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Samhain Shawl

The shawl

Merry meet all,

In honor of Samhain, I sewed myself a black lace spiderweb shawl with fringe. It is finished now and looks beautiful. I love the shawl. It is fragile but it does capture the Samhain essence. The photo above is not the best, but it is the best I can do right now. 

I love spiders. My Craft name is Spiderwitch. I live in harmony with spiders. They are one of my totem animals. They are amazing arachnids. I love observing fresh dew on spiderwebs in my garden. The dew drops on a web look ethereal. 

That’s why I selected the spiderweb lace material for the shawl. I will tell you how I made the shawl so you can sew a shawl, too. So let’s get started. I selected a meter of the material and three meters of the fringe material. I gathered my spool of black thread, a pincushion, scissors, pins, and a quiet spot to work in. I owned a triangle shaped black and emerald velvet fringed shawl. The material was square shaped but I used the velvet shawl as a pattern. I cut a similar pattern of the lace material. I tried smoothing the edges of the lace material. However, I needed to sew on the fringe material.

So I threaded my needle. Forget sewing this project on the sewing machine. I tried that and in no time, the fabric snagged. While you’re sewing the shawl, you’re putting your energy and intent into it so trust me, sew by hand. It is more work but worth it.  I sat there for hours sewing the fringe onto the lace shawl. The lace liked to slip and gather and tangle. I worked out each kink as I stitched. This step takes the longest and takes patience. I also advise you sew when you are clearheaded and in good light to see what  you are doing better and avoid damaging the material. So if you have a triangle shaped pattern, you can add fringe to three sides of the material. Determine the right and wrong side of your material. Always sew the fringe on the wrong side of the material- think of it as the top and bottom side. In this case, the bottom side of the material. This is why it helps to sew in good light. 

Be neat and tidy as you sew. Work out each snag if you come across one. I kept checking and rechecking if I was sewing correctly. I didn’t want the fringe material to bunch up or look wrong. Once you have sewn the fringe on the two sides, hold the shawl up and assess what you have accomplished so far. Be careful how you sew to determine and achieve a beautiful garment. If you are patient and work hard, you will have a beautiful shawl. It is optional to add fringe to the top of the shawl. I did because I had left over fringe remaining. Make sure the fringe is sewn on neat and straight and is sewn to both ends of the side you’re sewing it on. 

Make sure you have enough thread and pins. I added pins. They sometimes fall out so be sure to clean up pins that fell on the floor. Once you are done sewing on the fringe, you now have a shawl to wear for Samhain. I added a black bow to the top of the shawl. My shawl is delicate and fragile. This is why it pays to take care as you sew. Never put anger into a garment you sew because the result will never look beautiful. Sew with patience. It doesn’t have to completed in one day. I took three days to sew the shawl. 

Trim loose threads and examine the shawl for anything you may have missed. I hope you will own a shawl that you can wear with pride during Samhain. Wash by hand and always allow to air dry. Your shawl will last a long time with the proper care. 

Blessed be,

Lady Spiderwitch


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Witches in Style

Merry Meet All,

Yesterday I transferred my veggie seedlings into two large planters. It was a lot of effort and well worth it. Now the plants can grow better because the roots can reach deeper into the soil. My garden is filling up with lovely perennials. Remember to plant seeds that grow above ground during the waxing moon and to plant seeds that grow below ground during waning moon!

One trick that you can try to see if your seeds are good is to tuck the seeds into wet Kleenex and put that in a plastic ziplock bag. You have to wait till the seeds germinate. I am doing that right now with my Tulsi and lovage.

The next turn in the Wheel of the Year is Summer Solstice in June. But that is a few weeks from now. The moon is in its waxing phase right now. The moon enters void of course and shifts into Taurus then Leo. The corresponding colour today is brown, which I find appropriate. Brown is an earthy colour and I associate brown with grounding energy and the colour of soil. The Full Moon shines on May 25th. I love celebrating Full moon. It is my favourite Esbat.

I am endeavouring to embark on a few creative projects soon. I have a gypsy clothing pattern that I plan to make soon. I also hope to make my own guinea pig tarot or occult deck. I believe guinea pigs are magickal animal familiars, just as much as the traditional animal familiars of yore. I will use card-stock and make prints of the pictures of my guinea pigs. I am also into Feng Shui and I am trying to introduce more water energy into my apartment. My apartment has a lot of earth energy but it needs to be balanced. I am also going to finish my green Arwen gown. I study pictures on Facebook and I am always amazed by the beautiful dresses and costumes witches wear. I will be busy this summer! I also, if all that isn’t enough, plan to make a witchy floor mat for my altar! I think a silver triple moon will be cool.

Here are pics of my inspiration for my costumes: (My gypsy costume)

I also found a pattern for the bewitching blouse in the photo!! I am excited!! Who says we have to be limited to jeans and sneakers?

I wish you all a wonderful Beltaine!
Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch )O(

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Faeries Inspiration

Merry Meet All,

Tomorrow night is Storm Moon. The 27th of March is the time of the Full Moon. She will shine strong and grace the night sky. The Storm moon banishes winter’s stagnant energy to welcome spring. Snow lingers here on the curbs and sidewalks. But each passing day the snow is less and less. Soon the earth will be clothed in fresh new greenery. Here is the photo of my Celtic green cape that I made myself, mostly by hand. That includes the triskele symbol and the green oak leaves, the pattern of the oak leaves were inspired by actual oak leaves!

I had a dilemma tonight to piece an outfit together for the Public Ritual that is taking place on March 29. The Ritual will be held at the UU Church on Inglis Street. I had to choose between a great dress that is not finished or a green dress that is simpler but complete. In the end, I chose the complete fairy dress. It complements the green cape. The dress and cape are from the same pattern. If you watched the version of Midsummer’s Night Dream with Michelle Pfeiffer, you will know what I am referring to. Here is a photo from the movie:

I have a gold butterfly crown (Lord of the Rings), leaf earrings, and the Arwen pendant. I am all set. Now I can relax, knowing I have an outfit to wear, and will have a good time.

Also, tomorrow night is Full Moon, and the night after that is a poetry reading. I promise to keep you all informed of these sure to be fun events. Stay tuned for more postings.

Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch

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