Decorating your Altar for Ostara

Merry Meet All,

I heard birds chirping away today. Their song sounds different, more lively. Of course, spring is here and that means warmer weather and a better variety of food for them. I also saw lots of people out walking their dogs today. The heavy rainfall last night almost melted all the snow. Today I stored my winter coats and boots in my broom closet. Yup. Spring is here.

There are five days till Spring Equinox. Now is the time to plan a ritual whether you are a solitary or in a coven. It is also time to refresh, dress and decorate your altar. Opt for spring colors and freshen your tools, too. Spring is about renewal and rebirth. Give your altar area a zesty cleaning to remove the stale energy of winter. Clean your altar with an invigorating cleansing infusion of mugwort and peppermint. Empower a clear quartz crystal and leave it on your altar to charge your altar with renewed energy. Sweep and wash the floor beneath your altar. Enjoy how clean your altar feels now.

You may want to renew your dedication to the Gods or deities of your choice. Leave an offering to them. I dried out lemon seeds and left them on my offering bowl on my altar. Lemons are associated with solar energy and cleansing properties. Think of what you would like to offer to your gods.

The following gemstones correspond with Ostara

Clear quartz crystal
Rose Quartz
Lapis Lazuli

These herbs correspond with Ostara

Lemon balm
Sunflower seeds

Some activities to perform at Ostara

Dye eggs naturally
Perform a seed blessing and indoor planting ritual
Wear green clothing
Light a purple candle and burn patchouli incense. Say farewell to winter and plan for spring.

Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch