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Feast of the Dead

Merry Meet All,

If you are not in a coven, fret not. You can still enjoy Samhain and perform a wonderful ritual. Read more to find out how.

Prepare your house or room. Ues black & orange candles, carved pumpkins and some other traditional Samhain items on your altar. Refer back to the earlier entry for ideas on how to decorate your altar.

Prepare the table for the Feast of the Dead. It should be covered with a black- or brown tablecloth and set with dishes. Place a chair at the head of the table, draped in a black cloth, to represent the spirit. The spirit’s place is set with a white votive candle on it. Set places for each of the dead that you hope will join you, and place black votive candle on their plates. Plates for the living are empty, of course, awaiting the feast food to be served.

Food Preparation
Keep it simple or as elaborate as you prefer: bread, fruit, nuts, and juice or wine. If you’ve invited living guests, make it a potluck. Since the ritual will be performed in silence, try not to clutter the tabletop.

Light the candles and turn out the lights
Call the quarters (ask the Guardians of the WatchTowers to witness and protect your circle.) Cast a circle (use whatever method your tradition tells you.)

Invite the deities
Refer back to the Gods of Samhain post to get ideas on which deity to invoke. Be careful!
Thank them for their help this year and for the guidance offered during the year. Ask that they offer guidance during the new year. If the departed loved ones were esp. cloes to the deities, invite them as well.

Feast of the Dead
Light the candles on the plates of the dead and the spirit
The feast should occur in reverent silence so that you can think about departed friends and relatives. Think of their passing and your hopes for their joyous return. Try not to be too sad to reflect that the departed are at peace in the hands of the Goddess. Speak in silence to invite them to the Feast of the Dead. When the feast is over, thank your spirit guests for coming, bid them farewell, extinguish the candles on the plates, and leave the table.

Banishings and Resolutions
Before Samhain, write a list of things from the last year that you wish to banish:
Bad habits and addictions, unkind feelings toward yourself or others, anything you do not wish to carry into the New Year.
Light a black candle & burn the list in your cauldron, then scatter the ashes outdoors. Speak to the deities about the blessings you wish to welcome into the New Year. Asking the deities for future rewards should be accompanied by your plans to help manifest them. They will support you if you show sincerity.

Samhain is the ideal time for divination because the veil between the worlds thins on Samhain eve.
Use whatever divination methods resounds to you now. You could fill a cauldron with water, or use tarot, runes, crystals.

Thank the Deities
Give “thanks” to the deities by offering food. Say “All things come from the earth and return to the earth. Corn and grain, corn and grain, all that falls shall rise again.”
Save the remainder of the cakes and ale to pour on the earth later.

Close the circle
Thank & dismiss the Guardians

Lady Spiderwitch

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