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Summer Magick

Merry Meet All,

The waning moon shifts to a New Moon on July 8th. That is a wonderful time to embark on new projects. The New Moon signals change and renewal.

I myself am about to finally get to plant my organic carrots in the container and grow them with organic soil. Mmm I can’t wait to taste them. My garden is drinking up the ample sunlight. Flowers are growing on my pea vines. The astilbe, comfrey, coneflower, bellflowers, are about to flower. The dead nettle already has flowered. The dill and mugwort are soon to flower. The radish leaves are growing better, I put my pumpkin vine in a pot to save it from slugs. Hate using slug bait but I might have no choice. To my surprise, I am also growing carrots in the soil + in the radish planter. Yum!! I don’t know what’s happening with the tiger lilies- no long stems for the flower. The mugwort that I propogated from the parent plant ‘took’ and is growing nicely at the back of the garden near the faery. Maybe that’s why. I have to tie up string for the peas because they grow 13m. My tomato vines are doing nicely. I look forward to autumn harvest. I also trimmed all the grass on my lawn.

A garden is effort but that should be no reason to shy away from having one. You can grow organic flowers, herbs, and vegetables. You can be certain they contain no GMOs, or nasty chemicals.

But summer does not have to be only about gardening. Trips to the beach, camping, or even an outdoor picnic can be enjoyed. Whatever you do, I hope you find a way to enjoy it and add more magick to your life. Refresh your spirit!! Summer is sweet and short.

Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch

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