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Merry Meet All,

Psychometry is one of my absolute favorite methods of divination. Psychometry is the ability to tune into the emotional and physical history of an object by touching it. I love psychometry for that reason. I seem to have a knack for it. You may have a knack too and should give it a try.

When you practice psychometry, it is vitally important that you trust your first instincts. For example, have you ever been in a jewellry store and picked up a bracelet and sensed its energies? Did the energies seem distinctly negative to you for a reason that you can’t quite explain? You don’t buy it because something seemed off. You were practicing psychometry. Or your aunt or grandmother buys you a dress and you can’t bring yourself to wear it. You were practicing psychometry. You were sensing the energy from the object.

Everything has an aura and the aura of an object can reveal much about the object. How often an object such as a wedding ring is handled will strengthen the object’s aura. The trick with psychometry is it is easier and better to do a reading of an object that you do not own. You are too close to your own energy to be able to read your objects well. You have to read an object that belongs to someone else to perfrom a good psychometry reading.

When you begin, make sure you are grounded and centered. You need to distinguish between your feelings and the energies of the object. Take the object in your hands and sit quietly with it for a few moments or for as long as you feel is necessary.

Here is the fun part. Notice any thoughts, emotions, or images that come to you. Do not analyze the sensations you receive. Be open to whatever comes to you, no matter how unusual it may seem. If you are with someone, tell them what you discovered. If you are alone, write the thoughts or images down on a piece of paper immediately. Study the object again and trust your impressions. You may be surprised at what you have learned. It is advised to practice psychometry with another person so that the person can validate your impressions. Better yet, practice in a group. If the other person owns the object you practiced with, and confirms you were correct, you will be happy to see you were right.

Last Yule, I practiced psychometry on a Christmas present I received. I held the unwrapped box in my hands and meditated with the box quietly for several moments. I sensed that the gifts were heavy, spherical, opaque, solid, heavy and yet fragile, not an ornament, from Little Mysteries, not a book or perfume, and maybe a candleholder. Well I opened the box and to my surprise, I received two blue heavy candleholders from Little Mysteries. I am not kidding. I was pleased that I had been right. That is psychometry. You must trust your impressions, no matter how silly they may seem. It is those impressions that may tell you the most.

Consider keeping a journal where you can keep record of your practice and your impressions. A journal helps you keep track of your dreams, and your experiences. It validates your experiences. I hope you enjoy practicing psychometry. Good luck with it.

Lady Spiderwitch

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