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Secrets of the Trees

Merry Meet All,

Wasps are buzzing by the window and the wind is rustling in the trees. The harvest season is upon us. I bought a pumpkin yesterday and enjoyed a savoury bowl of squash soup. This is the time to honour the earth for the bounty it offers us. The leaves are turning those cherished shades of gold and crimson. This is the time for long walks in the woods when the wind is strong. Let the wind blow your aura clear, refreshing you. Listen to the voice of the Green Man in the trees. Gather acorns and seeds and colourful leaves to press in a book.

I love trees. Where I live, I have a lovely graceful birch tree outside my window. It shelters insects, birds, and protects wildlife and homes. The beautiful tree is a symbol to me of endurance and strength. The birch tree has been graced by sparrows, chickadees, cats, and squirrels.

When I lived at home, we had a lovely old large maple tree in our backyard. We added an apple and cherry tree but the maple tree, to me, was incomparable. It graced the far left corner of the garden. The tree stood up to many storms and withstood the test of time. Every fall was a treat, as colourful leaves would spill down on the lawn. I used to sit beneath the tree and be lost to dreams.

Magickal Powers of Trees
Apple trees: Healing, prosperity, love, and youth
Ash: Protection
Birch: Protection, purification, fertility, renewal
Elder: Healing, protection, prosperity
Elm: Protection
Hawthorn: Cleansing, marriage, protection
Maple: Divination, love
Oak: Healing, strength, longevity

Celtic Tree Lore
The Oak Tree- Duir- June
The Oak tree was revered by the Druids. It is known as the King of the Forest. It represents the Oak King in Pagan, Wiccan, and Druid lore. The Oak King rules from Yule to Midsummer. The Druids believed that dryads, or wizened old men, lived in the trees. The wood of the oak tree was seldom wasted: the wood is used for wands, medicine, and for Yule logs.

If you listen closely, as you sit outside, you can hear the faeries and dryads whispering to you. They may share warnings, lore, or magic. I hear the whisperings in the wind. I have been told the same from other people so it is not just me. If you are sensitive, or psychic, or a witch, or both, and you listen hard enough, you may hear them too. Remember that tiny acorns bloom into mighty oaks.

October 20th is the frost date. Be sure to gather your herbs, fruits, and vegetables before the frost.

Have a wonderful Fall season
Lady Spiderwitch

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