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Poetry amongst Death







Merry meet all,

Recently I visited a cemetery again to write more poetry. I wore my cloak and a long dress. I bought a coffee and sat down on my favorite stone to write. I wrote with a quill pen and just jotted down my initial impressions and observations. The crows flew over the field, an oak leaf kept fluttering up to me till I kept it in my journal. A dog greeted and sniffed me and passerby passed me on their way to their own destinations.

I don’t own a fancy journal. I bought mine at the local dollar store. The quill pen is a nice touch. I felt very much like Jane Austen or Emily Bronte as I wrote with my quill pen.

The cemetery is a nice place to write. Yes I guess I am morbid but you know what? I refuse to apologize for it. Why should I? I just live my life the way I want to. I do love poetry and fiction. I love the darker stuff. I like Mary Shelley and Edgar Allan Poe. I have to edit what I write later. That I can do at home. The cemetery is the place for inspiration or just observing my surroundings. I don’t know if Austen or Poe ever wrote there but I like to.

I don’t just notice the many headstones. The mottled leaves, stones, twigs, crows, and the clouds catch my eye. I always notice nature,  I just can’t help it. It was a warm day. I saw a haze for a second over the whole cemetery then it faded. The rough grass was covered with twigs, stone worn by time and dead leaves. I do observe nature, don’t I? I guess that’s part of being a poet.

I wish that you all find your own Zelda, your own spot for inspiration. I can tell you I don’t think it happens in a box. I mean you can’t, well you could, try writing in the same spot and expect results. I also sat down at the waterfront and watched the waves splashing. It is ok to go and try new things and keep an open mind about where to write. You might be surprised at what results you get.

BB Spiderwitch




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Horror as Inspiration


Merry meet all,

As many of you know or are new to this, I love the paranormal. It is my top fave thing in the world next to fresh hot coffee, cats and guinea pigs, and sitting by a window in a restaurant. The idea of ghosts as a possible reality is fascinating to me. Death is an unexplored frontier. It is hard to say what happens to us after we die.

That may be why some of us write- to know or to explore possibilities of what happens to us after we die. We see it in fiction and movies. We will never know what truly happens till we cross the veil of death to the Other side. This excludes near death experiences and out of body experiences.

There are many tales and mythologies as a way of explaining death. The famous tale of Persephone who rules over the dead in Hades’s Underworld, Hecate- Queen of All Witches, the falling of the grains in the field, the Crone’s dark blue cloak of winter that isn’t shed till spring’s arrival.

Don’t forget that there is life as well. There can never be one without the other. It is a fact of life. Now if you want to write about it in a story, here are some hopefully inspirational ideas to guide you.

What is your main idea? Don’t be afraid to let it take you a long time to discover what it is you want to write about. It took me two years. Sketch out your main characters. Figure out your main plot, setting and theme. Be flexible.

One enormous hurdle I overcame while writing  my story and entering into the revision phase, was knowing how to edit a novel. It was an obstacle the size of Mt. Everest. I searched all over the internet for information. I read books on it. I photocopied articles from Writers Digest magazines and read the articles on the bus home. I applied then what I learned about editing to my ms. I found what worked and what didn’t. I still search for information on editing. It wasn’t handed to me, I had to learn the hard way. And I did.

One great thing I can recommend for anyone editing their own novel right now is this: Never mind that i won a contest for a free content edit. I think the other awesome prize was when I stumbled across a book. That book is the Manuscript Makeover: Revision Techniques No Fiction Writer Can Afford to Ignore by Elizabeth Lyon. Never attempt an edit without a copy of this book. I hated it at first and dreaded it even. Now I would never live without it. I will never edit without it.

Manuscript Makeover assumes you already have a draft of a ms. It is easier to go ahead and use the book on your ms. You won’t be sorry. It is superior to every other revision book out there on the market. It is the ultimate source of professional reliable information on novel editing. It won’t let you down. I wouldn’t use any other source now but that book. So don’t be intimidated by the thick volume or the way the material is presented. That is how much of a gem this book is. I have one problem with the ordering of the chapters but that is all. I love the book. Do the revisions after you have a draft of a ms.

So depending on whether you want to pen a thriller or a novel about zombie Nazi policemen and this is no limit on gender here, I want to talk about making your monster.

You could be inspired by anything. This is assuming that you are creating some type of monster for your tale. You have the power to create something. You have the power within you. It is where it all begins, in your imagination. I happened to come up with the idea of a seaweed ridden melancholic ghost for my novel. Your creation could be something different.

It will be unique to you. Don’t copy from movies or stories. Be original. Feel brave enough to come up with something that is uniquely you. It can slither across rooms, be tentacled and have twenty eyes or it can be a stealthy stone cold serial killer. You also need a protagonist, the hero of your story or maybe the monster is the dark unlikely and misunderstood antihero. When you try writing one of these stories, you will understand after a while that you have much freedom to create anything you want. Have fun with the process.

Whatever you do, whatever you create, stay true to your monster. Get to know him- and your hero and other characters. He is your creation and unique to you. Get to know the strengths and weaknesses. They add credibility. Keep track of the unique abilities of the monster/ vampire/ vampire slayer/ weredog. Read books like On Writing Horror by the Horror Writers Association and Writing the Paranormal Novel by Steven Harper. They are valuable sources of help with this kind of genre.


Good luck

BB, Spiderwitch

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Spring Roots

Merry meet all,

I hear the wind howl outside. I attended an Ostara Rit last night. The sky is overcast and low, like  a funeral shroud. The branches appear bare but tiny buds show promise. Snow stubbornly rests on the earth. Time will tell if March goes out like a lamb.

I shared the photos I took of the Camp Hill Cemetery with the Horror Writers Association for their monthly newsletter. I will include some of them here. The crows guarded something, I thought it was a baby crow out of the nest but saw no young avian. The headstones were old and some new, some barely poking out of the ground. I love visiting cemeteries. It is even better if they are truly old and full of character.

I’m still waiting for the book release date of Untimely Frost, a horror poetry anthology I am included in. I hope its soon. I can’t wait. I had to check the final copy of my poem in the book, yup, it looked great. I can’t wait for the release date. I can’t wait because this is my first poem that is traditionally published. I hope to have that experience again.

I made some incense cones yesterday. I used cinnamon, rose, lavender and patchouli. It is easy to make incense cones. I used water, gum arabic, and the herbs or spice. I mixed the ingredients with my mortar and pestle. You must blend everything together carefully. You want the mix to be like putty or dirt. You must knead a little and work it into a cone shape. Then you let them air dry. Give them as long as they need to dry, even a month. Lay them on their side too The cones can’t be too thick at the bottom in order to burn properly. I invite you all to try to make your own!! You might invent your own custom blend. People might ask you for your recipes!!

Incense is amazing. It can revitalize you or unstress you. I love it for the guaranteed beautiful aromas it offers. It is great for meditation or for while you shower. I also have a small chunk of beeswax and I haven’t decided what to do with that yet. Herbs are awesome for their stunning scents and are multipurpose. I can’t wait to get to work in my garden and I have been asked to create a garden at my fave witch shop. I can’t wait to get to do that too.

C’mon spring!!!!!!

Blessings, Spiderwitch


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Spring Equinox

Merry meet all,

Blessed Ostara!! Today marks the spring equinox. The weather today was beautiful, cool and sunny. I couldn’t have asked for more. I visited the local witch shop. I am always there. I took my broom with me to show it off. I baked cookies and watched the faery fabulous movie Maleficent. My windows are open to let in the spring energy. I am eager to plant more seeds.

Wse depart from the dark half of the year to the lighter half. Now the Goddess stirs and awakens. The Crone gives way to the Maiden and the God rises too, to plant seeds of new growth. I am excited to get to work on my garden once again. I have seedlings begun already.

I took photos of the graveyard recently. I shall soon share the pictures with the Horror Writers Association for their slideshow. I attended a wonderful memorial service for an acquaintance. I enjoyed the whole evening of the service, feast and the after party. The crows were agitated in my neighborhood prior to the service. I can’t help but wonder if it was another message. I can’t wait for the weather to warm up for me to visit the cemetery more often. I guess  bringing coffee in a thermos will suffice. I shall try again tomorrow to write more horror poetry.

I wish you all a wonderful Ostara. Blessings to all


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Merry meet all,

 I recently took my cat to the vet. That was one of those things I thought I didn’t need to do. It’s not that my cat doesn’t need care, I am just money tight. But now she is fine and feline fancy!!

Our local witch shop, Neighborhood Witch. just reopened in the new space. Wow It is so magickal, beautiful and stunning. I love the new space. I am so happy for Pamela who is truly realizing her dream. If  you are in Halifax, then you should definitely head on over. She has an online website too!! The shop can be found on Facebook.

I bought a fancy black fan there, awesome bath bombs, and beautiful candles. It is worth the shopping trip. There is something for everyone. You can sit by the fire, read, or check out herbs, oils and candles. I love the store and the staff are extremely friendly.

I ordered a sewing pattern in the mail. The pattern is from Simplicity and it is inspired by Amy Brown. I will have a great time sewing this pattern. I already have a beautiful fairy costume and I want to stay with a purple theme. That way I can mix and match the pattern pieces. I will get more bang for my buck by staying with purple. The shawl is purple, the besom is purple and the costumes are going to be purple. I glanced at the fabrics at my fave haunt, Fabricville. There was not a lot of choice for purple fabric. I shall try again though. This will be ready for spring. I am excited to get started. I also have plenty of cute purple fabrics for scraps. They can still be useful.

I read a great book I highly recommend. The book is titled Witch- Unleashed, untamed, unapologetic by Lisa Lister. Women really need to read this empowering candid book. I plan to reread it till the pages fall out. The book will empower you and make you feel great. It is about reminding you that it is ok sometimes to put yourself first and to practice healthy self-care. Don’t let the dark book cover scare you off. Read it. Find your inner witch and let her out!!! No apologies to anyone.

The dark half of the year gives way to the lighter half. I am excited to soon get to work in my garden! I already spotted baby sprouts coming up. The Goddess is stirring and the sun changed direction. March is the month of spring equinox. Daylight Savings Time occurs this month too. I hope you all have plans for Ostara. I want to dye eggs and search for sprouts.

Blessings, Spiderwitch

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Crow Foot and Blood Moons

Merry meet all,

The mischievous spirits in my apartment are at it again. I do own a cat. I was in my broom closet today and for some inexplicable reason, I sense something the second I enter it. My broom closet creeps me out. I get an eerie feeling in there but my cat seems at ease. I hate that. What a better way to wonder if you are crazy than to be bettered by a chilled out cat. Then she enters the bathroom and avoids my eye. I smudged the closet with sage which set off my alarm. Oh great.

My house makes noises. It is an old building. I understand that but what I don’t understand is when those sounds don’t sound normal. Nothing explains things moving on their own or sounds of things falling and nothing having moved. I have heard the sound of a mop/ broom falling yet when I check, nothing has moved.  I found my cauldron on the floor. It had fallen from the top of the fridge to the floor on its own. I welcome all and any explanations on that one. I had no cat at that time. The cauldron is made of heavy cast iron.

I bought myself a real crow foot necklace. I love crows and even fear them a little. I shall always remember the time a crow warned me of a death. To a normal person, it might seem creepy. To me, I bought it because it IS creepy. I like creepy. I like crows and they still follow me everywhere. I plan to leave them offerings soon once the snow melts.

I have no qualms about using animal bones, animal or human skulls, or feathers in my Craft practice. I do believe that these items should be clean and free of potential parasites or disease. Once the tools are clean, they are safe to use. But I am certain it is the way our ancestors practiced and I have included a link below that tells more about it.

There are many ways that animal parts can be used in magic.  My animal skull rests by the photo of my grandfather. I am fond of it because animals trusted my grandfather, even wild animals, so it seems appropriate to place it there. I have a bone and piece of wood that looks like bone by the Odin statue.

The Full Moon this month is powerful. It is a Super Rare Blood Blue Moon. It will bring clarity and would be a powerful time to clear away what is negative to welcome in the positive. Be sure to perform an esbat.

Imbolc is the next turn in the Wheel of the Year. I plan to perform a ritual with Sacred Mists online. I also plan to celebrate Imbolc on my own. Imbolc is the first Sabbat of spring. I don’t enjoy winter but now I can anticipate the return of spring. This is the time to stock up on seeds and plan. I will post more about spring here soon.

Blessings, Spiderwitch )O(



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Untimely Frost Poetry Anthology

Merry meet all,

I am so excited about the upcoming horror poetry anthology Untimely Frost featuring my poem Encounter with Death. I never imagined I would have a horror poem published professionally. I have to write more!! But more on that in a moment. Lycan Valley Press is publishing the poetry book this winter. The table of contents and the cover design is awesome. I can’t wait to read the excellent poems by the talented authors. I think it’s great these books are possible. How else would you know what talented authors are out there. The cover for the book is shown above. I think it’s beautiful. So please tell all, your near and dear, and your mailman about this book. It should be available on social media outlets and Amazon and other sites soon. I posted this on my Published Works page.

I tried to write more poems. I do hope to complete a book of new horror poems in the future. I visited a cemetery where I sat down on some stone steps and tried to write. I did write a poem but I know it was a halfhearted effort. What better area to write in such a genre than a cemetery? I couldn’t sit in there at night. The snow frosted the stone steps, the rusty grass, the brush. The crows perched on the headstones and flew overhead. I felt at home there. I have to try again. I doubt inspiration would come to me if I sat at home. The environment doesn’t welcome gothy macabre inspiration for scribbles. I may take a coffee for warmth and a warm long coat/ cloak. I mean c’mon, may as well smear on black nail polish lacquer too. Writing doesn’t appear by itself. I was inspired too by the efforts of this poet whose name I have to look up here. But his poems really grabbed me by the throat. The poetry book was also illustrated. The poems are amazing, rhyme and written in some style of meter and rhythm. He was emulating another poet in his book. I have to get that author’s name. I thought he was a modern day Edgar Allan Poe even though Poe was unromantic. He was just straight up morbid. I do love Poe though and now I have a new author to love.

Here is the poem (mine) that will appear in published in Untimely Frost. I feel like a real writer now. I am honored and grateful to be included in the book. I can’t wait to hold it in my hands. I mean, see? This is what happens when an intelligent editor gives a writer a chance to prove themselves.

This poem went through many drafts before it hit publication. So for all you keeners out there, sharpen your pencils and grab a mocha-and a blank journal. A feathered quill is a must. Hit the local cafe or your own friendly local neighborhood spooky cemetery to write macabre musings. Good luck.


Encounter with Death

 On a dark

October eve

a sea of

somber tombstones bewitch me,

shrouded in

a morbid fog,


rooted in

stony silence.

I stumble

past crumbling crosses

and black rose

crowned graves.


Crimson leaves

bleed from gnarled trees.

Death pounces

on my psyche.


The Grim Reaper

condemns my shivering soul.


I flee through

the wrought iron gates.


I hope my dear readers make time to enjoy poetry. I shall have to write more poems now. I hope I get more published.

Blessings, Spiderwitch )O(

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Spirits and Ghosts

Merry meet all,

I belong to a Facebook group called Hauntings, Paranormal and the Unexplained. There seems to be some misconception about spirits moving around in homes. One has to remember that spirits are not solid form like we are. They are not flesh and blood, no matter the type of spirit or ghost. Yes I do believe they can pass through walls or doors in the sense that they are not flesh and blood.

They were either once human or never human at all. I don’t know where they come from or where they go. They have appeared to me but I have always been wondering where they were before that. Or for that matter, where they go after that. I see them then they are gone. If one spirit/ ghost/ demon/ or whatever causes harm and sticks around, then I will do something. But other than that, most of them disappear as fast as they appear. I have seen many ghosts/ spirits. I am not sure why they appear. They can be frightening but in my opinion, nowhere as scary as mortals. It’s mortals who are capable of causing the most harm. If you don’t believe me, read a history book.

I don’t know what they want. The rare time I was approached by a scary ghost or earthbound spirit and I do believe it wanted to possess me or get inside me. But usually I don’t see them linger long enough to ask me what they want. I would love to know what they want. They never tell me. Objects move around, they appear and disappear, and I get a creepy feeling in my broom closet. But these things don’t tell me what they originally wanted. That tells me that ghosts were perhaps lost or trapped to wander the earth for eternity. I feel empathy for anything in that situation.

Spirits or ghosts have transcended death. They perhaps never ascend to some heavenly realm and are for whatever reason are trapped here on earth. I still can’t explain why they appear to us, unless it is for help or to pass a message onto a loved one. These reasons are logical. They are not made in solid form. I wish I could communicate with them and learn what they want. I could help them move on to light or peace.


Blessings, Spiderwitch )O(


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Yule Tides

Merry meet all,


I found a suitable piece of wood from a fallen tree outside. I sawed it and returned home and set it aside. I brought it in when it got close to the Yule date and let it dry. I decorated the log last night for Yule.

I used a hot glue gun to glue the holly, pine and ivy to the log. I glued the long ivy branch to the log first followed by the holly and pine. I also glued a cinnamon stick and two pine cones to the log. It was surprisingly easy to glue the items to the log. I glued the painted pine cones to the log. The log is beautiful.

Holly is toxic to cats. I am careful about that. I covered my yule log and decorations with a towel last night. I am sad in a way to burn the log tomorrow because it is so pretty. It is a Norwegian tradition and I intend to follow through with it tomorrow morning.

I have posted pictures of the log on Facebook. I am happy to get to continue an ancient tradition founded by my ancestors. I hope the weather is clear tomorrow but it’s happening anyway.

I shall post the Rit details tomorrow.

Blessings, Spiderwitch )O(


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Magical Scribbles

Merry meet all,

Magical Scribbles

Writing about witchcraft is magical and hard work. Yes you can become a popular witchy writer. Establish a sacred writing space. Burn essential oils or incense as you write. Play soft music.

If you want to write about cauldrons, focus on its’ purpose, the significance of cauldrons, the lore of cauldrons. Write about how to clean a cast iron cauldron and how to burn incense, bark or resin in it. Or write about resin, incense and charcoal discs. Or the issue of safety and setting off smoke alarms.

Once you have polished the article, you need a market. I recommend reading the two books How to write for the New Age Market by Richard Webster and The Pagan Writers’ Guide by Melusine Draco. These books show you what to write and where to send your magical words. Some markets to write for are Eternal Haunted Summer Ezine, Sagewoman magazine and Witches and Pagans magazine.

The editors are swamped with writing related tasks. Write something basic to start with until you get a feel of how to write for them. My writing has appeared in anthologies and Ezines. Witchcraft is a mystery religion and the best way to know it is to live it. That is why many authors in this field get published in these types of markets.

The witchcraft and mind/body/spirit writing market mostly centers around non-fiction. The majority of the markets are in the United States and prefer non-fiction. An important question is what to write, why and for what audience. You are expected to know the difference between an athame and a besom, the Sabbats of Samhain and Beltane. In depth writing will grant you that coveted byline. They prefer that you share your research sources.

If you are aspiring to write a book on witchcraft, the best publishing companies are Llewellyn, Moon Books, Weiser Books and Avalonia Books. Avalonia publishes scholarly material like New Page books, Immanion Press and Inner Traditions. The best way to familiarize yourself is by reading what they publish. The pagan/ witchcraft publishing world is small. The editors are acquainted with each other. It is wise to cultivate a positive rapport with them.

Decide on the angle with your book or article. The market is replete with Wicca 101 books, witchcraft. Many authors are accomplished and have covered many subjects such as Christopher Penczak, Raven Grimassi, Laurie Cabot and Deborah Blake. Make your book unique and inspiring. They live what they write and lead magical lives. They have proven themselves to be authorities on what they write. If you do the same, you can achieve your dreams.

Keep track of where you send your writing and never give up. The most successful people are the ones who kept trying. When an editor expresses an interest in your writing, be ready.

The last stop on our broomstick ride is your perspective of witchcraft. To succeed in this market, have a reverence for witchcraft. To write for this market, you need to have an awareness for it and live it. Most of the editors and writers have a lot of experience and practice it regularly. They not only write it but live it fully and deeply.

Good luck with your efforts. Below is an example of an article for an Ezine. It demonstrates what type of article is accepted for publication. This article appeared in Crone Ezine in October 2012.

Grab your quills and magickal ink!! Get writing!!

Samhain is here. The last of the harvest is gleaned from the fields and frost glistens on ripe pumpkins. It is the time of year when the veil between the worlds is thinnest. Samhain is the Witches’ New Year and the time of the Crone.

Hekate is a crone goddess, one of the Triple Goddesses (Maiden, Mother and Crone.) She is the elder wise one who is relied on for her knowledge, wisdom and healing. Hekate is a guardian of the three-way crossroads and is portrayed as bearing the keys to the underworld, joined by a three-headed dog and surrounded by lit torches. She is associated with ghosts, the dark moon and magic. Animals that are sacred to her are black cats, ravens, owls, and wolves. This ritual is best done on any of the three nights of Samhain: October 30-November 1. (If you celebrate a “traditional” Halloween with trick-or-treaters or a party, November 1 is probably the best day for this solitary ritual.)

Prepare yourself by physically cleaning and purifying your home. Wash the dishes and sweep the floors, put the laundry away, and remove clutter and negative stale chi from your living space by smudging it with sage. Have a meditation bath to purify and prepare you, adding soothing essential oils such as lavender or frankincense to your bath.

Assemble your altar (if you don’t have a standing altar, you can prepare one on any flat space such as a chest of drawers or a table that you clear, clean and can decorate as you like. If you are expecting guests on Halloween you might want your altar to be in a private location such as a bedroom.) Decorate your altar area with items that correspond to Samhain such as chrysanthemums, mugwort, pomegranates, and pumpkins. Your altar cloth can be black and orange. Place pictures of departed loved ones on your altar. You will need four candles (black or orange), one placed at each cardinal direction (east, south, west, and north) of your altar.

You will also need a central candle to represent the Crone, a cup of liquid (ale is traditional, but apple cider will do) a cake, cookie, or other suitable food offering, and a bowl to put your offering in. If you like, carve a pumpkin and set it at a window to ward off the dark spirits, and to guide the spirits of the departed to your door. You may also want to burn spicy cinnamon, clove, rosemary, and/ or allspice incense.

Prepare a meal which you will eat (and share with your ancestors) during the ritual. If you will be honoring specific family members or friends that have passed over, it is appropriate to include a dish that that person particularly enjoyed in life in your meal). Foods that are seasonal in October (root vegetables, apples, nuts) are also appropriate, as is meat (if you are an omnivore) because Samhain marks the time when Celtic people traditionally slaughtered their excess livestock for food that could be preserved for the winter when plant life is dormant. Put a plate of food near (or on) your altar.

Now, be sure you will not be disturbed (put away your phone, lock your door) during the ritual and focus on centering yourself and maintaining a meditative attitude. Light the four black and orange candles (starting with the candle on the east corner and moving clockwise). Say aloud: “Hekate, goddess of death and renewal, on this Samhain eve, I do honor you, goddess of cronehood, the moon and the underworld. I implore you to hear my call. I need your guidance as I reach for spiritual growth.” State what you request whether that be a positive change in your life, a transition from a bad situation to a positive one or protection.

Light the central candle and put it near the offering bowl. Say: “I offer this flame to light our ancestors’ paths.” Dip the cake into the ale and put it in the offering bowl. Say: “I offer this food and drink to our ancestors tonight. May this food sustain you. Blessed be.”

Now sit down and eat your meal, putting some of it into the offering bowl for your ancestors. It is traditional to remain silent during this meal, listening in a meditative way so that the Crone goddess or ancestors can speak to you. (Meditating on the ancestor candle can help.) Be open to the messages that you may receive.

Once you have finished, thank your ancestors and the Goddess for their presence and blow out each of the candles one at a time, starting with the central candle and proceding counter-clockwise (the last quarter candle lit should be the first one extinguished.) Leave the offering bowl outdoors for the spirits and wildlife.

Blessings, Spiderwitch )O(

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