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Resting in the Darkness

Merry Meet All,

Today the snow is blowing hard. The sky is a greyish white and tree boughs darken against the colour of the sky. I think that makes trees appear even more beautiful. A graceful birch tree trunk reaches to the sky outside my bedroom window. I love trees. They have sheltered and protected humans and animals for millennia. Some tree branches shiver from the harsh wind. It is not long though till the arrival of spring. I cling to the dark half of the year like a single leaf or berry clings to a bough.

Why? I like this time of year. I always turn inward and rest. I feel the energy within me. I love the simpler crude beauty of winter. The white snow, the bark of the trees that stands out more in winter, and the energy that lingers, according to me, from Samhain. Samhain is my absolute favourite time of year. I don’t fear it.

I love summer too. The days stretch on and my garden is in full bloom. But winter is my time of rest and like the foxes and bears that hibernate in caves and dens, I store my energy to reserve it for the coming months. I get a lot done too. But Imbolc can be a time to plan for the coming spring season. Don’t get me wrong, I pored over that seed catalogue. I can’t wait to try organic container gardening.

I am plugging away on my ghost story. I am currently reading The Witches’ Book of the Dead by Christian Day and a tome of actual ghost occurrences for research purposes. That is why I love this time of year. I fear I will not have the same energy to want to work on it in the summer. It is not a light story. It is not for the faint of heart. This time of year feels perfect to work on it. But then I am taking forever to finish it. I always seem to have just one more book to read for my story. Eventually I will have to stop researching and complete my editing. I have to send my novel out there.

Enjoy the winter season
Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch

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