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Winter Solstice

Yule woods

Merry meet all,

It’s December 1st. I have just put up my tiny tree and downloaded Yule tunes. The arrival of the month of December puts me in the mood for Yule. Winter Solstice is in 20 days. The moon is Waning Crescent currently and is in Scorpio Void of Course. 

Winter Solstice is the time when the days are shortest and the nights are longest. The Sun reaches its most southern point in the sky at noon. After the 22nd, the days begin getting longer. 

Winter inspires joy and sadness in people. Some people enjoy sking and curling in front of the fire. Others dread winter for the cold and the depression they suffer during the season. 

The word ‘solstice’ comes from the Latin words “sun” and “to stop” because the Sun stops in the sky. The solstice days are the times with the least amount of sunlight in the sky. 

Blessed Be,

Lady Spiderwitch


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Ostara Seed packet cards

Merry Meet All,

Spring is a time to think of renewal and rebirth. The earth shows us signs of rebirth, when the snow claws back and the muddy fresh earth emerges. Buds grow on the trees and baby animals spring up everywhere. Yup spring is in the air.

Here is a Ostara craft that you can try. You will need the following:

Card-stock, or bristleboard
Seed packets
Pens, markers and other craft supplies

Select a packet of seeds for each greeting card. Use the glue to attach the card to the front of the card. A hot glue gun can damage the seeds inside. It is best to use regular craft glue.

Use your pens or markers or glitter pens to write an inspiring message inside. Try:

Wishing you a blooms and abundance at Ostara!

Give the cards to friends during the Ostara season.

Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch

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Snow and Les Miserables

Merry Meet All,

Halifax, the city I live in, has been buried under 30 cm of snow. That is a lot of snow. The sky is a grayish white and of course, everything is submerged in snow. I dared a trip to the corner store and to do that, I had to fight my through waist deep snow last night. I also had to brave a steep hill that leads to the corner store. I managed fine. I am quite agile and nimble like a cat. The wind is still howling.

Prior to this snowstorm, I had the pleasure of being treated to see Les Miserables. I posted the trailer for you to view. I have not read the book … yet but I plan to. I believe the movie did justice to the book. I was blown away by the talented actors, especially Anne Hathaway. Enjoy the trailer and see it while it is in theatres.

I hope you all stay warm and safe this winter
Blessed Be
Lady Spiderwitch

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