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Samhain Crafts

Samhain scene

Merry meet all,

Ooh Samhain is 3 days away!! Read this post to learn about awesome Samhain crafts!! The tools you need you already probably own. 


2 parts cinnamon, 1 part ground cloves, 1 part dragon’s blood resin, 1 part hyssop, 1 part patchouli, 2 parts rosemary, 1 part sage, and a dash of sea salt. Add your ingredients to your mixing bowl one at a time. Measure carefully, and crush your ingredients in a mortar and pestle. As you blend, channel your intent into your herbs and resins. Try chanting an incantation like this one:

The veil is thin, the moon shines bright, I blend these herbs on Samhain night,/ Celebrating life and death and rebirth/ With these herbs from the cold earth/ I call upon my ancestors to bless and protect me this night. 

Store your incense in a labeled and sealed jar. Tie a ribbon around the jar and add a charm for a magical look. Use within three months so it remains charged and fresh. 


Buy a pumpkin and cut off the top of the pumpkin. Scoop out the insides and save the seeds to roast. Consider what size of pumpkin you want. Gather your supplies together. You will need wick, wax, scissors, metal wax discs, a spoon for scooping out the flesh, a double boiler. 

Melt the was in the double boiler. Secure the wick in the pumpkin to the bottom of the pumpkin’s inside. Keep the wick straight as  you can.

Add scent or colour to the wax in the pot. It is best if you dedicate a pot to candle wax. Stir before pouring. Once you’ve poured the wax, make sure the wick is centred and straight. Prop the wick up. 

Once the wax has cooled, you might notice a small indentation around the wick where the wax sunk. Fill it in with some remaining wax from the pot. Trim the wick to 1/4″ long.  If the inside of the pumpkin starts to burn, extinguish the candle. 


While we’re on the subject of pumpkins, give this a try,  I saw the coolest picture on Facebook of a pumpkin painted black decorated with a crescent moon. Now that I have to try. To paint your own pumpkin (any way you want- try a triple moon!!), you will need  a pumpkin! painter’s tape, and spray paint. 

Mark your design on the pumpkin with a pencil then cover with tape where you don’t want to paint. Spray the pumpkin with the spray paint of your choice. Allow it to dry for several hours before removing the tape. Paint where you removed the tape. Admire your artistic pumpkin. 


This will make your place smell beautiful. Use a lemon or an orange and cut it in half. Eat the middle portion (of an orange), and leave the center-core like stem intact. Pour a kitchen oil like organic olive oil into the orange just below the top of the stem. Light stem. It will burn for hours and smell beautiful. 


Buy some oranges- the smaller ones are perfect for this project. Peel several oranges and cut the peels into several smaller pieces. Put the peels on a cookie sheet and bake the peels in the oven. Make sure the peels are face down.  Let the peels dry for 3 to 4 hours, checking on the peels every 15 minutes. Turn off the oven, letting the peels dry overnight. Grind to a powder with your mortar and pestle to a powder. Store in a pretty jar. 

Have some spooky fun with these enchanting Samhain crafts!


Blessed Be,

Lady Spiderwitch )O(


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Spirit of Samhain

Mabon altar 2

Merry meet all,

C’mon, where’s a flash fiction story? I haven’t seen any yet. Send ’em in!

Even though the frost is almost here, I’m amazed at my garden. You can’t stop a plant from growing. I will still collect peas, a shallot, flower seeds, and other herbs for storage during winter. The flowers growing in the garden aren’t intimidated by a frost. My garden is winding down and still beautiful. I keep the leaves on the garden all winter. 

October is a magical time of year. I watched a lovely video last night about how a Witch setup her Samhain altar. She had great ideas. I admit a bit of jealousy with her amethyst sphere. Now I need one. But I also learned something from her video. I setup my own altar wrong. Perhaps she arranged her altar according to her tradition, but she put her goddess items to the left of the altar. I fixed mine. But she knew so much about Samhain. I am unable to find the video or I would have shared it here. 

Samhain is the time when the veil between the world of the living and the dead are thinnest. Samhain’s a great time to contact spirits and hold a seance. I have two reference books about contacting spirits. The Witches Book of the Dead by Christian Day and Nocturnal Witchcraft by Konstantinos. I can’t recommend these books enough. They are grounded, practical yet magical texts chock full of information on how to do it safely. I’m writing a ghost story myself, a novel, and these books were beautiful research resources. There is also my blog you can check out for information. Christian Day is a master on the subject. Weiser Books published the book. But his authority shines in the book. 

I own a round table and I plan to setup a black velvet altar cloth upon it and arrange my tools and hold a seance of my own. I know how to do this safely and have fun. Remember to concentrate on positive energy. I always place a photo of my grandfather on my altar. One important thing the Witch in the video mentioned was to only place photos of those who truly have passed on. You don’t put a picture of a living person on your altar. Also, she said if you wish to collect graveyard dirt, to do so respectfully. I will post more tomorrow about seances, incense, altar setup, and more about Samhain. 

I have to get on my broomstick and go shopping. But I wish you all a magical day. 


Lady Spiderwitch


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October Magick is in the Air

autumn 2

Merry meet all,

I am home from a peaceful and invigorating walk on the trail. I love walking on the nature trail. I always have a coffee in the am, but the trail walk woke me up more than coffee. 

I encourage you all to enjoy every  minute of October. The month of October only comes once a year. So enjoy it to the last!! Hoist your mead and munch on those roasted pumpkin seeds. You do have organic roasted pumpkin seeds, right? Ok. The photo above I took while out on the trail. Squirrels visited my feeder and birds chirped and flew overhead. Leaves fluttered to the ground. This is a magical month. I will post more on how you can get the maximum enjoyment from Samhain, whether you are a solitary, as I am, or in a coven. 

 Many Mabon blessings,

Lady Spiderwitch



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The hunt for orange October

Samhain scene

Merry meet all,

October is here! I hope you’re all excited as I am. In fact, I’m sure you all are. Every Witch knows what this means. It means that Samhain is almost here. That is enough to be excited about! As Ray Bradbury wrote in his creepy novel, “Something Wicked this way comes“, “October is a rare month for boys.” And girls. And Witches. 

So dust off your cauldrons and pentacles and hang on to your broomsticks!! A fun month of mystery and magic awaits. In case you’re curious, the dish towel is from Pier 1 Imports. I bought the cool black mug at Little Mysteries. They do sell online. Little Mysteries is located in Halifax, Nova Scotia. 

Today, October is heralded in with a deluge of rain. Colourful leaves litter my garden, making my garden more bewitching than ever. I will be posting here but if you are curious to learn about more ways to celebrate Samhain, you can peruse the previous Samhain posts. There’s posts about how to make your own costumes, contact spirits-safely!, make delicious recipes, incenses, and more!

So stay tuned for more about Samhain. 

Blessed Be,

Lady Spiderwitch

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Witch’s Potions for Samhain

Merry Meet All,

I hope you are all having fun preparing for Samhain. Mabon is fun, too. There is so much to do to be prepared. An abundant number of herbs can be harvested for fun recipes such as these. Use caution with the herbs. Do not ingest if you think it will make you ill. I am including a flying potion but want you to use caution.

Today I will show you how to make a mugwort salve. Mugwort is a popular witch’s herb excellent for enhancing psychic dreams and development, is used in dream pillows, in salves, and infusions. Mugwort is used for cleansing crystal balls and to clean altars and altar tools. I am proud to say that this year I harvested 100% organic mugwort from my garden. I ordered the seeds from Horizon Herbs which sells organic plants, supplies, and seeds.


You will need a saucepan that you can dedicate to creating salves. It gets messy.
A measuring cup and spoon
Organic Olive oil
a container or small glass pot for holding the salve
Vitamin E
Essential oils
Optional *other herbs

Mix the herbs in a jar and shake occasionally for two weeks. The quicker way to do this is to put the herbs and oils in a saucepan and allow to simmer for over an hour. Never add water.

In a small pan, gently heat the herbal infused oil and beeswax. Add the vitamin E. Remove from heat and add the essential oils. Pour a tiny amount of the salve blend on wax paper to test it for thickness. If you want the salve to be soft, add more essential oils. If you want it thicker, add less. When you are satisfied with the consistency, pour the salve into a sterile clean jar and allow to cool. Store in the fridge. It should last a long time. Do not place in direct sunlight. It will solidify in the fridge. After a few moments have passed, remove the jar/s from the fridge. Label and date the jar.

Be sure to use clean jars and try to use organic ingredients as much as possible. This ensures no toxic chemicals will leach into your salve and that pesticides are not ruining your salve.

Hold the jar in your palms and meditate for a moment with it. Send healing energies into the salve and feel the weight of the jar in your hands. Continue to do this until your hands are tingling. Return the jar to the fridge. The salve will last longer in the fridge.

A healing salve can be used on open wounds, cuts, sores, tense muscles, and abrasions. Use it to moisturize your skin after a bath or shower.

Witch’s Flying Ointments

Flying ointments refer to when Witches would use an ointment to fly to a Sabbat. It relates to astral travel. People believed that Witches could fly. They also believed that Witches used a child’s fat in the ointment. They likely used the fat of an animal. The Church used that belief to justify the witch killings.

The ointments consisted of herbs and oils. The Witches would then gain the sense of flying even though they may not have left the house. Here is a recipe for a flying ointment. I urge you to use caution before consuming or applying an ointment to your skin. Nothing cool about being rushed to emergency during a Sabbat!!

Sage- protective qualities
Mugwort – enhances psychic awareness
Dittany of Crete – aids in astral travel
Lemongrass- cleansing, solar energy
Wormwood – similar to mugwort
Rue – psychic protection

Always research a herb before using it. Check its qualities and if it is toxic or safe. Alternatively, make a salve and rub it on your broom before a ritual or anoint yourself with a salve to feel magickal before a ritual. But I would never consume those herbs or put them on my skin. I have not tried this recipe myself so I do not know how it might affect me or someone else.

With these ointment recipes, you are sure to have a magickal Samhain ritual experience.

Lady Spiderwitch

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