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Pumpkins Vine Time

Merry meet all,

The Halloween stuff is in the stores!! Oh my I’ll grab my broomstick and fly over and won’t be back till I’m broke!!! October is three months away. I’m still waiting for my veggies to grow though. I am anticipating a big harvest though. This is the time of year when I get excited. I live for Samhain. It’s time to dust off our brooms and our cauldrons, don our striped socks and head over to the stores selling the Halloween stuff.

My pumpkin vine has flowers!! My zucchini plant has a new flower too. I can’t wait for them to get big already. My cucumber plant has lots of flowers but tiny cucumbers. Oh my goddess it’s not like they have all year to grow. Can you tell I’m frustrated?

A real gardener is patient. I still can’t find that gardener. Since we are in harvest season, I hope you enjoy reading this post and learn how to grow your own!

Here are some tips on how to grow our favorite Halloween fruit-pumpkins. Pumpkins need up to 120 days to mature. Pumpkins can be grown from seed. However this year I had luck with the transplants I bought from the local plant store. Wait until all chances of frost have passed. They will grow in warm weather. They can take over a garden too and need up to 30 feet of room to grow.

Before planting your transplants, add plenty of compost material to the soil. You can grow the plants in hills. You mound up the soil and then (If you want to start from seed), put one seed per hill and plant up to four seeds in each hill Make sure there is plenty of room between the vines.

Pumpkins need tons of water. Be sure to only water the plants enough and to avoid root rot. If they look wilted, then the plant has died. Feed the plants a healthy mix of phosphorus and nitrogen, and add more phosphorus than nitrogen, which helps them grow their very best.

If you want to prune the vines, then be sure the vines have pumpkins on them first. When you carefully prune the plants, then you force the plant to stop concentrating on the vine growth and it focuses on maturing the fruit vine. This produces better fruit growth in the long run. Also, consider sprinkling diatomaceous earth under your plants. I did all summer and I have a healthy big zucchini plant in my garden that is pest bug free!

If insects are a problem on your vines, then plant nasturtiums. You have to attract pollinators to pollinate your plants. Aphids, cucumber beetles and stink bugs are a pest to your plants. By planting flowers such as nasturtiums, you will attract pollinators and the insects that might like some aphids for a tasty meal. Plant lots of flowers to increase your chances of healthy plants overall.

Harvesting pumpkins is fun and saves you money!! When the stem looks dry and the fruit is an orange color, it is time to harvest them! Knock hard on the rind of the pumpkin. It should sound hollow. Scrape your fingernail on the rind. It should not scratch easily. Harvest before the frost!

Use your favorite witch tool or boline to cut the pumpkin from the vine. Leave a few inches of stem to avoid disease. Let the pumpkins to cure for a couple of weeks first and store them properly. When they are fully cured, you will know. Allow for air ventilation and don’t dry them out near other fruit. Fruit give off ethylene gas. You can coat a pumpkin in oil which seals it for storage.

Enjoy your glowing orange pumpkins after all this hard work. !!

Blessings Spiderwitch


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Shadow People Visiting Times

Merry meet all,

I discussed the origins of shadow people in a previous post. Tonight I want to post about what they want from us, or seem to want from us. I get it. It is hard to believe such things exist- until you see them with your own eyes. I am not a fan of Paranormal Activity. I have finally seen the movies. The first one scared me more. I don’t have to watch the movies to get scared if I see a phantom, I do see them. 

I have asked myself the same questions many times over. I suspect I will never have all the answers because it is simply impossible to know everything. There is much debate on the internet about whether they are supernatural phantoms or even aliens. Their true origins are as shadowy as their appearances. They appear as a flicker you catch out of the corner of your eye. You get a glimpse then they are gone. That is long enough for you to question whether you actually saw it or if your mind was playing tricks on you. Then you see it again, and then you again ask yourself if was real or your imagination. (Btw, please don’t be awake all night agonizing whether you did see it or not- you will have a sleepless night. It is what it is.)

They could be spying on us, or indeed out to give us the frights royale, or end up in our domains because they are lost. I suspect is that they want to scare us and are then intelligent enough to (which is scarier), and not lost. I have witnessed a shadow person with a friend. The being manifested in my house and then vanished. It was scary and weird. I was jolted with fear. 

My theory is that they could be here to spy on us and thereby study us- they didn’t come all that way for nothing, right? and scare us. Mortals are limited in their years, and their abilities. I don’t know where they come from, but I am guessing they are here for a reason. It takes a lot of energy for phantoms and shadow people to move around and interact with people, so they have to feed off of energy to be able to get around. The more energy they feed off of, the more they can get around. People with low vibrational energies are still good sources of energy and yet are easier targets. People with higher vibrational energies are even better energy sources but are less likely to be targeted. People who know- like me, how to psychically defend themselves are the least targeted. 

People with low vibrational energies such as abuse victims, alcoholics, or even serial killers or depressed people are often good  targets for shadow people to feed off of. They radiate the low vibrational energies, sending off the electronic signals without being aware. So it is like sending off a beacon on a dark stormy night to the shadow person. If people with the lower energies work on building up their vibrations, they can find themselves feeling stronger and healthier. 

Conversely, people with genuine clairvoyant/ clairsentient gifts are targets too. They may have higher vibrational frequencies but they have a powerful/ strong light inside them that radiates naturally. It also shines like the beacon in the dark. Either way, the phantoms are often irresistibly drawn to them. The electronic signal is the beacon for energy to feed off of and the brighter the signal, the better. 

If you read my previous posts, you can see why psychic shielding is so important and learn how it is done. So browse through the posts till you find them. Then you can shield yourself from them. They often target or attack when a person is vulnerable, asleep. The natural defenses are lowered. I have read online many accounts of people feeling drained of energy while they lay in their beds. I don’t ask that people leave their lights on all night as they sleep, just to be aware of this. The last thing you should do is become paranoid. That leads to more problems. 

Never be ashamed to ask for help. You can obtain more assistance than you realize. Society is changing and becoming more accepting. I hope you enjoyed reading my post on shadow people. 

Blessings, Spiderwitch


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Winter Solstice

Greetings All!!!

Many Winter Solstice blessings to all my lovely readers. I’ve been busy baking and decorating. I baked shortbread, cookies and Gothic yule decorations. I have also set up a few Yule decorations on my kitchen table.

I baked cookies for munching on and frosted them. I am also proud to say I have won again in the Horror Writers Association Cookbook Contest. I enjoy baking and put my heart into it. And I don’t care what the recipe says, rolling out the dough calls for tons of flour to keep dough from being sticky. I want to get some white creamy frosting. I didn’t really want the chocolate frosting but I had more cocoa than icing sugar so I went with it. The cookies are now stored in the freezer, where the icing will ‘set’.

I found a large tree branch outside on the ground. It is 23 inches in length. I painted it blue silvery color and coated glitter on it. I made Yule salt dough decorations the previous year and hung them on the branches of the tree mobile. I’ve been inspired to hang Yule goth decorations too. I made several goth decorations ( a cauldron, the crescent moon, bats and ghosts) and I plan to paint them black. I will hang those on the same mobile. I can’t wait and I think it will look real cool. I wish I had a skull cookie cutter. Salt dough is easy to do and costs little.  I am eager to see how it all looks.

Winter Solstice or Yule is almost here. I may conjure a candle for Yule too. I made spicy simmering incense too. For that recipe I gathered ground orange peel, bay leaves, pine needles, juniper berries, cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, star anise, rosemary, frankincense and myrrh. I ground it all together to a powdery consistency. It smells heavenly. I wanted to make incense cones but it is not powdery enough for that. I will use it as a simmering incense potpourri. That smells just as divine.

I will join my Sacred Mists fellow Witch students for a magickal Yule ritual on December 21st. This Sabbat celebrates rebirth and renewal, and the return of longer days as the Lord of the Sun is reborn from the womb of the Goddess when life is wrested from the realm of death and light is born of darkness. Wreaths and evergreen trees are used to decorate your home. 

Let the magic of Yule bless you, your home and your loved ones.


Blessings Spiderwitch

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The Good Faeries of the Garden

Merry meet all,

I know it’s a few months till Samhain. But that doesn’t mean you can’t be looking for the spooky happening around you now. In case you don’t believe me, I had a freaky incident recently. I found my copper skull spoon in my garden. I have no idea how it got there. I retrieved it, washed it all the while wondering how’d that happen? So it might be more common than you think. I blame the faeries and brownies.

The movie Mary Shelley opens in theaters soon. I am counting the days and hours till then. I am eager to get to work on my garden. If you are seriously into spirits and faeries, well, working in your garden is a great way to interact with them. Trust me, they are around. And not to mention the spirits in the plants themselves. So that is a lot of spirit work.

I recommend waiting till May Full Moon to do any garden work and planting. There is still a risk of frost. The May Full moon could be a powerful time for inviting the faeries and other helpful nature spirits to your garden. Leave a libation of honey and milk or mead and bury crystals in the soil. Clean the garden, use no pesticides and actually care for your garden. Decorate your garden with artificial lights, wooden pentacles or hang crystals from trees. Add some fairy statues and they will not be able to resist. Faeries care for the earth more than us mortals ever will. So showing you care is a great way to get their help. Then be consistent. If you find certain plants growing unusually well and your garden seeming like it’s more protected than others, it is a good sign the Good Folk are there. I have left my apartment door unlocked (unknowingly to me and unintentionally) and I have never been robbed. I don’t know how I did that. I usually do lock my door. But I am sure something is guarding my place.

One good idea if you like the darker side, is growing dark colored plants. You could grow black hollyhock or black roses. Use your imagination.

If you see pretty bright lights and the birds and insects flock to your plants or bird feeders, they are there. You will know by the auspicious signs you see. But you have to actually be outside to witness the signs. So every time you have some extra organic scraps, offer it to your garden. Keep the feeders full and remember to leave crystals in the soil. They will charge the soil and plants. Leaving offerings to your garden keeps a balance between you and the spirits. Be good to the earth. Try composting and recycling. Honor the spirits. Keep your garden clean and free of debris.

When it is harvest season, you can again leave a libation and thank the spirits for their aid. Decorate your garden with pumpkins, gourds and flowers of the season. The Full Harvest Moon has been allowing farmers to harvest their crops for centuries. There are lots of spirits and perhaps ancestral spirits everywhere. I love the harvest time. I can sense energies so easily. I see them in my house too.

I hope this helps you and keeps you busy during the growing season.

Blessings, Spiderwitch

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In the News



Merry meet all,

I have some exciting news to share. My short flash horror fiction story about a child munching pumpkin is published in the Horror Novel Reviews: One Hellacious Halloween Volume 1 eBook. Here is the link on Amazon:

I am real excited about that. I found out last night. The other news is that I am published in Moon Books’ Paganism 101: An Introduction to Paganism 101 by 101 Pagans anthology. Here is the link:

My essay on Sedna: The Inuit Goddess of the Sea is slated to appear in the Winter Solstice issue of Eternal Haunted Summer Ezine. My article on winter herbs is slated to appear in the Winter issue of Essential Herbal magazine. Here are the links:

Essential Herbal magazine:

Eternal Haunted Summer Ezine:

This writing has kept me on my toes!! The next spin in the turn in the Wheel of the Year is Winter Solstice. I plan to post lots about that. Stay warm and enjoy Samhain. 


Blessed Be,

Lady Spiderwitch


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Merry Samhain


Merry meet all,

I wish all of you a magickal and memorable Samhain!! The above photo is of my pumpkin – a Witch flying on her broomstick o’er the moon. 



Lady Spiderwitch )O(

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Divination at Samhain

Finale of the Dark Season

Merry meet all,

Divination is perfect for Samhain. You can perform divination any time, but the time and the energy is ideal at Samhain. 

You can use scrying mirrors, apples, acorns, and pendulums for divination. A scrying mirror has a reflective surface. Again, read the books I recommended for more tips on divination. You gaze into the reflective surface and images may appear. Trust your first impressions. You might see fire, clouds, dark stones, and be ready to receive any messages. A scrying mirror is a mirror painted black. They are easy to make. Clean a mirror of dust and spray paint the mirror black. If you apply five coats of paint, the mirror should have a good surface for scrying. 

Peel an apple, and keep the peel in one long piece. When the peel comes, drop it on the floor. The letter it forms is the initial of your true love. Wait until midnight at Samhain, and slice an apple into nine pieces. Carry the apple pieces into a dark room with a mirror. At midnight, eat the apple slices while gazing into the mirror. When  you eat the ninth piece, an image of your lover should appear in the mirror. 

Fill a cauldron with water. Try using olive oil or another essential oil in the water. The drops that float can reveal something. Or light a candle and spill the drops of wax onto the water. See what shapes the wax forms. The shape can indicate something about a future lover. 

Tie a hazelnut onto a string and use it as a pendulum. Take two nuts, one for yourself and one for your lover, place them on a grate on your fire. If they roast quick, your relationship will end quick. If they burn well, you will have a long and healthy relationship. 

Tarot cards are perfect for divinations as well. Use whatever strikes your fancy. Good luck divining your futures!!


Blessed Be,

Lady Spiderwitch 

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Spirits of the Trees

face in trees
Merry meet all,
I was on a walk the other night on the trail. I saw the ethereal veil between the worlds. The trees looked so ethereal. I kept walking down the trail and admired the colourful trees. As I did, I stopped in my tracks. What to my wondering eyes should appear but a face in the trees!! No kidding. The tree boughs formed the face in the trees. I couldn’t believe my eyes!! The face looks outward. The nose was pointed and sharp and so was the chin. I was amazed. Let me know if you spot the face in the trees.
A friend pointed out two faces. Can you see them? if you can, comment on this post.
It’s getting closer to Samhain. I don’t want to postpone Samhain but I don’t want October to end. October is my favourite month of the year.I shall post more about Samhain soon. I hope you’re all busy preparing and having fun. 
Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch )O(


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Samhain Shawl

The shawl

Merry meet all,

In honor of Samhain, I sewed myself a black lace spiderweb shawl with fringe. It is finished now and looks beautiful. I love the shawl. It is fragile but it does capture the Samhain essence. The photo above is not the best, but it is the best I can do right now. 

I love spiders. My Craft name is Spiderwitch. I live in harmony with spiders. They are one of my totem animals. They are amazing arachnids. I love observing fresh dew on spiderwebs in my garden. The dew drops on a web look ethereal. 

That’s why I selected the spiderweb lace material for the shawl. I will tell you how I made the shawl so you can sew a shawl, too. So let’s get started. I selected a meter of the material and three meters of the fringe material. I gathered my spool of black thread, a pincushion, scissors, pins, and a quiet spot to work in. I owned a triangle shaped black and emerald velvet fringed shawl. The material was square shaped but I used the velvet shawl as a pattern. I cut a similar pattern of the lace material. I tried smoothing the edges of the lace material. However, I needed to sew on the fringe material.

So I threaded my needle. Forget sewing this project on the sewing machine. I tried that and in no time, the fabric snagged. While you’re sewing the shawl, you’re putting your energy and intent into it so trust me, sew by hand. It is more work but worth it.  I sat there for hours sewing the fringe onto the lace shawl. The lace liked to slip and gather and tangle. I worked out each kink as I stitched. This step takes the longest and takes patience. I also advise you sew when you are clearheaded and in good light to see what  you are doing better and avoid damaging the material. So if you have a triangle shaped pattern, you can add fringe to three sides of the material. Determine the right and wrong side of your material. Always sew the fringe on the wrong side of the material- think of it as the top and bottom side. In this case, the bottom side of the material. This is why it helps to sew in good light. 

Be neat and tidy as you sew. Work out each snag if you come across one. I kept checking and rechecking if I was sewing correctly. I didn’t want the fringe material to bunch up or look wrong. Once you have sewn the fringe on the two sides, hold the shawl up and assess what you have accomplished so far. Be careful how you sew to determine and achieve a beautiful garment. If you are patient and work hard, you will have a beautiful shawl. It is optional to add fringe to the top of the shawl. I did because I had left over fringe remaining. Make sure the fringe is sewn on neat and straight and is sewn to both ends of the side you’re sewing it on. 

Make sure you have enough thread and pins. I added pins. They sometimes fall out so be sure to clean up pins that fell on the floor. Once you are done sewing on the fringe, you now have a shawl to wear for Samhain. I added a black bow to the top of the shawl. My shawl is delicate and fragile. This is why it pays to take care as you sew. Never put anger into a garment you sew because the result will never look beautiful. Sew with patience. It doesn’t have to completed in one day. I took three days to sew the shawl. 

Trim loose threads and examine the shawl for anything you may have missed. I hope you will own a shawl that you can wear with pride during Samhain. Wash by hand and always allow to air dry. Your shawl will last a long time with the proper care. 

Blessed be,

Lady Spiderwitch


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Spirit of Samhain

Mabon altar 2

Merry meet all,

C’mon, where’s a flash fiction story? I haven’t seen any yet. Send ’em in!

Even though the frost is almost here, I’m amazed at my garden. You can’t stop a plant from growing. I will still collect peas, a shallot, flower seeds, and other herbs for storage during winter. The flowers growing in the garden aren’t intimidated by a frost. My garden is winding down and still beautiful. I keep the leaves on the garden all winter. 

October is a magical time of year. I watched a lovely video last night about how a Witch setup her Samhain altar. She had great ideas. I admit a bit of jealousy with her amethyst sphere. Now I need one. But I also learned something from her video. I setup my own altar wrong. Perhaps she arranged her altar according to her tradition, but she put her goddess items to the left of the altar. I fixed mine. But she knew so much about Samhain. I am unable to find the video or I would have shared it here. 

Samhain is the time when the veil between the world of the living and the dead are thinnest. Samhain’s a great time to contact spirits and hold a seance. I have two reference books about contacting spirits. The Witches Book of the Dead by Christian Day and Nocturnal Witchcraft by Konstantinos. I can’t recommend these books enough. They are grounded, practical yet magical texts chock full of information on how to do it safely. I’m writing a ghost story myself, a novel, and these books were beautiful research resources. There is also my blog you can check out for information. Christian Day is a master on the subject. Weiser Books published the book. But his authority shines in the book. 

I own a round table and I plan to setup a black velvet altar cloth upon it and arrange my tools and hold a seance of my own. I know how to do this safely and have fun. Remember to concentrate on positive energy. I always place a photo of my grandfather on my altar. One important thing the Witch in the video mentioned was to only place photos of those who truly have passed on. You don’t put a picture of a living person on your altar. Also, she said if you wish to collect graveyard dirt, to do so respectfully. I will post more tomorrow about seances, incense, altar setup, and more about Samhain. 

I have to get on my broomstick and go shopping. But I wish you all a magical day. 


Lady Spiderwitch


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