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Merry Meet All,

I am a bookcase thief. I am really. In the last few months, I have convinced my mother to give up two bookcases that I am sure she needed too to give to me to be a holding cell for all my books. There are two built in bookcases that are crammed with books with four shelves each. Then I have a third wooden bookcase in my bedroom with three shelves, filled with books.

I am addicted to the written word. I guess I have made that obvious. I collect books for help with my writing, research or to just enjoy and read. I enjoy the books I read for research too. I have books from when I was younger though most books are recent.

I have a certain order to how I organize the books on my shelves. To look at it all, you would think you had walked into a bookstore or library. On the highest top shelf of my bookcase, are the classic literature books, followed by some horror novels, then poetry and writers manuals. The bottom shelf holds the miscellaneous books. The second bookcase contains my books on Wicca and witchcraft and pagan magazines. Yes I am organized about my books. It helps as there are so many. Books are wonderful and I also love books more than Kindle or Kobo or whatever. I prefer to hold a real book in my hand, smell the print, feel the texture of the page. I hope bookstores never become a thing of the past.

Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch

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