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Thou shalt suffer a Witch to live

Merry Meet All,

This post shall focus on a slightly different note. As you may know, from past posts, I am writing my second novel. It is a ghost story and the main character is a Witch. I am in a lot of emotional turmoil lately. It is not the ghost that people are concerned about it is the fact that my character is a Witch.

Well this may be emotional, so if some of you have a problem with that, you can stop reading here. For you braver souls, read on. Well excuse me. Yeah so my mc is a Witch. I can’t believe the way I have been treated. It shows that there is still plenty of change to be made. I can’t believe people. They have either liked it that she was a Witch or stopped talking to me altogether or told me that I was wrong to cast a main character as a Witch. I feel as though I should apologize. Well. I refuse. I feel true empathy for my main character and I will soldier on.

I know now how Rowling felt or any other author brave enough to stray from the much-beaten path. Even my family members gave me heat about it. Some of them have stopped talking to me. Wow. We have come a long way and thought the worse was behind us only to discover the worst is ahead of us. Well march on, dear soldiers. I am proud of who I am. If some want to flag their ignorance, and berate me for my choice of how I tell my story, let them. Even if they stay silent in not responding to my well sent emails, then it still hurts. People have a right to how they feel. But shouldn’t I have rights? Right to peace of mind and freedom to tell my story how I want to without being afraid of being ostracized? I am still editing it and actually I confess to feeling like crap. I am on the precipice of a cliff and don’t know if I should turn back or leap. Is it worth the pain, the hate, the experience of being ostracized? Why the hate? What have we done to deserve it?

I refuse to apologize for who I am and for my beliefs and my novel. How else do we remain as individuals? Must we wear the same clothing, believe the same things, become a culture of conformity. We are all diverse and different and multiculture for a reason. I do not know why though I wish we could all learn to learn from each other and live with each other. But hopefully, in future generations, we shall.

We Witches have a right to be proud. My older brother said I couldn’t cast a main character as a Witch because readers won’t be able to relate to her. Well let’s see that leaves out Harry Potter, Hermoine Granger, and Minerva McGonnagall. They were Witches, weren’t they? What about Kelley Armstrong? I eventually concluded that he lived under a rock and has not troubled to try to see the light. I won’t take him seriously. Well I refuse to trouble myself to change my story to please the moronic muggles. That is what leads to moronic muggle-minded mindless fiction. Some of the best authors are the ones who were brave enough to hold true to their beliefs and their story. Witches walk between the worlds, an act that requires the utmost bravery. I can’t please everyone.

As a final note to my rant, has anyone besides me noticed that Witches are treated as evil in movies lately? I noticed it in Red Riding Hood, Brave, Lord of the Rings, and some others. I am deliberately boycotting the upcoming Hansel and Gretel movie. They act as Witch-Hunters. I will not be going to that movie.

I am not Korean or Hispanic. But you don’t see me telling someone to be Canadian or they will go to Hell. I tolerate much yet I am tolerated little in turn. Change is ugly and gory. But I hope one day there will be more understanding. I will stand with my shoulders out and my head held high. I attended the Writers Federation of Nova Scotia with no witch hat- but I did wear my cloak, a glittery blue dress I made myself, a circlet, top, and boots. I felt medieval and I looked medieval and it was great. Dare to be different. Dare to stand out. People will stare, so why not make it worth their while?

Lady Spiderwitch )0(
Merry Yule!!!


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