

Hail to Mighty Hecate! My poem is published in the darkly wondrous book The Dark Ones: Tales and Poems of the Shadow Gods. I plan to photocopy the poem and dedicate it to her. I enjoyed reading the whole book. I do like the darker side of things sometimes.

I also ordered two more darkly delish books to read. The 3rd Spectral Book of Horror Stories and Dark Hallows II: Tales from the Witching Hour. Both books should be a good spooky read. I found a copy of Anne Rice’s Interview with the Vampire at a book sale. I plan to read that someday too. I loved the movie. I recently bought the novel The Silver Witch by Paula Brackston on discount at my fave bookstore. So many books, so much needed time. I need a new bookcase to hold all the books I own. Its a good problem to have. I received the newest issue of Witches and Pagans magazine in the mail. So far it is fascinating in its coverage of divination.

I am happy to announce here that my short story made it into the final rounds. I submitted a short story titled ‘Skin’ to Cemetery Dance in May 2016. I submitted on special invitation from the Horror Writers Association. I never received an acceptance/ rejection letter in end of 2016. That means I made it to the final rounds. I am honored to have made it this far. Cemetery Dance published Stephen King’s stories when he was young. Wow. I hope I get good news. !!

I am trying to make headway on my paranormal novel in terms of editing it. I have made structural and grammar changes to chapters 1-3. This is why spending some time away from a ms can be beneficial. I value the book Manuscript Makeover by Elizabeth Lyons. I appreciate the tome of excellent information in those pages. I have used the book so much I had to tape the spine of the book together. I would never edit a novel without that book by my desktop. It just won’t happen. If you’re editing your own ms, buy it. Now. Like right now.

I have lots of reading and editing to do. I just need the time. I think a person has to make the time. That is the trick to it. Wish me luck

Blessed Be, Lady Spiderwitch )O(





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Be Green this Yule- earth-friendly


Merry meet all,

The end of the muggle year is almost here. Yule is coming up. The Winter Solstice occurs around the 21st. I decorated my goth tree to serve as a Yule tree. I listened to festive tunes and petted my cat while I hung the ornaments.

Note: If you do choose to use a real tree, be careful of bugs. They called your regal pine-scented tree home. There is no reason why they shouldn’t do the same to your  home. Check before you axe. Or you might have a problem in your bedroom or bathroom. They might infest your drawers or cellar. I never had a problem but it is always wise to be careful. If you want that covetous piney scent in your home without the bug issue, then just cut some pine needles. Infuse them in water in a pot in your kitchen. Add oranges and spices for a festive risk free scent.

Besides, a fake tree is a more compassionate option. The real tree that adorns and bedecks your living room was a living being. It has a right to life. It seems silly to me to hurt a tree for such a short time. So be kind and be green this Yule.

The other way to be green this Yule: consider using gift bags instead of wrapping paper. Tons of wrapping paper, tinsel and gift bags too end up in landfill. Gift bags are not the greatest alternative because it still gets discarded but it is one option. Save the gift packaging you get your own gifts in to reuse next Yule.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t invite your best buds over for a gift wrapping party. Oh no by all means, enjoy. We need to be good to the earth and have fun at the same time!

Let us all gift the earth with love this Yule!

Many blessings, Lady Spiderwitch )O(



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The Meaning of Energy


Merry meet all,

I promised to post about how to psychically protect yourself. Over the last few days, I have been thinking hard on what that really means. I recently read a blog post on another page that said psychic attack doesn’t exist. I don’t entirely agree but I don’t disagree either. I have been exposed to and suffered much verbal attack lately.

I want to know how to intuit and deflect a negative email from someone. I wish I knew. When I know the secret, I shall share it with you. We can’t determine that unfortunately, as much as we might wish to. We can determine though how we will respond to a negative hurtful message. I have received a lot of the hurtful negativity and sorely wished I had more power over all that.

First we have to realize we are responsible for our own energy. This is important. No one else is as responsible for that as we are or you are. Once we realize that, we have to hold to it. However, we are not responsible for someone else’s negative energy. That can be a huge relief, at least in my experience lately. No one can control us. No one can curse us without us allowing it.

I believe that energy is real. It exists in a cat, a guinea pig and in a crystal/ gemstone. It exists in water, air, fire and earth and spirit. They are all infinite and potent. I think we all exchange energy with us being or not being aware that we are exchanging energy with every other individual being on earth. We transfer energy, steal energy, give energy or suck energy. Energy courses over the earth. It is present when someone gives birth. It is present when a woman is heartbroken or proposed to. It is everywhere. It is all things.

Maybe we can’t see energy but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. We can feel energy like a rush of air upon our face or the wondrous warmth of a candle flame. Energy can’t be stopped or it can be harnessed. So with all this potent invisible but constructive energy, what can we do about it? Well I have experienced a roller-coaster of emotions the last few weeks. I am still hurt but changed. That is energy’s true purpose: to transform. It can bind, release or halt. My recent experience has shown me that not all things are forever or certain or foreseeable. Life should never be predictable. Or we become zombies. To truly live, we must let go and take that leap of faith. I advise that we do try to land on our feet but as we land, we must be changed. That is what it means. Whatever we send out, we also become. Energy is bent and malleable. We must become bendable. The chaos of emotions I have experienced lately jerked me harshly out of my comfort zone. Maybe I needed to experience that to be stirred up, to learn, to be shaken. There is always a lesson to learn. Change is the only guarantee.

I hear my guinea pig or cat purr. The sound comforts me. That is a positive or paws-itive communication from my beloved fur babies. But there is also negative energy. Yin and yang, the moon waxing and waning, the corn fields withering or ripening. I live in an area where I get the four seasons. No matter how we have changed the face of the earth, I have yet to see the four seasons not happen without fail.

Energy exchanges can be extreme or gentle. I have seen horrible arguments or peaceful affection between people. I believe though that positive energy may demand more effort but is more worthwhile. It takes a lot to feel good for me in the morning. My cute pets help and so does a hot coffee or a relaxing song. Meditation can also help. I do try to meditate.

So let’s think about what energy we send out or receive. The Universe is a transmitter and so are people. Trees are transmitters of energy, the ocean and the breeze that blows in from my open bedroom window. I took the bus home today. The sky was dark. I felt uneasy. Now I am home. The lights are on. My place feels safe and bright.

As it should.

Blessings, Lady Spiderwitch )O(

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Recipes for Samhain


Merry meet all,

As Samhain draws ever near, we start preparing for the most famous night of the year. Here are some recipes to help you on your way to celebrating October 31st. The ingredients can be found in your kitchen or thrift store.

I found a stunning cauldron at an antique store. The cauldron was fired in a forge. I shall dedicate it on Samhain eve.


Sage, salt, mugwort, sandalwood, sunflower seeds, rosemary, rue, pumpkin seeds, cedar, mandrake, juniper, oak leaves, acorns, almond, and cinnamon. You can mix these together and empower them in a bowl. Burn this mix on hot charcoal.


Empty one whole jug of cider in a stainless steel pot. Add 1 apple cut into small chunks, 1 cinnamon stick, 1 whole orange sliced and a pinch of nutmeg. The trick to this is to let it steep so the fruit absorbs the decadent flavor.


If you make your own candles, consider adding pumpkin spice essential oil for a tangy zippy scent.


Pumpkins are not just for soups. Add the notorious pureed fruit (that you pureed in your own kitchen, right?) to gingerbread, cookies, breads and pies. Save the seeds for roasting. Mmmmmm Or paint your pumpkin teal green to show you support people with food allergies! Compost your pumpkins in your garden to add nutrients to the soil.


Gingerbread Gingerbread was my late grandfather’s favorite recipe. I baked a loaf with a seasonal twist. Here is a recipe.

  • 1/2 cup of white sugar
  • 1/2 cup butter
  • 1 egg
  • 1 cup molasses
  • 2 1/2 cups flour
  • 1/2 tsp baking soda
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • 1 tsp ginger
  • 1/2 tsp clove
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 1 cup hot water
  • * Optional: pumpkin puree

In a large bowl, cream together the sugar and butter. Beat in the egg and molasses mixture. Use an electric mixer. In another bowl, sift together the flour and spices. Blend into the creamed mixture. Stir in the hot water. Add the pumpkin puree and beat it all with the electric mixer well. Pour into the prepared pan. Bake at 350 degrees for one hour in the oven. Allow to cool.


Sage, salt, mugwort, sandalwood, sunflower seeds, rosemary, rue, pumpkin seeds, cedar, mandrake, juniper, oak leaves, acorns, almond, and cinnamon.Chinese lanterns miniature pumpkins and gourds add a decorative element. Mix together in an attractive dish. Store covered. Add essential oils and blend well. Open the jar to release the spicy autumnal scent.

I hope you enjoy these recipes. I wish you many Samhain blessings.

Lady Spiderwitch )O(


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HWA Halloween Haunts Blog Event- Honoring the Dead


Merry meet all,

The Horror Writers Association Halloween Haunts continues its spooky trail of blog posts. Today my blog post is posted to show readers how to honor the dead. Here is the link: I hope you enjoy reading all about it.

Samhain is coming! Are all of you excited? I am. I walked on the nature trail this morning. I heard bird songs, admired the fiery colored leaves and the brilliant blue sky. The early walk charges me with energy for the day. I was shocked at how cold it was so I didn’t walk too far. The walk will wake you up more than coffee, esp with the frost coming.

For those who want to read my blog post here, I have posted it now.

HWA Halloween Haunts 2016

Honoring the Dead

 Samhain is a time to honor those who are still in spirit. During Samhain, practice divination with the dead. The veil between the world of the living and the dead is thin. The dead like to be remembered. They continue to care about you after death. Perform prayers and leave offerings to show your devotion. Offerings could be something they loved in life such as a particular song, favorite aftershave or a rose. It tells them you remember them as they were in life and that they are loved. To honor those who have passed before you, keep a photo of them on your altar or in another special spot.

It’s not wrong to communicate with your dearly departed. It demonstrates a deep respect to honor your loved ones in this way. Seek their help in getting a job, the love of your life or prosperity. Remember to thank them for their assistance. Ask for something worthy of their time. Bear in mind they are at peace. Show you respect them by remembering they are deceased. Don’t ask for something menial like if you are going to win the lottery or when a person will call.

To communicate with them, light a white taper or votive candle and meditate. Talk to them either mentally or out loud. Think about what they loved in life and who they were. Regularly pray to them to maintain a relationship with them. Continue to be respectful and you will never be harmed. If you focus exclusively on those you love, you won’t attract any negative energies or spirits. Concentrate on the highest good as you call on your beloved deceased.

On Samhain eve, light a candle and set it at the window to guide the lost spirits. Be careful where you set the candle to avoid a fire. Watch for any auspicious signs as you continue to honor the dead. Enjoy the magic of the Samhain season.

Link of interest:

Blessings, Lady Spiderwitch )O(


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