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A Poem for Spring

Merry Meet All,

Last night I attended an Open Heart Forgery poetry reading at Coburg Coffee House in Halifax. The reading was held there instead of its usual location at JustUs Coffeehouse on Spring Garden Road. The hours were different. My usual friends and fellow scribes were there.

I arrived late and sat down. Someone was in the midst of reading her poem. I settled in to enjoy the reading. I met some new people there. Athena, the daughter of the lady who helps run the Poetry Show was there. She is the cutest baby ever and likes to reach for anything within her grasp. I enjoy hearing the poetic efforts of my friends. There is magic in words.

Open Heart Forgery is a monthly journal of poems and lyrics that aims to energize local writers from the grass roots up. I enjoy attending the readings and reading new poems each month. The journal is published monthly and distributed around the city in different venues, such as libraries, on buses, and other places. The link to the website is: . The poetic journals are distributed for free.

By the end of the reading, people left and returned to their more mundane activities. I was surprised to be offered a ride home as well as my friends. We were spared the horrors of Metro Transit for that night at least. We all chatted on the ride home.

April is National Poetry Month. March, being the month that heralds in spring, means I had to write a poem. It is not in the monthly journal. I left my draft of my spring poem at home. But we can all find a way to share poems with each other and share in the magic of words. I am going to leave you with my poem that I composed last night before the reading.

Spring’s Rebellion

A gray ceiling hangs overhead
Frail leaves scrape on concrete
in the cold pale morning.

Tiger lily buds emerge from brown grass
and patches of snow. Hope stirs as
winter’s barren rule comes to an end.

Create poems! Let them grow and spring from the mud like buds and blossom into poems! April is National Poetry Month. You can write the poems in your Book of Shadows and ask that your chosen deity or Spirit guides you and inspires you. I am now making it my goal to compose poems in a journal rather than on scraps of paper so next time I am organized- and then have to share them with readers.

Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch )O(

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Poetry Readings Good or Bad?

Merry Meet All,

I posted something about poetry readings and deleted it. But now I am here to write my thoughts again on the matter. There are two types of poetry readings. There are the genuine readings populated by those who actually work hard at their writing and get published in actual literary journals and those who self-publish and see it as the only way out. They are weak and honestly aren’t trying that hard. I admit that I published a thin volume of poetry myself. However, it is still in bookstores six years later, earned a stellar review from George Elliott Clarke and sold like crazy when it came out in print.

I prefer the actual readings by people getting their poetry published in journals and books. The readings are worth your time and you may be surprised that the poets are nice people. They may be open-minded about your work.

The other kind of poetry readings, while local and supporting local authors, tend to the ephemeral and transient type of authors. I would not continue to self-publish. You do not earn the same kind of recognition, can’t publish something with a traditional publisher once it is in print and thereby severely limit your literary career and reputation, and you have to pay. A writer deserves to be paid. The author is always paid, not the other way around. Ask yourself if that is what you really want for yourself.

If you agree to have something get published with a good magazine and they do print it or even reprint your article, and not get paid, even that is not as bad. You are creating a track record that you can have to impress an editor with later. I did say it is good to be paid. However, writing voluntarily has also opened doors for me in my career. Never doubt yourself or the value of your writing. Keep working hard and you will get there, believe me. I have published several articles with Circle Magazine. I am paid a token fee with The Source Journal. It starts small and once you have an article published, it is blissfully uphill in your career from there. So never turn down an opportunity. You may develop a long-lasting positive relationship with an editor.

If you have an editor who insults you in front of people, changes your words without telling you, is not reputable, or won’t pay you, just end your relationship with that editor no matter how painful and move on. There are tons of markets out there. Soon you will find your Zelda!! Ask the Goddess for literary inspiration. Try writing poetry at your altar. You may be surprised.

Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch

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Oral and Written Tradition of Modern Bards

Merry Meet All,

I thought I would take a moment to comment and acknowledge the wonderful literary wizards in our community. Whether it’s the awesome tireless and inspiring Writers Federation of Nova Scotia that always keep me on my writer’s toes, ha ha, Circle Magazine, the Open Heart Forgery, the Blowhard event, the people who love to read poetry -and are brave enough to write and share their writing at the Open Heart Forgery, or at the bookstores that sell books. This lovely vibrant community all share a common goal: to enjoy and appreciate poetry or fiction and keep an oral tradition alive that dates back centuries. Long way back when, bards were the entertainers. They played instruments and memorized whole poems that were probably longer than we could manage today. Today we still recite poetry and write songs, honoring a time-worn tradition.

Creating words for songs and poetry or a short story is an act of magic. Not every writer waits for inspiration but when it strikes, it is magic. The pen, or quill, flows lucidly and the words pour onto the page like honey. Most of the time my muse is sleeping off a drunk somewhere in an alley but she occasionally sobers up for a visit to me. I have attended a number of events lately within the last few months and have seen the magic come alive. I love those moments when I see people who are brave enough to share their talent and energy and writing. I like hearing the different poems or stories. Sometimes they remind me that I should not take life so seriously. Sometimes the stories are touching. There is a lot of talent in this province. I also admire the energy and dedication by those who organize the events every month or every week. And no matter the weather or time of year, the diehards arrive to share their energy. I know a snowstorm may not keep me away.

Even at a table at a cafe, when people are discussing literary pursuits and sipping decadent lattes, the magic presides. I was at the farmers market last week where I remember hearing the conversations about books that I sense I must read or die. I remember when there were more poetry readings in Halifax and there were more cafes such as Cafe Ole, Cafe Mokka, Great Gatsby’s where writing was shared. Downtown Halifax has become more corporate but you can’t squelch the voices of the bards. They will just go underground- find a way.

Open Heart Forgery is one of those voices rising from the ashes of the phoenix. The poetry scene is alive with magic again thanks to the tireless dedication of those involved. I can’t wait to see the anthology that my poems and others will be appearing in. I am excited about it. It is an example of the energy and dedication the bards way back when may have experienced. I wish Open Heart Forgery much future success and hope it continues in success. I wish the same for all the other organizers, hosts, and writers out there.

As a side note, to show how serious I am about bards and tradition, I have beautifully bound my own Book of Shadows. This binds in your own power and energy and collects power over time. See the photo above.

Carpe diem!
Blessed Be
Merry Part
Lady Spiderwitch

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Mabon will soon be upon us. Children return to school, the leaves turn to golds and crimsons and a chill creeps into the air. The magic of Mabon will soon unfold. Be prepared with the following information to celebrate with friends.

In the Northern Hemisphere, it is celebrated on September 21, which is not far away. It is a time of equal balance between dark and light, and directly complements the Spring Equinox. It is the second harvest Sabbat, depending on your tradition. It is a time where there is an equal day and night. Use this time to harvest what you have reaped in your gardens and reflect on what you have accomplished since Spring Equinox.

Set symbols of fall on your altar-scythes, sickels, acorns, autmn leaves, things that represent abundance and harvest. White and black candles represent the two polar opposites of day and night in balance.

To honor the change of the season, and it is early September yet, the sky darkens earlier and earlier now. I am contributing a poem for the Mabon Sabbat. Please honor the copyright.

Under a Blood Moon

In the cool splendor of fall,
wind blown ochre leaves
scatter in the yard.

A northern wind blows hard
on this Mabon morning,
signal of change to come.

The crow sounds a rousing cry,
its’ black form hunched
on a thin branch.

A kettle sputters, she
sips her tea slowly,
burning her throat.

She gathers herbs
to store in
earthen bowls.

Her heart beats shrewdly from
earned wisdom,
she scorns the cold.

Wind whispers of spirits near,
the crow takes flight,
boughs quiver.

Under the Blood moon of October,
she casts her spell,
beholds the crow on her oak tree.

Find a way that has meaning for you to honor the Mabon Sabbat. Blessings to all

Lady Spiderwitch


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