Creative crafts for Imbolc

Merry Meet All,

I apologize for the recent lack of posts. I have been down with an illness and now have my health under control. So today I took time off from my usual obsessive writing/ editing and spent an afternoon on some creative tasks. The first thing I did was make my own deck of Zener cards. I bought bristle board, which is cheaper than card stock. I used a tarot deck card as a template. I used the High Priestess card from the Rider Waite Tarot deck for the template. I cut around the card carefully. I fashioned twenty five identical cards and then counted out twenty five cards. I separated the cards into five piles. I googled the symbols for the cards and using a black permanent marker, marked the symbols on the cards. I left the deck of cards on my altar to empower them with energy.

Next, the purple candle. I made a purple candle earlier in the fall. However, I did not make the candle correctly. So I melted down the wax in a double boiler. I let the wax simmer and added some other old wax for fragrance. I removed the old wick and set it aside. I poured the hot purple wax into the glass mold / jar carefully. Then I set the candle on the counter and secured the wick. I hope this time the wick is centred and it burns properly this time. The candle is cooling on my kitchen counter now.

Last night, I made a pendulum from embroidery thread and a clear quartz crystal. The crystal had a piece on the top that had a hook so I secured the embroidery thread. For the string, I used blue and white embroidery thread to complement the crystal. The crystal comes down to a point, which will make it an excellent pendulum. I tied a dragon ornament to the other end of the string. The pendulum is beautiful now.

Every Imbolc, I become very creative. I am not surprised by this burst of creative energy because Brigid is one of my matron deities. Do you get a burst of creative energy at Imbolc? I would love to hear from you.

Tonight is the Full Moon. Worship the Moon in all her glory and power. Blessed Be

Lady Spiderwitch