Samhain on a Shoestring

Merry Meet All,

On Hallowe’en the thing
you must do
Is pretend that nothing
can frighten you
An’if somethin’ scares you
and you want to run
Jus’ let on like
its Hallowe’en fun
– From an Early Nineteeth-Century Postcard

Samhain is tons of magical fun. Many witches this year will be gathering in their covens to celebrate the third harvest Sabbat. Costumes, decorations and candy can become expensive. Read more to learn how to celebrate and have a memorable time.

If you or your child needs a costume, you can either sew the costume yourself or look in a thrift store for a costume. My sister visited me and came home with a bag of free material for a costume for her daughter. Hold a costume swap with your friends and make the costume swap into a party.

You can still have some spooky decorations to give trick or treaters the shivers when they come to your door. Scarecrows are easy to make. You need some sturdy wooden sticks, old clothing, and they can be stuffed with leaves. Cobwebs are affordable and can be strung across a fence for a spooky look. To make bats, shun the expensive cardstock and use bristleboard for a scary troop of bats that can be holepunched and hung from trees to spy on eager children.

Buy candy in bulk and consider buying just one or two kinds of candy. Raisins are a good, healthy snack and chocolates can be bought in bulk to save money. Buy candy in bulk from Costco and divvy it up between you and your friends for the big night.

Save the decorations that you make for Halloween for the following years. Or reuse a black cape from a previous costume for a new costume idea this year. I was gifted with a black wool cloak that can be reused every year.

Get decorations from the dollar store. That is a great way to have decorations without spending a lot of money. Save them and keep them in good condition for next year’s freakfest. Get inspired from the entries from this blog, such as the bat mobile. That can be saved for several Halloween parties.

Carve a pumpkin on the day of Samhain. Buy a few more for baking and cooking. Make Samhain shortbread cookies. You can buy Halloween cookie cutters at the dollar store that can be reused every year. Roast the seeds and make a pot of delicious healthy pumpkin soup.

Make a cd of scary tunes. Set your stereo outside and crank up the volume. Use an extension cord to be able to play the music outside. Hide and dress up in a costume. Watch the kiddies scream with glee when they come to your door for candy.

I hope these tips help you and get you in the mood for a sensational, spine-tingling Samhain.

Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch