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Winter Solstice

Greetings All!!!

Many Winter Solstice blessings to all my lovely readers. I’ve been busy baking and decorating. I baked shortbread, cookies and Gothic yule decorations. I have also set up a few Yule decorations on my kitchen table.

I baked cookies for munching on and frosted them. I am also proud to say I have won again in the Horror Writers Association Cookbook Contest. I enjoy baking and put my heart into it. And I don’t care what the recipe says, rolling out the dough calls for tons of flour to keep dough from being sticky. I want to get some white creamy frosting. I didn’t really want the chocolate frosting but I had more cocoa than icing sugar so I went with it. The cookies are now stored in the freezer, where the icing will ‘set’.

I found a large tree branch outside on the ground. It is 23 inches in length. I painted it blue silvery color and coated glitter on it. I made Yule salt dough decorations the previous year and hung them on the branches of the tree mobile. I’ve been inspired to hang Yule goth decorations too. I made several goth decorations ( a cauldron, the crescent moon, bats and ghosts) and I plan to paint them black. I will hang those on the same mobile. I can’t wait and I think it will look real cool. I wish I had a skull cookie cutter. Salt dough is easy to do and costs little.  I am eager to see how it all looks.

Winter Solstice or Yule is almost here. I may conjure a candle for Yule too. I made spicy simmering incense too. For that recipe I gathered ground orange peel, bay leaves, pine needles, juniper berries, cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, star anise, rosemary, frankincense and myrrh. I ground it all together to a powdery consistency. It smells heavenly. I wanted to make incense cones but it is not powdery enough for that. I will use it as a simmering incense potpourri. That smells just as divine.

I will join my Sacred Mists fellow Witch students for a magickal Yule ritual on December 21st. This Sabbat celebrates rebirth and renewal, and the return of longer days as the Lord of the Sun is reborn from the womb of the Goddess when life is wrested from the realm of death and light is born of darkness. Wreaths and evergreen trees are used to decorate your home. 

Let the magic of Yule bless you, your home and your loved ones.


Blessings Spiderwitch

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Ghost Conjurers

Merry meet all,

I just started a group on Facebook titled Ghost Conjurers. I was tired of waiting to be included into Paranormal Investigators groups so I began my own. So Ghost Conjurers is sister to my Paranormal & Witchy Fiction page on Facebook.

I already have some followers. I would love to have an actual crew like Ghost Adventures- my obsession and what inspired me to take this step. I want to explore places that are haunted. I want to acquire ghost hunting equipment and more than that, I want to use my own senses while I explore places. I am extremely clairvoyant and clairsentient so I could see myself doing well on eerie excursions. That is why I don’t understand why I am not included to go with groups. Oh well I have now started my own. It is really an extension of what I have been doing all along but now I have learned and grown from life. That is probably an essential step to take, to learn and grow as a person. Life has thrown everything at me. But I always bounce back.

Now I want to help others. I want to help the unheard, the dreaming, the ones who are adrift with their own psychic abilities who don’t know which step to take  next. I want to help the ones who misused Ouija boards and are wondering why a dark shadow looms over their beds at night. I want to help the ones who think they have no voice. They do. They own very well functioning vocal chords. When I started out, I lucked out and found a community of like minded people who could help me. I believe they could just need some guidance and yes, they have to ask first, but I will always be here.

I am excited about this new direction in my life. I look forward to seeing what life brings me. I look forward to meeting new people hopefully and learning new things, and hopefully yes acquiring ghost hunting equipment. But I will never forget that I can see ghosts clear as day with my own eyes and sense energies with no tool in my hand. Our senses never deceive us and are rarely wrong. I will still work on this blog, maybe even more so. This is my passion and what I feel I am meant to do.

So I hope you consider joining my group/ page Ghost Conjurers. My mouse pad is an Ouija board. I think that’s brilliant. I have already done some investigating on my own. I hope to have a dedicated team on my side in the future, but I usually do things alone- or they wouldn’t get done. I visited the haunted famous Five Fishermen restaurant. I did get some psychic impressions from that place. I believe it’s haunted. I don’t know what I will explore next but I am sure it will be exciting. I really like Helen Creighton and if she could devote her life to catching all the folklore of the Atlantic Coast, I can do what I can do too as well as she did.

Blessings Spiderwitch

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Witch Magic on Screen

Merry meet all,

There is a new Witch movie on the block. This latest magickal movie is a ” The Little Witch is a Swiss-German live-action story about a witch who only wants to cast helpful spells and be nice to humans, instead of being evil as her old, ugly superiors order. This will make her instantly enchanting to the young viewers for whom this is intended. She is a fun girl who likes to soar on her broom, chat with her talking raven, and conjure rainstorms of raisins and balls of yarn. Her big problem, which may make this a bit scary for the youngest audiences, is that the head witches are menacing, in the mold of The Wizard of Oz Wicked Witch of the West. They threaten to turn kids into stone. The overall message is that being good has its rewards as The Little Witch triumphs without succumbing to pressures to behave badly.”

However, the Witch plans to usurp her ugly evil elders. She doesn’t want to turn children to stone. Since I have two young adorable niece and nephew, I can sympathize. I wouldn’t want them harmed either. I can’t wait to see this movie even though I am adult. I don’t care. It is so different from the Witch  movies we are used to. That is why I want to go.

The new Sabrina the witch show is under fire by Witches. We are not so satanic in our practice. The young people who don’t know more about magic and witchcraft will think that that is what we all do. I am not interested in seeing that show or in supporting it. I have been called a devil worshiper on Facebook when it is not even true. That’s thanks to thousands of years of conditioning and brainwashing by the churches and within the last few decades of the Hollywood industry. I hope the show is even soon to be taken off the air. If people want to watch it, and believe the hype and the content of the show, go for it. The Sabrina show has been hotly discussed between me and the witches who work there. We don’t worship the Devil. When will they ever get it? That is hard to say.

Well save your lovely dollaz, munch on popcorn and stay inside. Maybe gather your pals together to enjoy a Witch movie fest. It is cold outdoors. Time to nestle in for the long cold winter. Have fun.

Here is the trailer for The Little Witch movie:


Blessings, Spiderwitch

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Family Experiences Scary Supernatural in home

Greetings All,

Yesterday my dear kitty endured an afternoon at the Groomers. She likely believed I sent her there to be tortured. That’s not true. It is just hard for a comb to get through her mats. Ah my dear kitty.

Samhain is still here but Christmas merchandise is filling the stores. I don’t buy into the whole commercialism side of the holidays. I celebrate Yule, which to me has more meaning, more substance. I shall post more here on how to celebrate Yule with style. So stay tuned!!

Here is an eerie tale for you. Curl up and grab your teddy or comfy blanket for protection!!!

Family confronts the supernatural

Despite her feelings she decided to stay in the house and that is now a decision she has come to regret.

Lavinia and her sons Chase, 4, and Jacob, 17, claim they have been experiencing paranormal activity in their home for months.

It started with Chase telling her about a man he called “Santa” who sometimes came to play with him.

After observing her son’s behavior and listening to her son speak about his new-found friend, Lavinia soon believed that “Santa” wasn’t a pleasant entity to have around – nor did he seem to be just another imaginary friend.

Lavinia said the right side of the house seemed to be the site of the paranormal activity.

Worst affected areas include the kitchen, bathroom, hallway, Jacob’s bedroom and Lavinia’s bedroom.

Lavinia didn’t know what to believe – until early one morning she said the supernatural being paid a visit to her room.

She was standing near her door when she felt something like a strong breeze pushing her back and she was unable to move.

She felt something touch her while she was standing there.

The next thing she knew she was lying on her bed, totally paralyzed.

She could see and hear but was unable to move a single part of her body, except for her eyes.

Lavinia said she tried to speak to the entity to tell it to leave but that was difficult because she could barely move her lips to speak.

It was then that she saw something like a flash of light.

She was able to move again and ran out of her bedroom, into the hall, calling for her sons.

Jacob was always a bit skeptical about what might have been going on in the house.

But that has changed since the family called in a psychic medium.

The psychic medium told the family there was a porthole in Jacob’s room releasing spirits into the home.

She suggested to the family that if Chase was talking about seeing “Santa”, they get out their camera and start snapping shots of the areas around him to see if they could capture an image of the spirit.

Recently when Lavinia was at Zumba, Jacob and his friends were looking after Chase when he started playing hide and seek with the entity.

They started taking photos around the home with a phone – and captured a photo of what appeared to be a man hovering above Jacob as he lay on his bed in his room.

After that, Jacob began to believe that the home really might have supernatural visitors.

After her initial feeling that the house was not a good place, Lavinia started saving up so she and her family could leave.

But several different incidents over the past two years have conspired to keep her and her family in the home.

“It feels like something is trying to keep me here,” she said.

Lavinia has done a little bit of research on the history of the area and knows that South Sea Islanders were brought to what was then known as Port Vernon in the 1800s and often treated badly.

She is also aware that Polson Cemetery is nearby, although she has no idea if those factors have played a role in the strange occurrences in her home.

Lavinia is hoping to get a Catholic priest to come through her home, blessing each room with holy water.

Credit for the article  goes to the Daily News-

Did the story scare you? I can’t judge and I may be biased because I experience weird stuff too. Remember to practice shielding to keep the bogeyman away.

Blessings Spiderwitch

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2nd Guest Post

Merry meet all,

Today we have another awesome guest post- this one tells us about the amazing number of Witches in North America!!

Number of Americans who practice witchcraft estimated to be as high as 1.5 MILLION

Witches now outnumber Presbyterians in America as number of Pagans soar to 1.5 MILLION – and millennials’ love of yoga and star signs is to blame
  • Pew Research Center survey finds there are 1.5 million Wicca or Pagans in U.S.
  • That means there are more Wicca or Pagans than there are Presbyterians
  • Wicca is a Pagan religion which emerged in Britain in the early 20th century 
  • Experts believe that the explosion in the witch population is due to millennial women’s embracing of new-age spirituality, mindfulness, meditation, and yoga 

By Ariel Zilber For

Published: 01:07 EST, 19 November 2018 | Updated: 09:23 EST, 19 November 2018

The number of self identified witches in America has soared in recent years to 1.5 million.   

A survey by the Pew Research Center found that 0.4 per cent of Americans, between 1 and 1.5 million – identify as Wicca or Pagan, according toQuartz

That means there are now more witches in the US than there are Presbyterians who have around 1.4 million adherents.

Experts believe that the explosion in the witch population is due to millennial women’s embracing of new-age spirituality, mindfulness, meditation, and yoga. 

Wicca, also called Witchcraft or The Craft, is a Pagan religion which emerged in Britain in the early 20th century. Based on ‘pre-Christian traditions,’ it was popularized by a retired British civil servant named Gerald Gardner throughout the 1950s and 1960s.

Wicca adherents praise nature and nature’s gods and goddesses.

They practice outside in parks, gardens or fields.

They endeavor to achieve self-awakening through dancing, singing, chanting, and with the use of herbs and incense.

Witches, Wiccans, and locals gathered at a Brooklyn metaphysical book store (above) on October 21 to perform a hex ritual on Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, President Donald Trump, and Senator Mitch McConnell

Despite some depictions, it has no connections with Satanism.

The Wiccan pentacle, a five-pointed star inside a circle, is often confused with symbols of Satanism.

In fact, the five points represent the elements of nature – earth, air, fire and water – and the spirit, within the eternal circle of life.

Before the Pew study, Trinity College in Connecticut conducted three large-scale studies on religion which found that the Wicca population grew significantly between 1990 and 2008.

In 1990, the Wicca in the U.S. numbered an estimated 8,000. By 2008, the number grew to 340,000.

The United Kingdom is also considered home to a sizable population of Wicca. A 2011 government census found that there are 12,000 Wiccans in England and Wales.

Wicca, also called Witchcraft or The Craft, is a Pagan religion which emerged in Britain in the early 20th century. Wicca adherents endeavor to achieve self-awakening through dancing, singing, chanting, and with the use of herbs and incense

This means they are more open to exploring other faiths and customs outside of the mainstream.

While in decades past the term ‘witch’ has misogynistic connotations and was used a pejorative, modern-day witches have adopted the lifestyle as an expression of their feminism.

Social media has been the forum through which witches and witch influencers can gain a mass following.

There’s The Hoodwitch, a witch influencer with 329,000 followers on Instagram.

The Hoodwitch practices ‘everyday magic for the modern mystic.’

Experts say that one does not need to be a Wicca or Pagan in order to be a witch, meaning that the actual number of those who practice witchcraft may be higher. 


Salem’s internationally known and famous Witch Lorelei Stathopoloulos uses dragon powder on a candle in her shop on Halloween in Salem, Massachusetts

The word ‘witchcraft’ has three main connotations: the practice of magic or sorcery; the beliefs associated with the Western witch-hunts of the 14th to the 18th century; and varieties of the modern movement called Wicca.

Wicca was first publicized in 1954 by a British civil servant named Gerald Gardner who said the religion dated to an old witch cult that existed in secret for hundreds of years, originating in the pre-Christian Paganism of Europe.

Wicca is recognized as an official religion in the United States. 

It is a primarily Western movement of nature worship based on pre-Christian traditions.

The Wiccan witch religion honors the ‘Elements of Nature’ – Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Spirit – and their associated directions – North, East, South, West, Center – in ‘sacred circles’ where rituals are held.

The Wiccan New Year of Samhain is considered a precursor to modern Halloween. 

Today it coincides with Halloween on October 31. 

Historically, it was a Celtic festival held on November 1 where the world of the gods was believed to be made visible to mankind. 

Modern witches say it is a time of year when the ‘veil between the dead and the living is thin.’

Source: Reuters

Blessings Spiderwitch

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Shielding and Grounding

Merry meet all,

I have reviewed my posts and realized something. I have never truly and deeply explained how shielding is done. The other posts explain using tools. This time, you simply sit and meditate. Yup the only tool, the most powerful tool is your mind. So get a coffee and sit back down here. 

Now get comfortable at your altar or wherever you are seated. Close your eyes and quiet your mind. Take a deep breath each for mind, body and spirit. Concentrate on creating in your mind a shield around yourself. Visualize a shield around yourself. Imagine it around your whole body from the top of your head to your toes. Imagine it expanding around you, blocking out anything else. Imagine it growing in light and form. You may at this point discover you are tingling. That means it is working. It can be any color, light or texture. It can be in layers. Imagine the shield can expand away from your body, is in your body and protects you. The shield can be any form you choose. That can range from a beehive to a sphere of light or a sparkly white aura. Try to concentrate on a clear bright aura to repel the unwanted energies. See in your mind your shielding radiating around your body and glowing and indeed shielding you. Now if you practice this, you will get better at it and repel bad energies. You will feel more confident. This can be googled. There are meditations online to follow. 

Remember to be grounded- imagining roots coming from your feet or root chakra into the earth. The roots draw up energy and that connects you or roots you to the earth. Once you get good at this stuff, you will start to feel different. Only in a good way. 

Believe that the shield exists. Faith and believing it exists instead of going half ass about it is the key. Believe it will shield you. Feel the shield around you. If you feel goosebumps, that may be the shield you created. I have envisioned a dragon’s egg around me and a sparkly white aura. The aura expands around me. It radiates so much light nothing dark could affect it. This is the point of shielding. 

Practice shielding regularly. When you get good at that, then try adding textures and layers to the shield. You can color each layer of your aura depending on your intention. Pink and white are good, but darker colors can be used, depending on your intention. If you have a situation coming up, that makes you feel upset, then try a shield with a thicker texture and darker color. The situation you are in can help determine what type of shield you need. If your boss at work upsets you, then try a thick dark shield. Bear in mind we are all responsible for our own energy too. Make sure you have a clear intention for a shield because it can backfire if you are not careful. 

You can even lock a shield onto an object. For example, keys, a diary you want to keep away from prying eyes, your wallet- to attract riches!. It can be anything. The shield can be anything you want it to be. It should be what works for you. Also if you are at work, and your colleagues try to one up themselves around you, seriously try this trick. Put an open jar or glass of water on your desk. It will absorb the negativity from them. They don’t need to know what the water is there for. 

A shield can defend you from unwanted nasty otherworldly entities.  You are truly empowered when you can shield yourself. The shield deflects them and angers them. They can’t feed off you if they can’t get to you. That is what you want. It’s like you taste bad. Insects defend themselves by tasting bad to other predatory insects. This is the same idea. I have spirits around me but they don’t succeed in feeding off of me or hanging around. I can really deflect their energy.  If you continue to practice how to shield, then you will get good at it. You will be empowered. It is harder for anything to mess with you. They find someone else to feed off of once they can’t get what they want from you. 

Again, sit and meditate with your eyes closed.  Do the deep breathing, concentrating and visualizing again. Concentrate on a shield around yourself. A shield is not a physical matter. It is what you meditate on but a shield can still be effective. See the shield around you deflecting the entity. It will back off because you are sending a message to it for it to back off. Keep the image of the shield in your mind. A shield is a barrier around you. Now it is up to you for how long you keep the shield you. But you won’t live in fear, you will be strengthened. White light is as powerful as black. If you want to deflect, and still use a black shield, then use it with care. If they are trying to feed off of you, they have enough of their own dark energy and don’t need more from you. Once you start shielding yourself, you have to maintain it. 

I hope this posts helps my readers understand shielding and why shielding is important. I have mixed feelings about whether witchcraft should be elite or not. I think everyone should know about shielding. It is so helpful and so is grounding and centering. I think this information should be shared with muggles. Empowerment is a good thing! So why not let others know right? How are you going to practice and know how to protect yourselves unless you know this stuff? That is how I look at it. 

Blessings, Spiderwitch

Check out these links for more information!


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The Samhain Experience


I have had an amazing Samhain time. I wanted to share it with everyone!!

Awesome Experience #1

I received an awesome reading from someone @ Sacred Mists. Here is the reading. Wow. She has the gift.
A Reading For You…
Posted by: Golden Eagle
On: 10-28-2018 03:01 PM

((((((((((((((((((Spiderwitch)))))))))))))))) Thanks so much for allowing me to do a reading for you, please keep in mind, I never know who is going to show up, ok, on with the reading………….

Dark Tunnel, undeground, two lanes of traffic going in one direction, two lanes of traffic going in the other direction, tons of cars, bumper to bumper, lights placed every few feet, such busy traffic, must be rush hour, reminds me of the Lincoln Tunnel in Mid Town Manhattan……., all of a sudden…there is a blackout, not lights in tunnel, other than headlights beaming against the dark walls of the tunnel……darkness everywhere………finally daylight…….visualizing a steam locomotive coming out of a tunnel, smoke rising from engine stack, i can see wheels of this locomotive spinning and turning and chugging along, with wooden cars attached to it……….i am seeing midtown manhattan, maybe in the 1930’s, depression era……antique cars moving along…..tough times………lincoln tunnel was finished in 1937… this was Manhattan in 1937…….diesel locomotives did not come into use until the 1950’s, sensing your ancestors lived and worked here at one time…….garme
nt district…skilled seamstress and tradesman……..somehow or other your roots lie here, at least part of your roots……..sensing a tragic death in the family…that changed everything…..death was sudden and unexpected……black wreaths…….i am seeing a steamship, leaving new york harbour, smoke coming out of its stacks………looking for a new place to live and work… york was past tense now………an elderly woman, with a cute name, dottie, betsy…….not sure, looks up at me…..”please tell her to be prepared, do not take loved ones for granted, tell folks you love them, every day you can and care for each other, joy yourself while you can, you never know what is going to happen” “all that time you thought you had, is taken away, suddenly, it is all gone.”

Prohibition, Bootlegging, Speak Easys…….was a way of life for some, that ended in the early 1930’s……new line of work had to be found…….I am sensing your relatives went back to the old country for awhile to regroup and then they came back to this country in better shape and settled in PA, NJ and UpState New York…….Albany area……they scattered all over the place…………they all reinvented themselves and learned various trades…….they were all very skilled workers who found different trades to earn a living……….Peter, Joseph, Big Al, Joey, Francis, Paula, Josie, Jessie…….Frank…….some names that come to mind………cousins all over the place……..

So far this reading is more like Ancestory.Com lol I am just writing this stuff down, hopefully it makes some sense to you……….

There is a Grandma that wants to chime in, she told me enough of the history lesson here, this poor girl wants to connect with someone and you are giving her a history of manhattan lol “Tell her, I love her very much and is always looking after her, seeing what she is doing and trying to help when I can or am allowed to do” Your grandma has a beautiful smile, her eyes are alive with excitement, and there is a familiar scent about her, lilac…flowery kind of scent………she is short and strong……wavy black hair……greenish color eyes?? pretty nose, just right for her face….hard to put into words…….she is a beautiful lady…….with a heart of gold… generous……she loves to laugh and have a good time, she used to get into all kinds of trouble when she was a kid……

An older gentleman, fragile, tall but stooped over a bit, wears a cap with brim in the front, big hands, wonderful, gentle smile, bifocals, small mouth…sort of gangley, wasn’t always this way, age took its toll on him, moves now with a slight shuffle of his feet……”He loves you so very much, looks like a grandpa here…….or uncle…not sure…..”he wants to give you a big hugggggggggggss and let you know he is okay and that he is also looking out for you as well”….trying to get his name….Herman or Fred?? it is not clear…..

Finally, hearing gospel singers, small church, nicely lit up, snow and dark outside, very very cold…but nice and warm and toasty inside this tiny rural church, such love and warmth inside, folks are so friendly….come in from the cold……and find your roots, reunite with your past, seek them out and you will find peace and happiness and joy…accept who you are, where you came from and take what you need out….there is plenty of love and peace to go around…….you will become whole again……..

Hopefully you can figure out what this jumble of a reading is all about……these images and visions, kept jumping out at me……sensing there are many sides to your past and not always the obvious ones, there are things and people you are not aware of, they make up who you are, maybe a little digging will reveal more than you realize……..

Thank you so much for allowing me to do a reading for you, I am honored you have come to us for this. Any Feedback you can provide would be greatly appreciated, a fair exchange for the service provided…huggggggggggggss
Posted by: Spiderwitch
On: 10-28-2018 08:25 PM

Greetings Golden Eagle,

Wow. I am wowed. I am amazed. I don’t know about New York or Manhattan but I would not be surprised. Maybe the elderly dark lady was my dad’s grandmother. Alfred Timmons was my grandfather. He died of a heart attack. We were all shaken by it. I loved him dearly. He lived in a rural town and was born there. I spent tons of time there. That must have been what you are seeing. He was a real gentleman and humanitarian. The rural town could have been what you sensed. There is a church but they weren’t really churchgoers. We did spend most of the time in a lovely home we all helped build. I am not surprised his spirit would come forward. My grandparents did have to get through the Depression Era and it wasn’t easy.

You were accurate. Blessings and Thank you so much for the reading. It is a comfort. Blessings Thank you Spiderwitch

Awesome Experience #2

Last night I threw a party, a Samhain Soiree. My Mom helped me to get ready for it- which I am grateful for. She helped with laundry, dishes, the garbage, the food spread. Btw, I baked barmbrack bread, 2 loaves of pumpkin bread, chocolate frosted cupcakes, chocolate cake and made cider. I like the recipe for cider from Silver Ravenwolf. Yup it is always so potent and delicious. And who can argue with cider? not me. Mmmmmmm

Before I knew it, a guest arrived and we were all seated in my kitchen, talking. Everyone munched on roasted seeds, chocolate cake, and sipped cider. I enjoyed the pumpkin bread. I had worked hard baking, decorating and cleaning. I carved a pumpkin too. Then my Mom left and my neighbors arrived. We all sat down again and talked. My neighbors brought wine and a case of beer. Wow. I have nice neighbors where I live. I had Halloween black plastic plates, and Halloween themed napkins but they didn’t use them. I had set up my kitchen to be as decorated as it could be. I set down Halloween themed printed fabrics and my huge cauldron ( I am serious, it’s big,) my broom, my goth tree. Bats, skulls and spiders added a creepy spooky feel. I had a good time and I think everyone else did too.

Before I knew it, the party was over. I tided a little and collapsed in my bed after all that hard work. I have enough baked goods left over to feed an army. I still have cider and beer. Yeah now I love kitchen parties. It is better than being in a club and screaming to be heard. Way better. That is the way witches probably had fun way back when anyway- at home in their kitchens.

The cider making and pumpkin carving and baking are traditions of mine. I do that every year. I like traditions. I still have to go to the Public Rit, the SM Samhain Rit and perform my own Rit. Oy me bored? Nahhhhhh

Blessings Spiderwitch

Awesome Experience #3

Yesterday I attended the local Samhain Rit. I meditated beforehand, got dressed up in my black wool cloak ( I was gifted), with my sheer spiderweb cape on top of that, my pentacle jewellry, my witch boots, my medieval gown that laces up the front, and my witch hat.
I was dressed to the nines ( in my opinion), and after kissing kitty goodbye and painting my face up, I bused it downtown to the Ritual area.
I wore dark eye makeup around my eyes, white makeup on my face, and black lipstick. It’s Samhain, the time of death.
I arrived and greeted others who were their for the Rit as well. The leaders were setting up the tables replete with pumpkins, candles ( but of course), smudge, decorations and altar tools. It was freezing cold, windy and was spotting rain. The rain held out for most of the Rit.
When the tables were set up and the altars, we started the Ritual. We had a good turnout of a crowd. The Ritual was held on the Commons area- a large grassy field.
I shivered and decided to stay near the drummers which meant being near the fragrant smoke of the smudge and the candles which meant being warm. I love drumming. We sang, chanted and held hands and invited the spirits to join us for the Rit.
Part way through the Ritual, the people who had someone who had passed on before them were led through a sort of spiral dance and offered pumpkin seeds and wine. After that, we all joined them. Then the rest of the people except me and the drummers joined in the Spiral Dance. The flames danced in the wind, the smudge stick smoke wafted around and everyone’s enthusiasm waxed and rose in the air. But it got cold so the Elements were dismissed and the circle was opened. I felt great. Everyone hollered and cheered to the night. The rain pelted us and people slowly made their way home.
I joined my friend at Starbucks Cafe where we unthawed and sipped coffees. The Ritual went great, as it does every year.
I hope you all had a wonderful Samhain. Tonight I am performing my Ancestral Supper.

Blessings Spiderwitch– oh and the doctor told me today my foot is fully healed!!

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The tools of Shielding

Greetings All,

This post carries forward the topic of shielding and tricks of protecting your home from unwanted negative entities. They do exist and I can say that it is the majority of nonhuman entities that cause the most trouble. They were never human ever and their behaviors and actions are alien to us. 

There are many things that you can do to protect your home. They cost very little money too. Here we go:

A clothes hanger can work magic!! Yes the humble clothes hanger that normally holds our slacks in the closet gets a mention here. Some people swear by this. I have done this too. Bend a clothes hanger ( made from wire for this to be effective) into the shape of a ‘g’. Hang it at the door you don’t want the bad energy coming in, so a door you use often, on the inside – in the house. Leave it there. It will work over time. I can attest to this myself. A nice neighbor drilled a hole through nine hazelnuts and hung them on a string for me. I hang it at my back door (inside the house) with the clotheshanger. They guard my home. 

Hang a horseshoe at your door. I have a horse shoe on the inside of my front door. They also symbolize good luck. 

I hung a pouch of salt in my cupboard for protecting my herbs, spices and grains. 

Pentacles are a great symbol of protection. They protect you against people who think pentacles are evil too. Ok that was a joke but I am serious at the same time. 

Garlic and onions are protective. Hang a garlic braid in the home. Try the lemon and pins trick too. 

Smudging the home with sage, cedar, and palo santo can guard the home and clear away bad energies. Rosemary and frankincense work too. If you have a cauldron, ash and a charcoal disc, then you can burn the herbs and resins on the charcoal in the cauldron. Light the charcoal disc until it sparks red and turns ashen then set it down in the ash in the cauldron. Spoon the resin or herb onto it and fan the smoke. The smoke is what you want to go for. Cauldrons get real hot so put a tile beneath the cauldron to avoid burning a table surface. 

Light a white candle and go from room to room, blessing and praying good energy into the room. You can do this also as you smudge a room with sage. Or asperge with salt and water. 

There are different kinds of salt such as Himalayan salt, table salt, and sea salt and even Epsom salts. It depends on your intuition with using the salt but salt is a powerful and protective substance. Sprinkle it on your windowsills and at doorways. You can use black salt (you can make your own) and do the same. To make black salt, mix garlic skins, charcoal, salt, and blend it. Store in a labeled jar. 

Gemstones can guard the home.  My favorites are amethyst, black tourmaline, hematite, tiger’s eye, citrine quartz, clear quartz, and obsidian. Place amethyst on your altars, by windows ( but watch they don’t fade), a tiger’s eye under your bed, an amethyst under your pillow to guard your dreams, and black tourmaline and obsidian at doorways and by windows. 

All these tools can be used to great effect to guard the home from evil. Sweep your broom outwards always to push away bad energies. Washing the floor can work too. Place a gemstone in a jar of spring water when you really need to guard your home then a few days later, when the stone changes the water, add that water to your Pine sol for washing the floor. You could add lemons, essential oils, salts, and herbs to your mixture to wash the floor. Use your imagination. 

Use a statue of a chosen deity to guard your home. I have Hekate in my kitchen and I truly believe she is protecting the home. Even using Red brick dust sprinkled at the doorway will keep people who may mean you harm from entering your home, if you believe that. I recently found out that you can use birch bark to bind someone from  harming you. 

And the last best magic trick? Faith. If you have faith and work for your Highest Good, and concentrate on good energy only, you will never have a problem. 

Blessings Spiderwitch

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Spirits are everywhere at this time of year. During Samhain (and Mabon), the veil between the worlds of the living and the dead is the most thinnest. Some people may be tempted to try seances or Ouija boards. Knowing how to shield yourself is very important. This post will show you some ways to shield. 

First, if you want to set up a shield around yourself or try divination, look around at the space you’re inhabiting. Put away toys, clothing, books or make the bed. Tidy up the space and smudge with sage wands. You could burn sweetgrass or palo santo. Try to get the smudge or smoke into every inch of your home. Fill all the space so the negative or stagnant energy has nowhere to hide. This pushes it away, leaving the space clear for you to achieve your goal. 

You can try asperging or sprinkling water infused with an herbal remedy around the room, especially in the corners. That is where negativity likes to reside so be sure to get into the corners. If you really have a problem with bad energy, then try this trick. It’s an old Italian spell. You get a fresh lemon and lots and lots of pins, some yarn and a pair of scissors. Sit down and begin stabbing the lemon with the pins. As you do, visualize your intent and chant all the while working in the pins. When you’re done, and the lemon is full of pins, tie the yarn ( try to have it in a matching color), and make a loop with the yarn tied around the lemon. Then hang it up in a spot in your home for a year to absorb the negativity. 

Regularly burn sage or another smudge to keep down the bad energy in your home. Time it with the moon phases. Sprinkle salt on your windowsills, and doorways. Samhain is an ideal time to stock up on sage, salt, lemons and frankincense, all of which I believe keep energies clear. If you want to contact spirits, keep the energies clear. It’s like having a good clean screen on your TV for watching shows. You don’t want a muddy or frazzled screen. 

If you want to use an Ouija board, meditate beforehand on a shield around yourself. Cast a circle of protection. Put salt in a circle around yourself and the spirit board. Yes do this because any bad energy or entity can come through and you can’t always determine the outcome so be careful. Please don’t pull the stunts like people do on those Youtube videos. You’re better than that. If you won’t take these cautious steps, ask yourself if you should be using an Ouija board. Unless you want a dark entity in your home. Good luck banishing it. If you want to have a spirit board, brush up on how to do a banishing before ever using one and be sure you know how to shield yourself. Once you are confident you can do that, then approach spirit boards. If you feel fear, then you are not ready. The entities will know and feed off of your fear. 

I have watched several episodes of Ghost Adventures. They know what they are doing and even have a disclaimer on their show. You have to be careful with this stuff. Be careful and use common sense. Demonic possession is not cool and they are hard to get rid of. It could ruin your life. 

This is how I would put a shield around myself. I have confidence in myself. I have very little fear. I sit down and meditate. I concentrate- after grounding and centering, on a shield around myself which ranges from a dragon’s egg to a bright sparkly aura around myself. I am studying Shielding at Sacred Mists. I am a lot better at shielding now than I was when I started the extension course. I can see the shield expanding or growing and even in layers and textures. So once you are adept at all this, then I would try spirit boards. Even Jedis get training. It’s for a reason. It prepares you for what is out there. You are a beacon of light to the entities but you don’t want to attract the wrong ones. A stitch in time saves nine is a good expression here. 

Keep visualizing the shield around yourself. Don’t try it once. If you are serious about working with spirits, this should be part of your daily routine or practice. I dated someone for a short time who claimed that an entity attacked him while sleeping. It was the same apartment building that he lived in where I had an experience in another apartment within the same building. I was once visiting a guy I knew and we were watching telly. We were the only living mortals in that apartment but we weren’t alone. I saw someone ( a man in clothing like a shirt and pants) sit down in another room of his. But Mark was seated at the telly. This is how well I can see earthbound spirits. It may have been the same entity in Richard’s apartment. The ghost never bothered me probably because I scare it. I am not boasting. I know how to shield. 

So unless I was hallucinating, which I highly doubt, as I know, not guess, know that I am clairvoyant, I have witnessed an earthbound ghost in the apartment building. Shield yourself well and concentrate on what is for your Highest Good and you should have no problems. Good luck spirit conjuring. 


Blessings Spiderwitch

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Samhain Party Ideas


Samhain is almost here!! Grab your broomsticks, it’s time to fly!!

I am busy preparing for a party on Friday night. I baked well ahead of time and stored the yummy treats in the freezer. I would love to know what you have all conjured or brewed for Samhain. I also plan to hold an ancestral supper next week too. My dress project has been postponed.

There are just  not enough hours in a day for me to accomplish everything. But I may make your travail a little easier with some awesome totally do-able and affordable tips here for your own eerie Halloween gathering!! So get on your broomsticks and grab that cup of mocha!!

I like to buy good sized pumpkins ahead of time. By month’s end, only the soiled pumpkins remain at the stores. Never put them in the fridge. After Samhain  has passed, put your pumpkins in the garden to compost and nourish the soil.

You do not have to spend tons of money. I repeat, you don’t have to spend tons of money.

Buy black paper Halloween themed napkins, black plates and even black plastic cutlery at your local thrift or dollar store. Store them until needed. Even better, keep the ones still in reusable condition for next year.

Yes you can use acrylic paints on glass jars. I coated a jar with black paint within three days. I painted the inside of the jar with grey paint. Now it truly looks like a potions jar!

Bake ahead of time and store the food in the freezer. Haul your witchy goodies out just before the party.

If you want Samhain party decorating ideas, visit your local library for crafts books. Read them ahead of time so you can plan and create crafts. Use whatever craft supplies you already have on hand.

Stones and fallen tree branches are great free decorating supplies. Twigs and branches can be painted black for a spooky effect. Tape black bats or spiders to the branches and twigs. The spiders and bats can  be made from black cardboard paper.

I created my own cool book of shadows from a plain journal. I used magazine paper, painted it black on both sides, let it dry and then covered one side of the page with glue. I glued the page (now serving as a cover for the journal) to the journal cover. I stapled it where it didn’t stay down. I then did a stencil on the new book cover of a Celtic knot design and with purple marker, wrote in the words Book of Shadows. With grey acrylic paint, I worked in a grey spider web and a black spider on the cover. The journal looks really cool. And it hardly cost me a thing. I just used my imagination.

A party is a good time to put those witchy brooms and cauldrons that hide in the corner to use. Arrange your cauldron and besoms in one corner of your kitchen. But try putting something eerie, green and bubbling in the cauldron to create interest or burn incense. Hang the brooms up or cross them over a doorway no one will  use.

Make your own spooky party music mix!!

Roasted pumpkin seeds in a cauldron bowl are a great attraction. Recipes on the internet are free and available everywhere!

Score a cool Halloween black lace spiderweb tablecloth from the local dollar store. The ones I have are so nice they could be used any time and not just to adorn a table. I even got a Halloween black lace spiderweb table runner from the dollar store. If you really know how to look, you can get some great stuff there.

A black lace spidery tablecloth might look great over a plain white tablecloth! For an interesting centerpiece, arrange a fake skull, candelabra, (use melted crayons for red blood effect), dried flowers, black plates, pumpkins, wine glasses, cauldrons, a stack of plates and those cool Halloween napkins you scored earlier. It would stimulate discussion but also function and hopefully save on dish washing later. People really want the food.

For a sparkling cider, pour a jug of cider into a pot, and add rose petals, oranges with the peel, apples (chopped), and cinnamon sticks. This brew will warm your guest’s hearts and leave them begging for more. !

Still  not sure what to do with your black candles and incense bits? Well do remember fire safety. Consider if pets and kids are around. Burn candles but maybe leave curious Felix the cat in another room. Black draws in energy and does reflect Samhain but your apartment burning down and you getting evicted is NOT COOL! Keep candles away from curtains. Use glass covers for the candles if you can. Never leave candles unattended.

Or make your own cool Samhain essential oil brew and burn it in a nice oil burner to fragrance the room! Make your own spice mix and sprinkle it in a nice pot to fragrance the room. Use dragon’s blood, rosemary, frankincense, cinnamon, star anise stars, cloves, nutmeg, allspice and lemon for a pumpkin-ish delightful potion!

If you have lots of brown paper bags around, they are useful too! Trace and cut out an eerie black cat, spider or bat onto black paper or color the paper black. Then adhere them to the front of the paper bag. With a pair of scissors, cut up the tops of the paper bags. Store candy or party favors in the bag. Tie with a ribbon. Offer them to guests when they leave.

Those are some great tips on how to have fun and save money.

Merry Samhain!

Blessings Spiderwitch


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