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Summer’s Finale

Merry Meet All,

I hope you are all having a wonderful Labor day weekend. I have had a quiet weekend, which always leaves me with time for introspection. People are either leaving town or returning to town. If you are planning on driving, drive safely! The photo above I took last night at the Armdale Rotary, not far from where I lived.

I also hope you are celebrating the final day of summer vacation before the reality of work/ school looms before you. I myself am volunteering at the Writers Federation of Nova Scotia and attending meetings too. Prepare now for the return to work or school to spare yourself the frantic search for your cellphone or other important things you will need tomorrow. I wish you all a happy and memorable return to work and school.

Supplies Get your supplies together, organize them and leave them somewhere easy to find. Keep clean shoes and an outfit in an easy to find place so you are not racing frantically at the last minute. Ask your deity or a deity who corresponds with study and intellectual matters to aid you as you return to school. Catch up with friends you have not seen all summer.

Lunch and snacks If you bring a lunch to school, I know I will sound like your parents here, but healthy snacks are cheaper and better for you than any from a vending machine. The machines eat your money. I bought myself a real thermos, a new pencil case, and a backpack. I’m not a student but I write and take books with me and these things do help. I will probably save $20-$30 dollars I would otherwise have spent in cafes. I like cafes, but I have to be realistic on what I spend. Besides, I eat organic food and make a lot of my own dishes the way I want them and I know what ingredients are in them and I can’t stomach processed food anymore. I am aware of the chemicals laced in processed food. It is my deep hope the entire world embraces organic food. That may take a miracle. Even potato chips can be organic and better tasting!

That said, I am shocked when I hear some witches and pagans say they don’t eat organic food. If the point is to have a reverence for the earth, then eating organic food should be a part of that. I can’t believe it when I see them leave cigarette butts on the ground. Perhaps this school year you can make a new resolution to be more earth-friendly. It may cost more initially, but the payoff makes it worthwhile.

Now find a good friend and enjoy the summer finale!

Lady Spiderwitch

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