Samhain draws near + Magickal Cauldrons

celtic forest resin cauldron

Merry meet all,

I imagine you’re all getting more excited, now that the most magical night of the year is almost here. Your candles are all a-glowin’, jack o’lanterns carved, costumes picked, and you’re watching the clock. I am referring to October 31st!! But you knew that. 

I can’t wait. I’m sure the tension is killing you too.  I watched Sleepy Hollow toight starring the dreamy Johnny Depp as Ichabod Crane. The moon is glowing in the night sky above my apartment. But with all the merry making, Samhain can be a solemn time. The ancient Celts honoured their ancestors and those who passed on before them. Samhain is when we too, honour those who passed and our ancestors. If you want to learn how to do that, a great book I recommend to read is Halloween by Silver Ravenwolf. She lavishes great detail on how to lead rituals, perform a dumb supper, and carve pumpkins for spell. I don’t know why the book is called Halloween instead of Samhain, which seems more proper to me, but there you have it. I also read a great book about the history of Samhain titled The Pagan Mysteries of Samhain written by Jean Markale. The book is great and if you are looking for something that goes into satisfying and heavy detail, this book is for you. 

A tip for cauldrons: I love the heavy black potbellied cauldrons. I love burning Celtic Forest resin incense in my cauldron. My Mother gave me a jar of sea salt and true to my witchy self, I used the salt for my cauldron, not cooking. Lol. I put salt in the cauldron, and added a charcoal disc, and discovered that the best way to extinguish or cool the ashes is to put a lid on the cauldron. The cauldron and charcoal cools. I thought I had to drench the disc in water. I like putting a lid on the cauldron now. I save the disc that way. Mmm I can smell Celtic Forest resin incense. I am not so fond of putting the resins exactly on the charcoal tablet. It smokes cool and smells beautiful. But the charcoal tablets can get hot. Otherwise, they spill off the tablet. A young lady asked me what charcoal tablets are for at Little Mysteries. I was proud to be able to answer her questions. (I don’t hog witchy knowledge.) 

Cauldrons are symbolic of the Goddess. The cauldron represents the womb, the power of rebirth, the element of Water-and Fire. Tonight the cauldron represents Fire because I burned resin in it. I burned the resin on a charcoal tablet lying in salt. Salt to me, represents the life-giving forces of water, of the oceans, and Earth. The smoke that billows from the cauldron is Air. The elements are included. The smoke burns upward to Spirit. The five elements are involved when the cauldron is in use. 

I always associated cauldrons with witchcraft and witches. They speak of a world lost in the mists of time. The ancients used cauldrons in the hearth to warm their homes and to gather round. They used cauldrons for cooking. If you want to invoke the Water element and perform a scrying with your cauldron, try using water and droplets of olive oil. How many olive oil drops you see on the surface of the water in the cauldron can tell you the answer to your questions. 

On Samhain eve, I plan to haul my large, I mean large, cauldron outdoors into my back garden and fire her up. I don’t care what the neighbours think. I suspect they figured it out. I would like it that my cauldron could get some outdoor Samhain energy. I will fire her up and do a small ritual. I am fortunate to have a backyard garden. I am attending the annual Samhain Ritual on the Commons. It’s held there every year. And every year, some Dursley worthy muggle sics the Fire Department on us. But we are never deterred. 

I hope you are all busy having fun preparing for Samhain and saying farewell to Mabon. Mabon is magical too. I shall keep you posted about Samhain related bewitching fun. I am bewitched tonight. It must be the moon shining over my home. 

The web address for Little Mysteries, my favourite local metaphysical shop ever, is – I love the staff and of course, all the unique ‘provisions’ they carry. 

Blessed be,
Lady Spiderwitch )O( Many Sabbat Blessings

Spirit of Samhain

Mabon altar 2

Merry meet all,

C’mon, where’s a flash fiction story? I haven’t seen any yet. Send ’em in!

Even though the frost is almost here, I’m amazed at my garden. You can’t stop a plant from growing. I will still collect peas, a shallot, flower seeds, and other herbs for storage during winter. The flowers growing in the garden aren’t intimidated by a frost. My garden is winding down and still beautiful. I keep the leaves on the garden all winter. 

October is a magical time of year. I watched a lovely video last night about how a Witch setup her Samhain altar. She had great ideas. I admit a bit of jealousy with her amethyst sphere. Now I need one. But I also learned something from her video. I setup my own altar wrong. Perhaps she arranged her altar according to her tradition, but she put her goddess items to the left of the altar. I fixed mine. But she knew so much about Samhain. I am unable to find the video or I would have shared it here. 

Samhain is the time when the veil between the world of the living and the dead are thinnest. Samhain’s a great time to contact spirits and hold a seance. I have two reference books about contacting spirits. The Witches Book of the Dead by Christian Day and Nocturnal Witchcraft by Konstantinos. I can’t recommend these books enough. They are grounded, practical yet magical texts chock full of information on how to do it safely. I’m writing a ghost story myself, a novel, and these books were beautiful research resources. There is also my blog you can check out for information. Christian Day is a master on the subject. Weiser Books published the book. But his authority shines in the book. 

I own a round table and I plan to setup a black velvet altar cloth upon it and arrange my tools and hold a seance of my own. I know how to do this safely and have fun. Remember to concentrate on positive energy. I always place a photo of my grandfather on my altar. One important thing the Witch in the video mentioned was to only place photos of those who truly have passed on. You don’t put a picture of a living person on your altar. Also, she said if you wish to collect graveyard dirt, to do so respectfully. I will post more tomorrow about seances, incense, altar setup, and more about Samhain. 

I have to get on my broomstick and go shopping. But I wish you all a magical day. 


Lady Spiderwitch

October Overture


Merry meet all,

I love October. I loved the sunset tonight, the energy in the air, the Hallowe’en decorations outdoors on peoples’ porches, the shining crescent moon in the sky, the phone calls from my friends. The candy I ate before riding the bus and the cool books on discount at the library. One book is about vampires written by Michelle Belanger and the other was about astrology. Love it, love it.

I thought that a cool thing to do this year on this blog is to hold a horror story flash fiction challenge. I want you to scribble your most genius, most dark, most horrifying stories and yes, you will get to submit them here. I sincerely hope you take up this call to write. C;mon, it’s October. It’s a lifestyle, not a holiday. Or at least it is to me. Be sure to munch on candy corn and sip cider as you rack your genius minds. It is not a competition. I find that word intimidating. However, be tasteful in the horror you write. Nothing too too obscene. But I look forward to reading them. Please send stories. They will be posted here all month!! until the end of the first week of November. So sharpen your pencils!! 

In the meantime, I shall post suggestions on decorations and recipes here. There will be Samhain lore and some Halloween poems. If you want some spooky tunes, you can always download them for free. 

I downloaded the theme music from Sleepy Hollow directed by Tim Burton- a Halloween classic movie. The dollar stores are chock full with all kinds of goodies for decorations, costumes, cooking. If you stalk the aisles now, you might score some cool finds. Check thrift stores. I bought this cool mat at Pier 1 imports. The charm of Samhain is one, storing what you had last year for decoration and finding it again, unless you’re like me and it looks like Samhain all year round. You can find good stuff at cheap stores. Don’t spend a fortune. Browse the past posts for ideas on how to celebrate Samhain in killer style. You could make a cool candle, invent an incense recipe, write your own Samhain ritual. Have fun. October 31 is a few weeks away but I know you’ll be counting the hours, minutes, and seconds down to the 31. 

Blessed be,

Lady Spiderwitch

P.S. Yes, the welcome mat will be on my floor year round.

 Catty welcome mat

October Magick is in the Air

autumn 2

Merry meet all,

I am home from a peaceful and invigorating walk on the trail. I love walking on the nature trail. I always have a coffee in the am, but the trail walk woke me up more than coffee. 

I encourage you all to enjoy every  minute of October. The month of October only comes once a year. So enjoy it to the last!! Hoist your mead and munch on those roasted pumpkin seeds. You do have organic roasted pumpkin seeds, right? Ok. The photo above I took while out on the trail. Squirrels visited my feeder and birds chirped and flew overhead. Leaves fluttered to the ground. This is a magical month. I will post more on how you can get the maximum enjoyment from Samhain, whether you are a solitary, as I am, or in a coven. 

 Many Mabon blessings,

Lady Spiderwitch



The hunt for orange October

Samhain scene

Merry meet all,

October is here! I hope you’re all excited as I am. In fact, I’m sure you all are. Every Witch knows what this means. It means that Samhain is almost here. That is enough to be excited about! As Ray Bradbury wrote in his creepy novel, “Something Wicked this way comes“, “October is a rare month for boys.” And girls. And Witches. 

So dust off your cauldrons and pentacles and hang on to your broomsticks!! A fun month of mystery and magic awaits. In case you’re curious, the dish towel is from Pier 1 Imports. I bought the cool black mug at Little Mysteries. They do sell online. Little Mysteries is located in Halifax, Nova Scotia. 

Today, October is heralded in with a deluge of rain. Colourful leaves litter my garden, making my garden more bewitching than ever. I will be posting here but if you are curious to learn about more ways to celebrate Samhain, you can peruse the previous Samhain posts. There’s posts about how to make your own costumes, contact spirits-safely!, make delicious recipes, incenses, and more!

So stay tuned for more about Samhain. 

Blessed Be,

Lady Spiderwitch

Samhain Ritual

Double, double, toil and trouble,
Fire burn and cauldron bubble!!

Merry Meet All,

If you have all been following these posts, you should be prepared for Samhain. It is almost here!

Samhain is nearly here. The dark time of the year casts its’ shadow. The last of the harvest is gleaned from the fields and frosts glistens on ripe pumpkins. It is the time of year when the veil between the worlds is thinnest. Samhain is the Witches’ New Year and the time of the Crone.

Hekate is a Crone goddess. The Crone is one of the triple goddess aspects of maiden, mother and crone. The Crone is the elder wise one who is relied on for her knowledge, wisdom and healing. Hekate is associated with the moon, cronehood and the underworld. Hekate is a guardian of the three-way crossroads. She is portrayed as bearing the keys to the underworld, joined by a three-headed dog and surrounded by lit torches. She is associated with ghosts, the dark moon, and magic. Animals that are sacred to her are black cats, ravens, owls and wolves. Hekate can be invoked on November 30, the night of the crossroads, on October 31.

The cauldron, or womb of the dark goddess is a vessel of rebirth and renewal into a new life. The cauldron is symbolic of our deep collective unconscious. Hekate is equated with Persephone, queen of the Underworld. She was an attendant of Persephone. Hekate was a goddess of childbirth and watched over young women in their maiden phase of life.

Those who worship godddesses of a lighter aspect overlook Hekate. Only to do that is to deny the third phase of the goddess: the crone. The crone is not as revered as she once was. It is common to tease an older woman as a hag or a crone. Its true meaning has faded from peoples’ memories. We have lost much of our traditions and lore.

I perceive Hekate as a protective goddess. She is fearless and strong. I participated in a ritual in a coven where we invoked her. The ritual was fun and energetic. We held hands as we danced in a cirle and chanted her name. It was a memorable ritual.

Many Witches and Pagans like to honor the spirits of our ancestors at Samhain. This ritual can be performed on a dark moon or a full moon night. Since Samhain is a Sabbat of death, Hekate guards the door to the spirit world. A ritual to honor the crone goddess and our ancestors is shown below.

Before the ritual, prepare yourself by physically cleaning and purifying your sacred space. Wash the dishes and sweep the floors, put the laundry away and file away any loose papers. Clutter can affect your ritual. Remove the negative stale chi from your living space by smudging it with sage. Have a meditation bath to purify and prepare you for the ritual. Add soothing essentials such as lavender or frankincense and salts to your bath. Assemble your altar ahead of time. You can begin your ritual sooner if you are prepared ahead of time.

Decorate your altar area with items that correspond to Samhain such as chrysanthemums, mugwort, pomegranates, pumpkins and skulls. Your altar cloth can be black and orange. Light black and orange candles and burn spicy cinnamon, clove, rosemary, and allspice incense. Place pictures of departed loved ones on your altar.

Begin the ritual with a meditation. Cast the circle according to your tradition and call the quarters. It is optional to invoke the horned god though the crone ritual is designed for the Goddess.

Light the quarter candles and reflect on what you want to achieve during the ritual. Ask what you seek and nothing more. Leave an offering of seeds, herbs, grains or flowers. Display a sincerely reverent attitude. She will favor you if you show respect for her aspect.

Say aloud: “Hekate, goddess of death and renewl, on this Samhain eve, I do honor you, goddess of cronehood, the moon and the underworld. I implore to hear my call. I need your guidance as I reach for spiritual growth.” State what you request be that a positive change in your life, a transition from a bad situation to a positive one or protection.

Light the candle and put it near the offering bowl. Say: “I offer this flame to light our ancestors’ paths.” Dip the cakes into the ale and put it near the offering bowl. Say: “I offer this food and drink to our ancestors tonight. May this food sustain you. Blessed Be.”

Be open to the messages that you may receive. Leave the offering outdoors for the spirits and the wildlife. Complete the ritual and close the circle. Tidy up the altar area. Let the candles burn down. Cast your incense ashes and candle stubs outdoors. Remember to ground and center yourself after the ritual with cakes and ale. Imagine that you are a tree and you are pushing your roots down into the cold earth.

It is a tradition to setup a dumb plate for those who have passed. Set a plate with utensils on the table. Prepare a dumb meal from your harvest and offer some to your chosen deity. Enjoy the meal with cider and wine. Ask for blessings on the harvest and to guard your family from dark spirits on Samhain eve. Carve a pumpkin and set it at a window to ward off the dark spirits. Light a white candle at the window to guard the spirits of the deceased. Roast the pumpkin seeds.

The crone goddess Hekate may appear to you during a meditation or in your dreams. Heed your dreams and insights when she shows herself to you. Hekate is a strong goddess and not one to invoke lightly. She is a protective Crone Goddess. May her blessings grace you in life.

A recipe for Hekate Oil!!

3 drops myrrh
2 drops cypress
1 drop patchouli
1 dried mint leaf

Mix the essential oils in a base of sesame oil. Add a drop of mint leaf to the blend of oils. Wear during rituals of defensive magick. Also wear during the waning moon in honor of Hekate, Goddess of the fading crescent moon.

Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch