Popular Magickal Herbs


Merry Meet All,

Gardens are bursting with magical herbs in early fall. Here are ten popular herbs and how to use them.

Basil- Basil is strewn onto floors to purify a home. It is used as gifts to bring good fortune to people. Basil is good for love magic and love divination. Basil can be placed in wallets to draw money to you.

Sage- the workhorse of all the herbs. Sage has cleansing properties. This is a popular herb that has many uses. It is used in smudging an area of negative energies, added to infusions, soothes sore throats, and added to poultry dishes.

Lavender- Lavender is a beautiful fragrant multipurpose herb. Its beauty has been admired for centuries. Lavender is used in bath salts, shampoos, oils, perfumes, sprays, cooking, and in dried flower arrangements. Lavender is used in love spells, to bring calmness and peace, and in purifying baths and smudging rituals.

Rosemary- Rosemary is a natural astringent. It has a beautiful woodsy and minty smell. The scent alone is relaxing. Rosemary can be used to purify the energy of a room like sage. Rosemary is good for improving one’s memory. Rosemary can be used in infusions, shampoos, oils, salts, dried flower arrangements, and recipes.

Echinacea- Echinacea is a lovely wildflower perennial. If you are growing it in your garden, consider yourself lucky. Bees love it and the flowers grace gardens. Echinacea boosts the immune system. To make your own Echinacea tincture, buy pure vodka, a clear dark glass jar with a stopper, Echinacea root and even some flowers. Put the root in the jar, and be sure to sterilize the jar first, pour in the vodka and allow to sit for a week. Shake the jar once a day. Distill the tincture from the root and flowers in the jar. Discard the roots in the garden. Store the jar in a dark place. Use as needed.

Chamomile- The Egyptians and Greeks used chamomile. Chamomile is useful in incense fragrances, to aid in sleep and meditation. It wards against psychic or magickal attack, and to attract good luck.

Peppermint- Peppermint is a prolific herb. It can be used to aid in purification magic, to attract money to you, to help ground you, and to rid a room of bad smells. Mint can be used in baths to refresh you and your spirit.

Thyme- Thyme is a natural disinfectant and has natural antiseptic properties. Use thyme in healing rituals. Thyme aids in enhancing your psychic abilities. Use thyme to banish negativity and for courage.

Mugwort- Mugwort aids in enhancing psychic development, for dreamwork, and is used in dream pillows.

Patchouli- Patchouli has an earthy, grounding scent. It is popular in incense blends, potpourri, and rituals. It is commonly used in oils and incenses. Patchouli is associated with love, wealth, and sexual power. Put leaves in your wallet to draw money your way. Use the earthy pungent scent to make you irresistible.

These are just some of many ways that the ten magical herbs can be used. I am sure you will come up with many more.

Lady Spiderwitch