Metro Transit in transition

Merry Meet All,

Last night as I waited in a chilly metro shelter, I received the dreaded news that Metro Transit might be going on strike. I spun around and was like, what? I hoped it wasn’t true and probably held the fears of many people who depend on the metro transit for transportation. I was unhappy with the news and after a forty-minute wait for the bus I needed to take me home, I decided I would talk to the bus driver about that.

I boarded the bus and had my say. He was in a stressed mood and with a stern look on his face, told me to behave or get off the bus. I was not about to leave and I barked back at him. He left me with no way to get a word in edgewise. He reminded me of a bulldog.

As I was exiting the bus, he apologized and told me the strike was out of his control and he shared my concerns as he had a family of his own to care for. He didn’t want to go on strike. I shared his concerns. I do not work and do not make much money but I do depend heavily on Metro Transit to get around. I am unhappy about this. On February 2nd, they may officially be on strike. I heard of a woman with two small kids who were forced to wait two hours in the cold for the bus after missing it by minutes. That is an example of what people are forced to endure. The ones without cars. I think it’s a sad reflection of the Metro Transit employers who are also looking to remove all the rights and conditions that the Metro Transit employees have tried so hard to attain. That is why they are going on strike.

I hope that an agreement is reached between the employees and the staff at Metro Transit before February 2nd. If not, I might have to dust off my metaphorical broomstick. It saves on gas. I wish that was the style of transportation for the future.

Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch