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Merry Meet All,

November is a somber month. This post’s focus will be on runes. It is okay if you do not have a set of runes yet, you can still enjoy these posts. If you do, great. The weather has turned colder and this is the time when people turn inward. Use this time to practice with your runes.

Runes are an ancient alphabet used in the Germanic countries. If you are familiar with the Norse runes, you will have a better understanding of the runes. The mythology and history of the German countries relates to the runes. You will understand the context in which they were meant to be read.

Runes are meant to be used to guide a person. The Elder Futhark, the old Germanic alphabet, has two dozen symbols. The first six runes spell the word “Futhark”. That is where the rune alphabet derives its name.

Rune casting is meant to be used as guidance. Runes work with the subconscious. The runes are meant to determine the past, present, and future of the querent. Runes examine the cause and effects of our actions.

The Norns are the Norse goddesses of fate. Urdh is the goddess of the past. Verdhandi is the goddess of the present and Skuld is the goddess of the future, or what shall coem to be. Fate or wyrd is an important part of runes.

A norns cast consists of three runes, and are drawn one at a time from a rune pouch and set down in a row. The first rune represents the past, the second norn represents the present, and the third norn represents the future.

There are different ways to approach runes. One way is to look to the rune itself and not the poem for the meaning. The other way is to examine the poem along with the rune. You can do what feels natural to you. There are many layouts that a person can do with runes and there are different kinds of runes. I own a moonstone rune set and a wooden set from Ted Andrews. Some people prefer to make their own runes, thereby putting their own energy into the runes and sew their own pouches. This is fine, too.
You can do a reading with one rune or with seven runes. I will cover more about this in future posts.

Freya was a rune mistress. She taught the arts of the Seidr to Odin. She traveled to the Underworld and returned with prophecies. Freya had the power of foresight. There is a poem about her, “Of me the gods are sprung, And all that is to come I know, but look in my own breast, and have to none revealed.” (Balder lead, Matthew Arnold.) She does not reveal everything she knows. Seidr is about ancient methods of divination, channeling and trance work.

Freya is part of a group of Gods and the Goddesses called the Vanir. THey were associated with nature, wildness, and unseen realms. Freya was a beautiful and irresistible goddess. She wore a special necklace that made men fall prey to her charms. The necklace was forged by four dwarven brothers and the necklace was called Brisingamen. She taught Odin the knowledge of the Seidr in return for the knowledge of the runes. Freya was able to shape shift and perform magical spells.

Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch

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