Spirits of September

Merry Meet All,

Today the wind is howling in the trees. The Hurricane Leslie passed us and is on the way to Newfoundland. I am thankful we are spared. The moon is in its waning crescent phase. Samhain is 49 days away. I’m excited. The waning moon is a magical time to clear away what you no longer need, what no longer serves you, and a time for banishings. Think of it as clearing the way to derive the full effects of the waxing moon. I always pay attention to moon phases.

Despite the sunshine splashing through the trees, I know that Fall is the time when the veil between the worlds grows thin, especially at Samhain. My favorite time of year is almost here. I will share how I plan to celebrate, and will be posting information here about Mabon and Samhain, so be sure to check it out. Divinations are fun to try during Mabon and Samhain. I will be covering how to dress up an altar for the upcoming Sabbats, as well. Polish your cauldrons and dust off your broomsticks!! Collect apples to make cider and garnish with a cinnamon stick. The cold dark season is here and we will be ready for it!! Sip your cider while you read these posts!

Last night, I watched a hilarious movie called Ghost Town. It seems appropriate for the season. I am still working on my ghost novel. I am fascinated by ghosts. I have posted before about ghosts, and as it is the autumn season, will be posting a lot more. I recently bought the book The Ghost Hunter’s Survival Guide by Michelle Belanger. The book was published by Llewellyn, but what struck me was that her book was not pagan at all. It was a good book to read, though. The subtitle is Protection Techniques for Encounters with the Paranormal. She includes techniques on how to ground, center, and shield yourself. I liked her direct, down to earth style in her writing. She teaches you how to protect yourself, cleanse and ward a home against spectral invasions, and some different types of ghost hunting and how other cultures trap spirits. She shows how to use tingshas and how to sweep the energy of a room with your hands. Personally, I would prefer to use a besom than to make sweeping motions with my hands, but that’s just me. The book shows you how to remove parasitic attachments. It is a great reference guide on how to permanently remove troublesome spirits from yourself and your home. I enjoyed it and I recommend this book.

I would also include pentacles in my home for protection. I have pentacles at nearly every window. A few other techniques that work for me that she did not include, as the book was not pagan, is to sprinkle salt on the windowsills and pour steeped sage tea all around my property. Peaceful spirits come and go from our homes but if you want a spell with extra potency, try the sage and salt. Remember to have a bath with salts first to purify yourself before you protect your home. You wouldn’t do laundry when you are all dirty, right?

You should pour the steeped sage tea around your property during Samhain. The veil is thin and it is when the dead travel among the living. That is the perfect time to for protection. Hang a bundle of sage by a door at a window. There will be lots of info here coming up!!

Hang onto your broomsticks!
Lady Spiderwitch