Preparing for Fall

Merry Meet All,

Lately I have been taking a daily stroll in the mornings on the Chain of Lakes trail. I love to go on that trail because it has changed how I start my day and I get exercise and fresh air. I feel revived by the end of the walk. I start behind Crown Drive, where I live, and walk as far as Joe Howe. I take my coffee in a thermos and just my keys.

I hear the squirrels, crows, sparrows, chickadees and jays cackle up a storm. I see the insects buzzing or flying around the verdant greenery for all the pollen their wings can carry. I study the array of wild herbs, flowers and trees such as birch, maple, ash and many others.

I encourage everyone to engage in enjoying the final days of summer vacation. Before we know it, fall will be here and students return to school. I spied autumn leaves upon the ground already. People are emptying gardens of herbs, flowers, and vegetables. The last of the blissfully free days are speeding by. Soon people will be punching their alarm clocks for the extra ten minutes of sleep before returning to work.

Here are some tips to help prepare you for fall. Clean your car and check your gardening supplies. A hot day is a perfect time to take care of those things. Gardening tools and knick knacks can be left at the garden but check to ensure they are in good condition. Give your home a good cleaning. Dirt, wear and tear, and insects are sometimes unseen and need to be cleaned out. Buy school supplies and be alert for fun local pagan events. Clean your tents and camping supplies to store for next summer. Then do a meditation to welcome in clean energy and smudge your home with sage or rosemary to welcome in fresh clean white light energy. You may be amazed at how different your home feels. You will be glad you took the time to clean. A clean home reflects well on the individual and likewise.

The cleaning of your home, car, and gardening tools are a great way to use the herbs growing in your garden! Peppermint, thyme, rosemary, and lavender are appropriate. Peppermint makes anything smell clean, thyme acts as a natural disinfectant, rosemary smells woodsy and minty, and lavender disinfects too. Make an infusion to add to your bucket water with your mop to clean floors and baseboards of your home. Good luck cleaning. Welcome in the change of season with renewed energy!

Look for author talks at libraries, bookfests happen in the fall, Mabon lands on September 21st! Even though summer’s end is bittersweet, there is much to look forward to in the coming months. Keep an eye on my Halloween countdown widget. The funnest night of the year is not far away!!

Now get out and enjoy the final days of summer!
Lady Spiderwitch